Where to Find Airdrops: The Best Websites

Airdrops are a very popular method of obtaining cryptocurrency for free. Newcomers often use them to get to know the world of cryptocurrencies better, make their first transactions, and possibly make a profit.

However, currently the search for airdrop events and participating in them has become a popular way of earning money, which can replace the usual professional activities of experienced users.

In this review, we will look at where to find airdrops yourself.

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Airdrops: What are they?

An airdrop is a free distribution of cryptocurrency to developing or newly emerging projects to new users for performing simple actions. It is produced primarily to attract attention to the project and expand its audience. Examples of targeted actions can be:

What is airdrop?
  • Registering on all public platforms of the project and pages in social networks where the crypto startup PR is carried out.
  • Writing comments on posts on such sites and reposting them.
  • Registering on the official website of the project and creating an account.
  • Informing other users and involving them in the crypto project.

Despite the accepted opinion that airdrops are for the most part a marketing ploy of emerging startups, they can also be carried out on well-established crypto platforms that have earned credibility in the market.

So, an airdrop is often carried out by exchangers and crypto exchanges to attract the attention of new supporters and to support regular users.

One of the most famous was the distribution of coins by the Uniswap DEX exchange, which distributed 2,500 UNI tokens per user without prior announcement. At the time that number of tokens was valued at $1,200.

The difference between an airdrop and ICO and IEO

When novice investors are looking for projects with airdrops, they may come across pages with announcements about the initial distribution of coins, and sometimes about the airdrop within the ICO. In order not to make a mistake and to understand exactly what will be discussed in this case, we will briefly define some terms and identify the differences between them.

ICO (“Initial Coin Offering”) means a distribution of coins by direct sale to investors who are ready to purchase them at the price set by the startup managers.

IEO (“Initial Exchange Offering”) means the same kind of token distribution, only here it is made through a crypto exchange acting as an intermediary between a startup and investors. The exchange also checks the coins, examines the documentation, and lists the coin on its site (adding it to the auction). IDO, another type of distribution, has a mechanism similar to IEO, but here the intermediary is not centralized, but a DEX exchange, which also provides verification of tokens and adds them to the listing.

The main difference between these offerings and airdrops is that all these processes require the purchase of coins or investing in them a certain amount of funds. In airdrop campaign, on the other hand, users are not required to spend personal funds. Only in the rarest cases might the deposit of a certain amount become necessary, and then not for the purchase of tokens but, for example, to pay a commission when sending the received tokens.

Where to find airdrops

Here we will list and briefly describe the top resources where token distributions are carried out on an ongoing basis.

One of the best resources that provide users with complete analytics of the most popular crypto projects that conduct token airdrops. Here, immediately on the main page of the site, you are invited to get acquainted with the best airdrop promotions. They are divided into several categories: hot offers, possible, upcoming, and airdrops for historical users of projects (BTC, ATOM, ETH, EOS, and others).

Where to find airdrop?

The advantage of this site is the availability of not only information about current giveaways but also all the necessary data about each project. On the promotion page, you can get acquainted with the conditions under which an airdrop is carried out, download the project documentation (including whitepaper), and see what amount of remuneration is planned planned for each participant. In addition, the resource allows you to enable notifications about new offers and the progress of selected promotions.


A platform that allows you to choose a project to participate in via airdrops, which have been hand selected by experts in the crypto industry. The best-proven projects are presented here, which allows you to avoid investing in fraudulent ones and earn money from the free distribution of tokens.

The site has implemented a filter for selecting proposals, which makes it possible to select projects of interest according to a certain criteria. Among the individual categories are airdrops and distributions with a fixed period of holding. You can also filter by the ratings of other participants or the bounty amount (amount of remuneration), as well as searching projects by name. In addition, the site provides a list of past giveaways. To get acquainted with the projects, detailed information is also published here for each of them, indicating the conditions for receiving payments.

A platform with a good track record, launched in 2018. Here you will find lists of the best airdrop events, divided into several categories — new, offers with a good rating, airdrops with an expiration period, and completed ones. You can search for the best promotions here by the rating provided by users. In addition, this platform regularly publishes new offers on its pages on social networks, which allows you to immediately get acquainted with all the announcements that have just appeared on the site.

Where to ding airdrops?

The airdrop page is laconic and informative. It contains basic information about the company, as well as the conditions for participating in the promotion and receiving awards. Links to the website, information about the team, and project documentation are not provided here. However, it is indicated that the crypto platform has been verified according to these criteria.


One of the most famous platforms was launched by its CEO Martin Christensen in 2017 and designed at that time to protect ordinary users from falling for fraudulent scam projects. Each company is carefully analyzed here; however, according to the developers, users should still treat all projects with caution.

The platform has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface. All airdrops are divided into several categories: newly appeared, selected with the best offers, upcoming, and past. A distinctive feature of this resource is the presence of two more sections with airdrops separately in DeFi and NFT. The platform also positions itself as an information platform, and a huge amount of material regarding ways to earn money on airdrop has already been posted in the Blog section. In addition, announcements of the best giveaways are regularly published.


AirdropBob is a well-known platform that has already earned credibility in the market. It was created in 2018 as a portal that combines the loudest airdrops with the best earning conditions. The developers of the resource actively cooperate with the crypto platforms AirdropAlert, CoinGecko, and Blockpit, which are their official partners.

Where to ding airdrop?

The website interface is simple and convenient. All bounty offers are published on the main page, and participants can use the advanced filter to search for a project. You can select active or already completed promotions, sort by project blockchain, type of distribution (regular distributions, competitions, for coin holders, and others), and sort by the time of publication of the offer. A convenient function is the distribution calendar, in which you can track how soon a particular airdrop will end or select promotions ending shortly.

The pages of airdrop events provide detailed information about each company, and there are links to the official website and a whitepaper file. It also reveals in detail what conditions must be met to receive the award, the terms, and the estimated amount of remuneration. AirdropBob publishes the latest information about new promotions on the official pages of social networks — Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook.

ICO Marks

The ICO Marks portal itself is designed for projects conducting initial coin distribution (ICO or IEO). However, it also has a section for tracking bounty offers, featuring a user-friendly interface.

All airdrop events are listed here. Opposite each of them you can find data on the estimated amount of the award per participant, the activity of the project, the completion date, and links to the social networks of the project. You can easily find the right projects here by sorting using one of the categories. You can select projects in the DeFi or NFT sphere, as well as sorting by products, the development of which is the basis of a startup — for example, real estate in P2E games, banking, or art.

Detailed information about the offer can be obtained by clicking on the project icon. On the page that opens, a description of the crypto project itself is available, as well as the conditions for participation in the coin draw. Here you can also get acquainted with the popularity of the airdrop among other participants and go to the project’s website or pages on social networks. The information is constantly updated, so in the airdrop section users are immediately asked to leave an email address to which notifications about new bounty offers will be sent.

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