The Best NO KYC Crypto Exchange to Use

The KYC (Know Your Customers) procedure collects personal data about users, which cryptocurrency exchanges often use. 

You know that to pass the KYC procedure, users usually need to take a picture of their face against a plain background. Sometimes they also ask you to send your I.D. card, a paper with the name of the exchange, and the current date.

As a result, people are looking for exchanges that do not require KYC when trading cryptocurrencies. If you are also a supporter of anonymity on the internet, then today we’ll tell you about the best crypto exchange with no KYC: Crypton Exchange —

What is the CRP.IS no KYC crypto exchange?

Crypton Exchange is an advanced platform for trading cryptocurrencies. It is one of the safest and most convenient ways to buy, sell, or exchange privacy cryptocurrencies such as Crypton (a decentralized cryptocurrency and the main payment unit of Utopia P2P ecosystem) or UUSD (a stablecoin backed by the U.S. dollar that ensures transactions at low cost.) 

The Crypton exchange platform is integrated into the decentralized Utopia P2P ecosystem. The ecosystem was created by a group of independent developers — the 1984 Group. It is built on peer-to-peer technology and is absolutely anonymous, encrypted, and safe to use. The ecosystem includes a messenger, chats and channels, browser, mineable privacy coin CRP, UUSD stablecoin, and internal crypto exchange — Crypton Exchange.

Crypton Exchange offers users the safest opportunities to trade cryptocurrency. It is a kind of “digital offshore” of a new generation. The main advantage is the absence of KYC.  

The process of registration on the exchange, as in the ecosystem, is absolutely anonymous: you only need a nickname and password. The exchange uses your “public key” for automatic authentication (you get it when registering in the ecosystem.) At the same time, the exchange does not request your real name, phone number, or even email address. 

*Note: You can find the detailed guide on exchange registration here.

There are no restrictions or prohibitions on use by citizens of the United States or other countries. Also, it is fully decentralized and not affiliated with any of the centralized crypto projects or exchanges. Finally, it is impossible to match a transaction with a person thanks to the blockchain architecture, even theoretically.

The main advantages of the exchange and what distinguishes it from competitors:

  • Anonymous account registration 
  • Unlimited withdrawal of funds 
  • Chat for the community
  • No KYC crypto exchange

On the exchange, you can find such currencies as Crypton (CRP) and UUSD stablecoin.

What is Crypton (CRP)?

Crypton (CRP) is the main cryptocurrency of the decentralized Utopia P2P ecosystem and its privacy coin. It is the main payment unit of the ecosystem and is available on the Crypton exchange. CRPs are saved in your Utopia client e-wallet — uWallet. This is the best financial container to keep all CRPs in one place.

CRP was developed as the most secure payment method, the financial or private data of which will be impossible to track. Therefore, both the sender of the financial transaction and the recipient remain anonymous and are 100% protected

Crypton is available for internal mining based on the ecosystem. The purpose of mining is to contribute to the stability of the ecosystem by increasing the number of routed connections. You need to install a Mining bot that will automatically mine Cryptons. Also, there are special Proof-of-Stake rewards that add to each user’s Minimum Monthly Balance.

What is UUSD?

The Utopia USD stablecoin (UUSD) is a one-of-a-kind anonymous stablecoin payment method designed to maintain 1:1 parity with the U.S. dollar. It operates based on the Utopia peer-to-peer blockchain.

Utopia USD liquidity is maintained by several exchanges, including Crypton Exchange. It provides fast, secure, and economic conversion. Also, it is suitable for business/private transactions. Stablecoin provides tax-free savings and the lowest fees on the market.


Is it safe to use a no KYC crypto exchange? If it is the Crypton Exchange, the answer is obvious. The Crypton Exchange is built on the blockchain and integrated with the Utopia P2P ecosystem developed with peer-to-peer technologies. All transaction data is protected and cannot be transferred to third parties. 

The exchange is one of the best and most promising no KYC exchange platforms, positioned as a trusted digital offshore of the future.


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