Take Part in the Utopia P2P Airdrop and Win CRP

What could be better than using your favorite ecosystem? Of course, to receive free CRP for its use.

Are you ready to receive free CRP just for using the ecosystem? Then read in this article what you will need to do.

What is the Utopia P2P Airdrop?

Utopia Airdrop is an opportunity for every user and background of the ecosystem to receive Crypton — the base currency of the decentralized Utopia P2P ecosystem, without any effort.

All you have to do is be online. Just by being online in Utopia, you automatically participate in the daily drawing for a chance to get a free Crypton.

Utopia P2P Airdrop rules

Every day, 11 111 lucky people will be selected to receive awards. To be able to win a prize, you just need to download the Utopia P2P ecosystem, install it, register anonymously, and be online. 

The Utopia Airdrop program offers rewards daily, and payments are made depending on the selected amount and period. Here is the schedule of daily rewards with the corresponding payment conditions:

10,000 — 0.01 CRP — Every 9 seconds
1,000 — 0.1 CRP — Every 86 seconds
100 — 1 CRP — Every 864 seconds
10 — 10 CRP — Every 144 minutes
1 — 100 CRP — Every 24 hours

Sounds good, isn’t it?

Now everyone, following this schedule, will be able to participate in the CRP draw.

*All information about Airdrop is here.

What are the advantages of Crypton — CRP?

Let us remind you what the advantages of CRP are.

Crypton (CRP) is the main payment unit of the decentralized Utopia P2P ecosystem, which is also its private coin. All available CRP coins are stored in Utopia — uWallet —client’s electronic wallet.

CRP is designed as the most secure payment method, whose financial or transactional data cannot be tracked. Thus, the sender of the financial transaction and its recipient remain anonymous and are 100% protected.

Learn more about Crypton here.

Another advantage of Crypton is that it is one of the most affordable cryptocurrencies with which you can save and multiply money.

Crypton is available for purchase, sale, exchange, or withdrawal of funds to an internal crypto exchange — Crypton Exchange. Crypton Exchange is a decentralized exchange without KYC registration that tracks profitable work with cryptocurrencies available on the exchange: Crypton, UUSD, Bitcoin, Monero, DAI, and USDT.

Read more about Crypton Exchange here.

Don’t be shy and get a chance to earn CRP by participating in the Utopia P2P Airdrop!

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