Anonymous File Sharing in Utopia P2P

Certainly you have faced the problem of finding a reliable file sharing service that allowed you to upload any files without restrictions and did not require you to enter your data.

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Weeks of searching will keep returning you to the pages of the most popular file sharing sites like Dropbox or other similar sites. But there is one problem: they all require registration. And not anonymous, but quite personal. You need to enter your email, phone number, name, and more.

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Today, you actually can send any files anonymously, and with no restrictions on the format or size.

In this article, we’ll explain in detail how to share a large file so that the recipient does not use any accounts and does not leave traces in the clouds.

What is file sharing?

File sharing (or file hosting) is a service that stores your data in the cloud with the possibility of round-the-clock access via the internet. This information storage method allows you to save space on your computer by using a link to distribute files to colleagues, friends, and others.

What is a file sharing?

There are a lot of file-sharing sites on the internet. Among the most popular ones are Deposit Files, Letitbit, RapidShare, RGhost, Turbobit, and Uploading. However, they all require registration to use them.

This problem is typical for all file-sharing hosting services. You register, upload your files one by one manually or in bulk via automatic synchronization, and then send public links to the files to your friends or colleagues.

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Technically, your digital assets are no longer under your control after that. Even after deletion, the files are still stored in the cloud for some time and are available to outsiders via automatic content analysis programs (for example, to optimize personalized advertising).

However, there are situations when it is necessary to transfer a file anonymously, without revealing the recipient.

That’s why an anonymous file sharing service was developed, which we’ll discuss in more detail below.

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What is anonymous file sharing?

Anonymous file sharing is a service that performs the same functions as a regular file sharing service. However, it offers anonymous registration, unlimited file size and formats for uploaded documents, and much more.

What is an anonymous file sharing

The main difference from standard services is that the anonymous service does not collect cookies, does not track IP, does not contain any data about users. All documents are stored on separate servers, which only the account owner has access to. In addition, after deleting files, they are automatically deleted from the server without the possibility of recovery.

What are the pros of anonymous file sharing?

  • Easily share large files with anybody.
  • A wide selection of formats for uploading files.
  • Save space on your hard drive.
  • No additional storage media required.
  • High degree of protection against computer viruses.

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  • Save time because you can get a link to the necessary files in just a few seconds.
  • Round-the-clock access to information.
  • The anonymity of use.
  • Traffic savings.

Convenient, isn’t it?

What is the best anonymous file sharing service?

If you are looking for a good anonymous file share service, consider Utopia P2P ecosystem. This is a decentralized ecosystem built on a P2P network architecture. It’s easy to use and boasts built-in tools for chatting (uMessenger, uMail), file sharing (uBox), surfing (Idyll Browser), and even gaming (Poker and Chess). 

The best anonymous file sharing

Send and receive only encrypted and anonymous text messages.

The ecosystem’s interface is pleasant, with large and clear icons for performing actions such as searching for files, sharing folders, and uploading new ones.

In addition to all that is available in other file sharing sites, in uBox you can use the file sharing ability anonymously. The entire registration in the ecosystem takes no more than a minute and does not require any personal data. Once registered, the user receives a private key, which opens access to their account. 

In addition, all data is protected by multi-level encryption using a unique protocol and a specially designed uNS data storage and transmission system. uNS is an alternative to standard DNS that does not request or store user data, but instead uses advanced tunnel data technology.

Features of uBox:

  • Advanced search for all types of multimedia files (audio, video, photos, documents).
  • Media player with playlists.
  • Ability to preview audio and video files while they are being downloaded.
  • Built-in multimedia file organizer for your PC.
  • Advanced media filter that prevents access to malicious files and viruses.
  • The ability to create your own chat in the ecosystem messenger to communicate with your friends while downloading.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • No restrictions on the formats of uploaded files.
  • The ability to add files of up to 200 MB.
  • Public access to files via a link.
  • Free of charge.

The ecosystem itself is free and unique in that it does not have advertising or commercial sponsors. It does not have censorship or rules. It has the ability to create anonymous websites. Now you can make anonymous blogs and communicate with your followers in various communities of interest.

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You can download the ecosystem here. Then get started using the ecosystem with its built-in tools. It is available for Windows, iOS, and Linux operating systems. You won’t need a lot of free space on your hard drive, either. In addition, a mobile version will be released in the near future.

In our opinion, this is the safest secure way to store and transfer files over the internet. In addition to a convenient and secure file sharing service, you can use a messenger, a browser, a built-in crypto wallet, games, and much more. For access, you only need a stable internet connection.

Don’t believe it? You can try it yourself and share your experience in the comments.

Good luck!


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