Welcome Utopia P2P Web Proxy For Fast and Anonymous Internet Surfing

Spring for all Utopia P2P fans and users begins with good news. The developers have released a Web Proxy tool for fast and anonymous Internet surfing, which works in Idyll Browser.

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What is Utopia P2P Web Proxy?

Utopia P2P Web Proxy is a new tool for the decentralized and anonymous ecosystem of the future, which is available now. 

*Utopia P2P — Web 3.0 ecosystem with many convenient and anonymous tools, such as instant messenger, encrypted mail, anonymous browser, and much more. The ecosystem is built on peer-to-peer technology, so there is no single server for data storage. Instead, it creates crypto containers for storage. Such a security system is much better and reliably saves all data from unauthorized viewing.

Utopia P2P stands out among competitors for its versatility and user data security.

In March 2023, a new tool for fast and anonymous Internet surfing was introduced — Web Proxy. It works in conjunction with the anonymous browser of the ecosystem — Idyll Browser. At the same time, you do not need to run Idyll Browser separately. You can immediately open a Web Proxy and enjoy fast and anonymous loading of websites even blocked on your territory.

How does Utopia P2P Web Proxy work?

It is important to note that Web Proxy is not a separate tool from Utopia P2P. It only works within the ecosystem. Therefore, initially, you need to download the ecosystem here.

After downloading and installing the ecosystem, you should register an account. All you need to do is come up with a nickname and password for the account. Then the ecosystem will generate an individual key that will open access to the data.

After anonymous registration, the entire arsenal of ecosystem features and tools opens up to you. No need to download or search for additional apps. Everything you need is already in the ecosystem and will be added as needed.

*For those users who have been familiar with the ecosystem for a long time and actively use it, to get acquainted with the Web Proxy, you just need to update Utopia P2P. 

How to do it? Very simple:

  1. 1. On the control panel, find the “Help” tab and select the “Check for updates” option.
Utopia P2P checking for updates
  1. 2. In the window that appears, check the available updates. After checking, the ecosystem will offer you to upgrade to the latest version — 1.2.300.

Now is the time to open a Web Proxy and bypass the blocking of the site to view any content. To do this, follow the instructions:

  1. 1. On the “Tools” tab, we find the “Web Proxy” option.
Utopia P2P Web Proxy
  1. 2. Select Web Proxy and after a few seconds a full-fledged web browser panel opens, in the search bar of which you can add the URL of the required website.
Web Proxy in Utopia P2P

*Web Proxy works only on the PC version of the ecosystem.

It is noteworthy that absolutely all websites open within a few seconds, even those blocked on the territory of your country, city, or state. At the same time, you remain anonymous — no one will know that you have visited a particular website.


If you are looking for a reliable tool to bypass locks, then Utopia P2P Web Proxy is the right choice. Absolute anonymity, access to all blocked websites, as well as high download speed — all this will help you open your favorite, but censored websites.


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