What Is the Best Fake Email Generator?

When you are online, many services ask you to provide your email address: newsgroups, mailing lists, discussion forums, shopping sites, file download sites, and chat sites, to name a few. Therefore, from a purely commercial point of view, the email address is considered very important.

However, the biggest problem is that you are at serious risk of being literally bombarded with spam every time you leave your email address, even if you think you’ve done nothing to invite it.

To avoid this, you can use a fake email generator to protect yourself and your data.

In this article, we will tell you more about this method of protecting personal data.

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Why should you use a fake email generator?

Fake email generators are sites that provide the user with a one-time (usually) instant email address to use on websites to avoid SPAM and other adverse actions on the internet. The address name is randomly generated using a simple database collected from open sources.

What is a fake email generator

What is the best messenger or email? Let’s consider the question together here.

The methods and use of these sites are completely legal, as they do not encourage, condone or support any illegal activity carried out through their services. The misuse of the information provided is subject to prosecution, in which the service will fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies in providing any necessary assistance.

You can use these online email generators to avoid leaking your confidential information, to send untraceable emails, and to avoid promotional mailings and spam.

Here are important reasons to use email generators:

  • Fake email generators will help you register anonymously.
  • You can use them on any site for verification.
  • They help you to use temporary mail without any verification.
  • You can reply to an email or forward an email without disclosing personal information.

Below is a selected list of the best fake email generators, with their popular features and a link to the site.

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The list of trusted and secure fake email generators


Guerrillamail is one of the most popular services for creating fake emails. The service allows users to change their email addresses at will and without restrictions. In addition, there is a whole list of features that can be changed manually in the same way.

Registration is not required to use the service. All incoming and outgoing messages are saved for only one hour, after which they are completely deleted. 

Using the service, you can send both personal messages and business documents and letters, the service is absolutely secure and encrypted.


  • You can choose any address.
  • Incoming spam emails are quickly deleted.
  • Provides security and cleanliness in your mailbox. 
  • The email is valid for 60 minutes.
  • The weight limit for a message is 150 MB.

Temp Mail

Temp Mail is a reliable, secure service for creating a fake email. Like the previous service, Temp Mail provides users with temporary emails. However, the user can duplicate or misrepresent the email address or offer it using a QR code. In addition, Temp Mail allows customers to erase a specific location anywhere they need.

In addition to the web version, there is a version of the service for mobile phones, iOS or Android. Temp Mail is available in more than two dozen languages worldwide and has a very well-developed user interface.

Fake email generator


  • Allows you to select a login or generate it automatically.
  • Auto-updates incoming messages.
  • Allows you to save emails.
  • Generates a QR code to access the mail.
  • There are extensions for Chrome and Opera.
  • Mobile applications for iOS or Android.


YOPmail is a frequently used service for creating a fake email account. Each created address will work for 8 days, after which it is automatically deleted. 

YOPmail has a special extension for Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer browsers. The extension provides legal access to the YOPmail mailbox.

The main disadvantage is that YOPmail only allows you to receive messages — you cannot send them yourself. 


  • No need to come up with a password.
  • Forward emails by pressing one button.
  • Provides means to protect mail from spam.
  • 14 available domains.
  • Registered accounts are stored for up to several days.
  • You can add or remove Word, Excel, Access attachments.


MintEmail is a fake email provider service that provides access to one-time mail within 60 minutes. 

This service does not have a lot of features, and provides only the ability to receive messages. In addition, you can choose your current location and a short address.


  • Generates a random address.
  • Auto-refreshes incoming messages every 10 seconds.
  • Allows you to download received emails. is a fake email generator that works for free. To get started, you do not need to register on the platform. In addition, you can create an unlimited number of fake email accounts and use them anywhere.

Another great feature of this platform is that it stores your received emails for more than 140 days. This way, you will never miss new emails coming to your accounts.

Secure fake email generator


  • Allows you to create multiple temporary addresses.
  • There is an auto-update of incoming messages every 3 seconds.
  • There is a built-in email search.
  • Allows you to save emails. is the latest fake mail service in our review. It is absolutely free and easy to use. Unlike other platforms, FakeMailGenerator has the function of searching email accounts by specific words.

You can use the mailing addresses wherever you want. In addition, registration is not required to use the service. All you have to do is just enter the domain name.


  • Allows selecting a login or generate it automatically.
  • There is an auto-update of incoming messages.


If you are tired of endless spam or insecure emails, then choose a fake email generator from the list and create a temporary mail.

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