The Most Expensive NFT Deals for 2021-2022

Recently, NFTs have been in the spotlight. Everyone is talking about non-fungible tokens in the cryptocurrency space, and they are sold for huge sums.

NFT is the word of the year, according to Harper Collins. The market for non-fungible tokens is estimated at $22-26 billion, but by the end of the decade it may increase by an order of magnitude.

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More and more celebrities are entering the world of NFT, which ensures that tokens are given even more importance. NFTs come in all shapes and sizes.

This article has collected the top ten most expensive NFT deals during 2021-2022.

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Why do people pay millions for NFTs?

NFT tokens are one of the hottest technology trends, and many of them are sold for thousands or even millions of dollars.

NFT is an abbreviation for non-fungible token. This unique digital object embodies something of value – for instance, a character in a game, an image, a domain name, a tweet, or an audio recording.

By the way, NFT can also be produced for tangible assets: real estate, works of art, stocks, even expensive puppies. However, this technology has not been fully worked out yet.

An NFT is the most effective way to secure ownership of a digital object and track the transfer of rights from one owner to another on the blockchain. In addition, such unique tokens allow you to verify the object’s authenticity.

By purchasing an NFT token, you become the owner of certain rights to the object or asset that it encodes. Which ones depends on the conditions of a particular platform, but usually no exclusive rights are transferred.

For some people, an NFT is a collectible; for others, it is a promising investment.

Indeed, investing in rare and unique digital assets is a market with great potential, and who knows? Perhaps a picture bought today for $1,000 will be worth $20,000 in five years.

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10 the most expensive NFT deals 

Everydays: The First 5000 Days

Everydays: The First 5000 Days NFT

Price: $69.3 million

Mike “Beeple” Winkleman’s collage is very unusual: it consists of daily images since 2007. And this is the most expensive NFT of all that have been sold during this time.

By the way, the era of NFTs really began with this image, when people were able to see the potential of a new sphere for the perpetuation of art.

The painting was sold on March 11, 2021 at a Christie’s auction and was bought by a Singaporean cryptocurrency investor who paid for the artwork in ether (ETH).

The NFT buyer did not receive the physical product. Instead, he received only a digital artifact.

And the artist himself turned from an unknown creator into a world-famous artist.

Human One

Human One NFT

Price: $28.9 million

The following masterpiece is also the product of Winkleman’s master hand, as he was able to repeat his initial success. His creation Human One is a hybrid physical and digital work of art. This “kinetic video sculpture” consists of four video screens on polished aluminum metal, a mahogany frame, and two media servers. 

The artwork was sold for $28.9 million. The record of the first work was not broken, but still it is Winkleman who is the highest-paid NFT artist in 2021-2022.

Cryptopunk # 7523

Cryptopunk # 7523 NFT

Price: $11.75 million

Back in mid-2017, Larva Labs created algorithmically about 10,000 cryptopunks. They could be obtained for free at the very beginning if you had an ETH wallet. However, now these cryptopunks have become part of the resale market. And the nine aliens who were part of the original composition are considered the most unique and expensive.

The most expensive of them, which set a record, is Cryptopunk #7523. The work itself was called the COVID alien, as it depicted an alien with a mask and a surgeon’s cap. 

The final sale price was $11.75 million. Cryptopunk was bought by Shalom Mackenzie, the largest shareholder of the Draftkings betting platform.

Cryptopunk #3100 

Cryptopunk #3100 NFT

Price: $7.67 million

While Cryptopunk #7523 aroused interest because it was representative of a certain time, Cryptopunk #3100 was promoted at a record price based on its headband. The blue-and-white headband on the alien’s head was considered unique enough that the NFT was sold for $7.67 million on March 11, 2021 on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT platform. It is currently on sale for 35,000 ethers, or $158.7 million, although no buyers have been found yet.

Cryptopunk #7804

Cryptopunk #7804 NFT

Price: $7.57 million

Like the previous picture, cryptopunk No. 7804 is also an alien. However, he has a car, wears glasses and smokes a pipe. Its final purchase price was $7.57 million on March 11, 2021. 

By the way, even after the sale, several more applications were submitted to purchase the painting, with a fairly wide range of prices.

With the growth of digital investments, NFTs have gained huge popularity due to their unique artistic style. Unfortunately, many of them were bought at an exorbitantly high price and today are many times more expensive than one could imagine.

Crossroads (Beeple)

Crossroads (Beeple) NFT

Price: $6.6 million

The history of this painting is quite interesting. It was originally bought for $66,666.66. However, at that time, the buyer had no idea what exactly would be depicted in the NFT.

The artist said he had two versions, and the final version of the picture depended on the outcome of the US election: Trump or Biden victory.  And after Donald Trump lost, it became known what the NFT would look like.

The picture shows the ex-president lying on the ground with all kinds of inscriptions on him, such as “loser.” Passers-by just walk next to him, and do not pay attention to him.

Stay Free (Edward Snowden)

Stay Free (Edward Snowden) NFT

Price: $5.4 million

“Stay Free” by Edward Snowden. This NFT has a special meaning. Namely, the NFT shows court documents stating that the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance practices violated the law.

The proceeds from this NFT token went to the Freedom of the Press Foundation. It is an organization dedicated to freedom of the press in the United States.

Replicator (Mad Dog Jones)

Replicator (Mad Dog Jones) NFT

Price: $4.1 million

Mad Dog Jones is Canada’s highest-paid artist, even though his first work was released in 2021. 

The idea of the Replicator digital image is interesting and unusual. In the center of the image is a printer that creates new NFT images every 28 days. Thus, approximately 200 new masterpieces will be created that can be sold.

Death Dip (XCOPY)

Death Dip (XCOPY) NFT

Price: $1.8 million

“Death Dip” is an NFT created by London-based artist XCOPY. He has been active in the world since 2018 and has released enough NFT. This NFT was sold through Superare, and it is the most expensive NFT ever sold through this platform.

XCOPY also receives royalties of 10% from all subsequent sales of the NFT. So, if NFT is resold for the same amount or more, XCOPY will earn at least $180,000 more from this.

Gunky’s Uprising (3LAU)

Gunky’s Uprising (3LAU) NFT

Price: $1.333333 million

3LAU is a famous American DJ and music producer. One day, he decided to monetize his creativity and sell the video for his song “Gunky’s Uprising” from the album “Ultraviolet” as an NFT.

The price of the work was a total of $1,333,333.33. Such an amount deserves attention to the unusual idea of selling and creating an NFT.


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