Top NFT Marketplaces You Should Know About

Ownership of digital assets has become a new technological trend. Investors, experts, collectors, and even ordinary users have shown increased interest in NFT.

Unique NFTs, “non-fungible tokens,” are indivisible but can be resold. The owner of a digital object can transfer the rights to the digital property to the buyer. In this regard, a new digital market is being formed rapidly, in which any user can become a participant.

This article will focus on top NFT marketplaces where non-fungible tokens are created, stored, bought, and sold.

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What should you pay attention to when choosing the platform?

NFT platforms are divided into two categories:

2 categories of NFT platforms
  • Self-service – The minting of tokens and the independent selection of the percentage of royalties from each sale is available to any user. Minus: platforms can attract scammers, which repels large collectors.
  • Supervised – The creation of tokens is available only to approved users, thanks to which the platforms provide exclusive digital objects of high quality. Minus: when selling them, a higher commission is charged, and the choice of the royalties percentage remains with the site.

By orientation, the sites can be further divided into specialized types — for example, focused only on in-game assets, art objects, or the sale of tweets. Other sites are complex marketplaces with various types of tokens.

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General features of NFT platforms

The interface of the platforms is similar in many ways. First, the user registers and installs a digital wallet to store the token. Once these conditions have been met, you can create your assets and buy or sell tokens.

Marketplaces offer sellers the option to sell at a fixed price or by an auction. In addition, the site may allow you to set the amount of commission for subsequent token sales.

General features of NFT platforms

A transaction is created to launch a smart trading contract for the seller’s wallet when a digital asset is put up for sale. If pre-moderation is in effect, tokens become available to all visitors after approval by moderators.

Top NFT marketplaces


The largest NFT marketplace in the world with a high turnover. It contains a variety of tokens, game items, works of art, GIFs, music tracks, collectible cards, and much more.

You only need to be authorized by one of the crypto wallets (MetaMask, Coinbase, Formatic, WalletConnect) to start using the site.

Transactions are carried out in a couple of clicks; there is a convenient search, filters, and categories. Authors place their NFTs for sale at a fixed price or launch auctions.

Adding new tokens is also simplified here, but you will have to pay for it (“gas” for placement in the Ethereum blockchain). The main page presents different tops.

Binance NFT

Binance NFT marketplace appeared in the summer of 2021 and has not yet gained many users. But the platform is rapidly gaining momentum. The terms of transactions here are as favorable as possible, actions on the market are carried out in a couple of clicks, and any content can be transferred to tokens. They are placed in the Ethereum blockchain (BEP-721 and BEP-1155 standards).

Top NFT platforms

Note: To open access to all functions, you will need to pass KYC verification.

This platform has several advantages. First, it is convenient to exchange crypto here. You can replenish (withdraw) fiat money, and a vast selection of tokens is offered. They can be sorted by rate, category, file type, and other parameters. 

There is a list of popular games, and the purchase of Mystery Boxes is offered, in which random assets can be hidden.


Mintable is another NFT marketplace where you can also easily create your own tokens and put them up for sale in two modes (fixed price and auction), as well as buy assets.

The main feature of the service is the presence of its own MINT coin, which can be obtained for operations carried out here (additional income).

Unlike most analogues, this is a decentralized platform. It was founded in 2018, and is one of the first that allows you to mint without paying for gas. Authors can create an NFT for free, giving the platform a commission from the sale. It varies from 2.5% to 10% depending on the type of files that are digitized.


A very popular platform where transactions with tokens placed on the Ethereum network are carried out. Mostly collectibles and art are added here.

In terms of trading volume, it is in the top 5 in the world. As on the previous two sites, the choice is huge — new NFTs are created, sold, and then resold.

The interface has been simplified to the maximum, so this is an ideal option for beginners. Authorization is also carried out through different crypto wallets — MetaMask, Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, and others. 

When you visit the site, you are automatically logged in. A huge plus is that operations with fiat money are supported here. You can top up your account by bank transfer or from a card.

Nifty Gateway

The project was launched in 2019. It was created by the developers of the famous Gemini cryptocurrency exchange.

Binance NFT platform

Until 2021, the site remained in the shadows, but then some of the largest transactions with NFTs were carried out on it. It was here that the work of the artist Beeple called CROSSROAD was sold for $6,600,000. Now, the value of all the tokens placed is estimated at several hundred million dollars.

We’ve already told about the most expensive NFT deals in this article.

The site administration distributes drops between users (free NFTs). These may be works by popular artists. It is not difficult to register, because there is integration with Gemini. 

Those who want to create tokens will need verification. After that, you can pay for the placement of your files in the Ethereum cryptocurrency or directly from a bank card.


It already competes with the largest NFT platforms. The developers have done a good job on the site’s design; it is bright, attractive, original. At the same time, the chosen style is minimalism.

New tokens are added here only after manual moderation, so there is much less outright nonsense here. The priority is quality, not the number of tokens.

Account registration is carried out through crypto wallets – Formatic or MetaMask. It will take less than a minute to log in to your personal account. There is always a lot of exclusivity, and true art connoisseurs and collectors will definitely find something interesting. 

Transactions worth millions of dollars have been carried out through this platform. Assets are sold in auction mode or at a fixed price.


A platform on which you can buy and sell and earn on the resale of NFTs at any time. This is a great option for using the market of non-fungible tokens. The trading volume is more than $100 million.

Nifty Gateway NFT platform

The site is more suitable for artists. Expensive works of art have already been sold here, for example a GIF of Nyan Cat, Stay Free (created by Edward Snowden), and works by Aphex Twin.

Almost any object here can be digitized and turned into an NFT. The interface is as simple as possible; everything looks like it’s a regular online auction. And with the help of professional support, there will be no difficulties at all. To start using this resource, you need to create a crypto wallet.


There are many more NFT sites. But this list is enough to find almost any type of tokens or platform for selling your work.

Beginners in creating NFTs can start on OpenSea or Mintable. Both marketplaces allow any user to register and place their tokens for free.

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