Crypton Privacy Coin Has Been Accepted on 1,800 Online Stores

Utopia is a decentralized and anonymous ecosystem designed to ensure the online security of users around the world, as well as providing confidential online payments through its own privacy coin, Crypton (CRP). It has been integrated on more than 1,800 online stores at present.

Let’s consider the big news together!

What are the benefits of Crypton (CRP)? Read more here.

What happened?

The uniqueness of Utopia P2P is in the level of privacy provided by its own blockchain. A team of independent IT enthusiasts has been developing the ecosystem since 2013, and in 2019 the project was released and launched. To expand the capabilities of the ecosystem and its independence, its own crypto coins were launched: the privacy coin Crypton (CRP) and the anonymous Utopia USD Stablecoin (UUSD). Almost immediately, the coins became residents of popular crypto exchanges.

In June 2022, it became known that the Utopia P2P team took the project to a new level and signed several agreements on the use of the coins as payment on more than 1,800 websites. The obvious advantages of this payment method are low fees, instant payments, and protection of data and payment details from outsiders.

Utopia ensures such security and confidentiality of payments by the absence of any metadata: transfer amount, date, account information. In addition, it is impossible to implement Transaction Explorer (Utopia P2P is the only ecosystem that does not allow this.) If the user is not a member of the Utopia P2P network, they will not see any information about transactions.

By choosing Utopia as a means of payment on their websites, merchants ensure their users’ privacy. The growing popularity of the ecosystem makes it possible to benefit all website owners cooperating with Utopia P2P.

Utopia P2P’s significant advantages

  • The network is not overloaded thanks to the P2P infrastructure.
  • No-KYC registration and no restrictions.
  • Liquidity and quick transfer of funds from/to the ecosystem.
  • Crypto cards for simple payments and invoicing.
  • Offline mode of funds transfers through the voucher code.
  • Built-in API and tools for merchants & a user-friendly interface and console software.

Learn more about Utopia P2P here.

Payments with Crypton

Other advantages of the ecosystem are a form of DNS (domain registry), embedded games, the anonymous Idyll browser (an alternative to Tor), an encrypted messenger and email, the private Crypton coin and an anonymous UUSD stablecoin, and much more. A specially designed blockchain for Utopia P2P ensures the confidentiality of communication, web browsing, and making web payments.

At this time, a full-fledged desktop application for operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux is available for download. There are 29 languages in the ecosystem’s accessibility arsenal. In addition, a beta version of the mobile ecosystem for Android was recently launched, which simplified the instant messaging between users.

Read more about Utopia P2P beta version for Android here.

The unique Utopia P2P blockchain works on algorithms such as Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Resources. Nodes are dispersed on servers all over the world. They participate in routing and packet inspection, receiving a reward every 15 minutes (block generation time) by providing an internet connection, and RAM and CPU resources. 

The security and anonymity of users in the ecosystem occurs through the use of a dynamic multichannel routing mechanism with protection against MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks. In addition, encryption algorithms such as the Curve25519, XSalsa20, and Poly1305 algorithms are used.

It is also worth noting the high transaction processing speed of around one second. This, combined with a high degree of security, confidentiality, and anonymity of users, provides secure opportunities for financial transactions.


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