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Users of the WhatsApp messenger started receiving notifications about updating the user agreement. Now their personal data will be transferred to the social network Facebook. They changed the wording agreement.

The agreement states that WhatsApp will share with the “related applications” of the corporation the necessary information about users to analyze their habits and preferences.

Pavel Durov, the founder of another popular messenger Telegram, criticized WhatsApp for changing the terms. He believes that the new application policy has accelerated users’ transition to Telegram or other similar messengers.

WhatsApp, in turn, assures everyone that the company needs this information to improve personal advertising selection services, taking into account user requests and providing content and personal services that are most suitable for the client.

Previously, there was a serious bug in the app’s security system. 

Do you want to know the whole truth about the updated user policy? We’ll tell you the main points and offer the top secure messaging tools you can choose instead of WhatsApp.

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What’s wrong with WhatsApp?

Despite E2EE of each message, the implementation of this technology raises questions. WhatsApp is integrated with Facebook, and based on the terms of use it can share some user information for targeted ads. But in some cases, there is a threat to the security of correspondence.

WhatsApp disadvantages

In addition, the app keeps all users’ data on its servers. Messages are not stored in plain text, but account data can be used for advertising purposes. And in an “exceptional situation,” information can be transferred to law enforcement agencies.

All WhatsApp accounts are linked to phone numbers. It is not difficult to find the address of a person using the WhatsApp account. By creating a duplicate SIM card, you can access the messenger. And since WhatsApp stores correspondence until the user manually deletes it, an attacker can find out any information, including credit card numbers.

It has been proven that the E2EE of WhatsApp does not protect against access to correspondence:

  • First, in order for the encryption system to work, you need to create separate keys for each contact.
  • Second, even after creating such a key, WhatsApp can independently change it to another one without notification. This means that any service interested in this can get access to the correspondence.

Correspondence in smartphones is stored in plain text. This is the biggest danger for the average user. Even if you block your WhatsApp account, if you lose your smartphone, an attacker can easily access the correspondence, including received and sent files.

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What will change in the app?

When the new rules for using WhatsApp appeared, many people began to ask questions about how much WhatsApp would change after adopting the new policy. We have selected 5 frequently asked questions and tried to answer them.

1. What does WhatsApp data transfer to Facebook mean?

All data of users will now be stored on Facebook servers. Thanks to e2e encryption method, users’ private chats or calls will not be visible. This is also specified in the agreement. The corporation simplified its life: it doesn’t create separate resources for storing information, not overloading the equipment with data.

WhatsApp new rules

2. What will change for ordinary users?

The average person will not see any changes. The familiar interface and features of Facebook and WhatsApp will not change.

3. What if you don’t agree with the new WhatsApp policy?

If you refuse, the service will not work in the future without accepting the new conditions.

4. If the user does not have a Facebook account?

Nothing will change. Again, Facebook somehow controls WhatsApp data, as it is its owner.

5. Will there be more ads on Facebook?

If WhatsApp users start receiving contextual advertising on Facebook based on the data of users’ calls or their correspondence, it will lead to a big scandal. The user agreement of the service clearly states that all data is protected by end-to-end encryption. Any advertising of this kind will mean that some third parties, or just bots, monitor our chats or listen to phone conversations. It would be a big scandal.

Why is the issue of online anonymity important in 2021? You can find out here.

Top secure messaging tools

If the answers to the previous 5 questions did not satisfy you, and you still would like to find an alternative to WhatsApp messenger, then we have prepared a cool selection of well-trusted apps.


Utopia secure messaging

Utopia is an independent ecosystem that provides the privacy and security of each user. Its developers are unknown creators who avoid publicity. This measure was necessary to ensure security and avoid pressure from the state or commercial organizations. The entire ecosystem was created at the expense of the creators, so its development is completely private.

Utopia is a peer-to peer ecosystem that doesn’t store users’ data on its servers. There are no servers at all. For each user, it creates an individual one with private access. All registration is done anonymously. Users don’t need to enter any real data like name, email, or phone number.

The ecosystem is a fully-fledged tool that provides users with everything they need for internet work and entertainment. There is an instant messenger, an encrypted email service, an anonymous browser, a crypto container, a private wallet, and several built-in games. All these tools can be used simultaneously thanks to a single open window in the ecosystem.

uMessenger – the instant messenger of Utopia. It provides the best way for transferring any kind of data within the ecosystem. Everyone can chat with friends and send lots of additional information such as multimedia files. Nobody can limit the format of size of the files. There are built-in options of creating secure chat and public channels in the messenger.


  • Anonymous use
  • P2P architecture
  • Sophisticated encryption
  • Fully-fledged tool
  • No censorship or ads
  • Free of charge


  • No mobile version
  • Need to download

Find all available information on the working process of Utopia P2P by following this link.


Hoccer secure messaging

Hoccer is a chatting app that provides a fully-fledged security of the transmitted data. It is a German project with a high degree of anonymity and privacy of each user. Its developers have created the messenger on their own finances. So, nobody can regulate the future development of the messenger.

The entire process of transmitting messages, both text and multimedia, is protected by e2e encryption method. Also, the app doesn’t limit the format and size of the added media files. Hoccer supports a phone call option.

Registration with Hoccer is anonymous: users do not enter personal data, including their real name, phone number, or email address. However, they need to come up with a nickname through which other users will be able to find them.

One of the main features of Hoccer is the ability to share data with other users who are no further than 300 feet away. At the same time, all transferred files will also be encrypted.

There is another additional feature to protect against unauthorized access for all iOS owners.


  • Anonymous
  • E2EE
  • No storage server
  • Secure data transferring
  • No ads
  • Free of charge


  • Closed source code
  • Small number of active users
  • No function for phone calls


Spike secure messaging

Spike is an alternative version of popular messengers, which is a dialog mail service. It is an Israel creation for corporate usage. But ordinary users can also appreciate the built-in features and security system of this app. For registration, you don’t need to enter the personal data, email address, etc.

The group chats feature allows you to create conversations instantly or by invitation. However, to use Spike, you must enter your email address.

Here we’ve talked about emails that can be created anonymously in one click.

Each participant in a private conversation gets access to messages in real time. The paid version does not limit the number of groups created. However, the free version gives only 10 groups.

In addition to group chats, there are regular dialog boxes between participants or for making audio or video calls.


  • Free version
  • No phone number for registration
  • Cross-platform functionality
  • Uses AES 256 encryption


  • A free version with limited features
  • A paid version

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