Release of Utopia USD Stablecoin

Meet Utopia USD stablecoin and conduct financial transactions in USD in exchangers or merchants. Make anonymous financial transactions in USD.

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The advantages of Utopia USD?

Utopia USD Stablecoin is an additional to Crypton and backed by the real dollar, anonymous, secure, fast and liquid payment method. Utopia USD Stablecoin can be output to the DAI (a stable coin in the Ethereum network) in one minute in a one-to-one ratio. DAI is the only stablecoin that can not be locked by its owners like it happens with Tether or other analogues.

Note: Do not rush to get rid of Crypton, you still need them. It remains the main internal monetary unit of the ecosystem. The entire process of mining and buying ecosystem resources remains in Crypton. Also, you can buy and withdraw DAI using your mined Cryptons.

The Utopia USD Stablecoin allows conducting anonymous financial transactions using a stable coin connected to DAI. Therefore, the commission level for payments will be reduced. Every Utopia dollar will be backed by a dollar in DAI currency. Utopia stores its balance sheet reserves in DAI. The balance data is publicly available. The conversion can be made on DAI exchanges to Utopia USD and vice versa. Initially, all purchase processes will take place on the internal Utopia exchange — Then, the list of available exchanges will be expanded.

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In the Ethereum network for DAI transfer, you need to pay from $6-20 for each transfer. This process will be associated with the loading of the network and asset price growth.

In Utopia, this process is based on Layer 2 — the same DAI only in the Utopia blockchain that provides fast and cheap coin transfer. Layer 2 refers to a secondary structure or protocol built on top of an existing blockchain system.

The main goal of the Layer 2 protocol is to help solve the problem of low transaction speed and scaling that Ethereum faces. Ethereum still cannot process transactions quickly and has problems with unjustified commission growth, which creates difficulties when transferring funds: a long transaction and the price.

The working ways for anonymous payments are listed here.

Why should you use Utopia USD Stablecoin?

The release of a decentralized stablecoin opens up wide horizons of application in the financial and trading spheres. It provides such competitive benefits as:

  • anonymous transactions — no one will ask you about the origin of your assets
  • secure transactions — they can be tracked due to the features of the Utopia blockchain
  • fast transactions — they don’t depend on the congestion of the Ethereum network
  • lack of political and geographical boundaries when making transactions
  • non-interference of state structures in the personal financial affairs of citizens
  • tax-free savings
  • the lowest fees

In addition, such coins are excellent for conducting financial transactions. You don’t need to convert currencies and lose money on it.

Evaluate the benefits of security and trusty online payments with the Utopia USD Stablecoin!


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