Top-5 Messengers with ChatGPT AI Assistant Inside

ChatGPT is the fastest-growing neural network, the number of users of which exceeded 100,000,000 people in just 2 months after launch. Microsoft has already implemented a new GPT-4 language model in its Bing search engine. And other popular systems are already developing their own GPT chat analogs.

Shortly, a mobile application and a version of the program are expected to appear, which will generate videos by a text request.

The world’s IT giants are already realizing the beginning of a new era in the development of social media. But what are alternative messengers with ChatGPT?

Let’s talk about the most popular and convenient.

The list of anonymous chat apps to secure communication.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot with artificial intelligence that interacts with the user in dialog box mode.

What is ChatGPT

The system was launched at the end of 2022. A wide range of features and functionality attracted the attention of users. The neural network can search for information on a given request, writes program codes, and texts, composes poems and scripts, makes translations, and gives accurate answers to the questions asked.

For the first time, the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) chatbot, which can generate news at the user’s request, appeared in 2019: the generated texts looked realistic, and therefore the developers did not dare to open access to the service for general use.

Some time later, the appearance of GPT-2 was announced, and a year later – GPT-3.

OpenAI is engaged in the development with the participation of Microsoft: more than $1 billion has been invested in the project. It is known that at the end of 2022 Shutterstock became another partner: now users can request to create an image.

What can artificial intelligence do?

ChatGPT is a multitasking system that has such features as:

  • The search for an answer to the question posed, the selection of facts.
  • Help in solving homework.
  • Logical reasoning on the given topics.
  • Communication in the dialog mode.
  • Creation of works of art.
  • Writing texts by a certain style, or mood.
  • Rewriting texts, and creating unique content.
  • Solving mathematical problems.
  • Writing program code (moreover, you can even tell him in which programming language you want to write code, and he will do it for you), checking code fragments for errors, and searching for vulnerabilities.

To get a detailed response from the neural network, it is necessary to provide the initial information. In addition, you can ask again what exactly started the conversation: the system will give a summary.

Top-5 messengers with ChatGPT AI assistant

Utopia P2P AI Assistant

Utopia P2P is a unique decentralized platform for communication, information retrieval, and data transfer. This is an absolutely anonymous and secure platform with multi-level data encryption and the absence of censorship and online surveillance. To register, you do not need to enter personal data — just come up with a nickname and password.

Read more about Utopia P2P here.

Utopia P2P has a special assistant bot — ChatGPT, which is an AI assistant and is ready to answer any user’s question at any time. You don’t need to download it specifically — it’s built into the ecosystem. At the same time, all requests are anonymous and free of charge.

Utopia P2P AI Assistant

ChatGPT uses artificial intelligence to answer questions and provide useful information in real time. Together with Utopia Messenger, you can use ChatGPT in your pocket absolutely for free.

Learn more about advantages of Utopia Messenger here.


YouChat, like any other ChatGPT alternative on the list, runs on the GPT-3.5 artificial intelligence model. This gives it capabilities similar to ChatGPT. It has a sleek and colorful interface neatly embedded in the search engine

As a result, YouChat can act as a search engine that will provide you with a list of links to indexed web pages that match your query. Or you can get typical ChatGPT-style answers to questions. If you are looking for a search engine and a chatbot like ChatGPT integrated into one product, YouChat is a great choice.

Unfortunately, YouChat suffers from the limitations of GPT-3.5, its core technology. Remember that GPT-3.5 and all related models cannot give accurate answers to events that occurred after 2021 (the end date of its knowledge base).

As a result, if you ask YouChat questions about recent events, be prepared for unexpected results. Although ChatGPT refuses to answer questions about events after 2021, YouChat may try to answer such questions with false answers.

However, YouChat still has an advantage over ChatGPT when it comes to handling requests about recent events. We asked YouChat and ChatGPT to compare the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro smartphones.


The tool was created by the company ChatSonic. The developers position Chat Sonic as a full-fledged alternative to ChatGPT. Here are the features of the tool that its creators pay attention to:

  • Built-in Google search for the latest information.
  • Ability to generate images.
  • The chatbot understands voice commands.
  • ChatSonic remembers past questions and comments from the conversation, which means it can easily answer subsequent questions taking into account the context.
  • The results of interaction with the chatbot are easy to share.

The developers also pay attention to the fact that you can communicate with Chat Sonic as with a specific person, for example, with a teacher, fitness trainer, and so on.

The neural network can be used for free for a month. After that, you will need to pay $12/month.

Microsoft Bing Chat

It works on the same GPT-4 language model as ChatGPT, which is not surprising, because both projects are developed by OpenAI with the support of Microsoft. However, there are many fundamental differences between them: the ChatGPT database contains relatively old information (until 2022), and Bing Chat uses a search engine to update data and often redirects users to various sites to get fresh and reliable information.

A messenger with ChatGPT

Like ChatGPT, Bing Chat does not work in Russia without a VPN. After replacing the IP address with a foreign one, you can use all the features of Bing Chat for free and unlimited. It is built into the Edge browser and the beta version of the SwiftKey keyboard for Android devices.


Poe is a chatbot from the social knowledge sharing service Quora. The program is available in the format of a mobile application. Technically, Poe is a single platform — a guide to chatbots, since it can be used to receive responses from various neural networks, including those developed by OpenAI and Anthropic.

Poe is available in a free version. In this case, access to a number of tools will be limited. Paid subscriptions will cost approximately $11/month.


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