The Most Secure Chat to Let You Forget About WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messenger, has updated its terms of service and privacy policy. When users launch the messenger, they’ve now started to see notifications asking them to agree to the new conditions. So far, users have been able to postpone making a decision, but they will have to decide before February 8 when the new policies will take effect. Otherwise, they will not be able to use the messenger.

WhatsApp has never worked as secure messenger. We’ve told you the obvious truth about this app here.

The changes have already caused a wave of discontent. Competing messengers have announced an influx of new users. Therefore, many of them also noticed technical failures.

If you are an active user of WhatsApp in the past, and now you are looking for a decent alternative to this messenger, then you are in the right place.

Today we will offer our readers several reliable and private messengers that have a secure chat function and absolutely will not use your data.

We didn’t include Telegram in this list. Previously, we’ve spoken a lot about its security and privacy system. If you missed it, then you can read the article here.

Secure chat apps


Utopia secure chat

Utopia is a fully-fledged decentralized ecosystem that includes several essential tools for secure work within the network space. It was developed by a group of anonymous IT specialists and cybersecurity enthusiasts. It sounds crazy, but they were able to create a completely private platform for everyone interested in online protection.

It was built on p2p architecture. So, it hasn’t a built-in single storage server. Instead, the ecosystem creates a single crypto container for each user. A cryptographic signature protects each container, so nobody can access the server to get data.

The process of registration is anonymous. Each user doesn’t have to add his real name, number or address. The only obligatory step is to create a nickname and password. Then Utopia generates a private key that will open access to the ecosystem.

The ecosystem is now spreading its popularity among internet users. More than 100K regular users have already joined the ecosystem’s community and started working with Utopia. There are such tools as a messenger, email, a browser, a crypto container, a wallet, multiplayer games, an internal currency, and more. Moreover, the developers constantly improve the ecosystem and add new features or update the existing ones. 

uMessenger allows users to send and receive text and voice messages. Each message is protected by internal encryption. In addition, there are public or private chats for groups of users connected by interests, work, or hobbies.


  • Utopia is a private, decentralized ecosystem with an arsenal of tools.
  • It offers anonymous registration.
  • It implements a sophisticated encryption method.
  • It is free to use.
  • It has a secure chat option.


  • There is no mobile version.
  • Nobody knows the real names of its creators.

You can read more about Utopia features here.


Signal secure chat

The encryption protocol of Signal is invisible to users, but it combines several complex mathematical methods of protecting messages, preventing their substitution or interception.

Signal is recommended by cryptographer Bruce Schneier, Edward Snowden, and even Elon Musk. This application supports sending files, group chats, and video calls and is not inferior in basic capabilities to more popular and less secure competitors.

Signal has a self-destructing message function. It is convenient to send bank card details and be sure that they will not remain in anyone’s message history and will not fall into the wrong hands.


  • The encryption protocol combines several complex cryptographic methods.
  • It has an open-source code that serves as proof that the application works as stated, and helps to find bugs and vulnerabilities.
  • It has a function of self-destructing messages with a timer.
  • It can hide the IP address from the interlocutor.


  • The app requires a phone number for registration.
  • Signal requests access to the phone book and uses phone numbers to search for contacts.
  • It is built on a centralized architecture and the whole messenger work depends on the servers owned by the developer company.
  • All profile information is kept on the Signal server.


Wire secure chat

Wire is built on the Signal protocol. It specially used for corporate clients, but it can also be used for personal purposes.

Wire offers the ability to create encrypted chats and calls. The first one is up to 128 users and the second is for up to 10 users. It allows you to send photos, GIFs, audio messages and various files, and you can draw and forward sketches, and even share your location. The latter is especially useful if you need to find each other in an unfamiliar area of the city.

Its developers said that the app can store some chatting records of the users. Also, it keeps such data as names, number, and address. Officially, such information helps to sync devices and share available data between them.


  • You can register without a phone number, by email.
  • It can send photos, GIFs, audio messages, and other files.
  • It is built on open-source — the application regularly undergoes independent vulnerability checks.


  • It is built on a centralized architecture — the application will stop working if the main server fails or is blocked.
  • The application collects unencrypted metadata (for example, error reports, dates and times of sending messages, lists of chat participants).
  • The user agreement allows the Wire administration to share user data “if necessary.”


Threema secure chat

Threema is a messenger used by the Swiss government. All data that Threema transmits (messages, calls, multimedia files, and even contact statuses) is encrypted on user devices.

Although this messenger is centralized, its server acts as a switch: messages pass through it, but are not stored there permanently.

If you choose Threema as the main messenger, you don’t need to enter your personal data for registration. You also don’t need an anonymous email or SIM card. Instead, when the app is first launched, the user is assigned a random ID.


  • It offers anonymous registration.
  • The developers are based in Switzerland, where they take personal data laws seriously.


  • Threema is a paid product.
  • The apps on iOS and Android have a closed source code.
  • There are some problems with synchronization between devices.


Briar secure chat

The Briar messenger has a small but loyal audience. It is appreciated for features that are hard to find anywhere else.

Briar forwards messages from smartphone to smartphone without using a central server. If the distance is large, then Briar sends an encrypted message through the anonymous TOR network.

If the sender and receiver are close, it doesn’t even need an internet connection. Then the messenger transmits data directly between smartphones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Sending messages over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be a great help. The first thing that comes to mind is when the internet is down, but Briar can also help, for example, to communicate with friends during concerts when the cellular network is overloaded due to the huge crowd of people in one place.

Briar supports group chats and even allows you to organize a forum or personal blog. However, there are no voice messages or calls.


  • All received messages in the app are sent directly from user to user.
  • All messages are encrypted and stored only on users’ smartphones.
  • It has anonymous registration.
  • It is based on open-source code.
  • It uses the TOR network to transmit messages.
  • It can delete all messages after pressing the alarm button.


  • It can work on Android smartphones only.
  • The messages are sent only when both the sender and receiver are online.
  • If you forget your password, you will lose all correspondence and your contact list.

Final word

Unfortunately, there is no perfect messenger for encrypted and confidential communication. Each user chooses the messenger that is most convenient and most suitable for them.

However, today we have tried to offer you a decent alternative to WhatsApp and have listed reliable and feature-rich apps. 

So, you should remember this one thing: only you can choose the best messenger that will meet all your needs and preferences.

You can find more options for chatting messengers here.


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