Welcome Spring Utopia P2P Crypton 2.0 Update

Utopia P2P presents the release of a new update, which includes improvements to both the technical side of the ecosystem and the crypto part of the platform.

In this article, we will talk about what is new and improved in the ecosystem, and how it will affect its work.

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What’s new?

Utopia P2P developers are doing everything possible to improve the ecosystem and make it easier to use. Therefore, they regularly release updates that are available for download and installation on user accounts.

Crypton 2.0 update

Firstly, Utopia has activated a new treasury mechanism — “Crypton 2.0,” which is necessary to prevent abuse during mining and support the value of Crypton. Thus, the Utopia network has begun to encourage mass participation of miners. However, the minimum required stack for each miner is at least 32 CRP on the balance for each thread. 

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Secondly, Utopia has prepared the release of a feature that will allow participants to temporarily delegate Cryptons to the miner without losing control over the funds. Such an innovation will be able to fully support mining. The release of the feature is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2022, along with other updates.

Another one of the latest updates concerns the improvement of the PSR mechanism, or the network traffic mechanism. Thanks to this update, the ecosystem’s users began consumes bandwidth many times less.

DPI protection, or the Deep Packet Inspection system that many internet service providers use to block access to certain protocols or applications, has also been improved.

In addition, the updated version of Utopia provides a significant improvement in the built-in P2P network forwarding packets, and a faster and more reliable tunneling function ensures smooth loading of the website on the Utopia network.

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New packet forwarding

Note: To get all the Utopia updates, you need to update the ecosystem to the latest version or download it to your OS (Windows, Linux, macOS.)

What plans does Utopia P2P have in the future?

Without a doubt, the main expectation is the release of the mobile version of the ecosystem. At the moment, it is known that the release is planned for the end of 2022. However, this is only an approximate date, which is actively discussed on the web. Therefore, do not expect the release of the mobile version at this time.

In addition, the ecosystem plans to expand the audience of active users around the world and introduce more and more people to the latest technologies. Therefore, tell your friends and family about Utopia P2P, and together use this decentralized network on an ongoing basis with everything you need for internet privacy.


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