The List of eSIM Services with Crypto Payments

Are you interested in the advantages of a virtual number and would like to purchase it? However, only cryptocurrencies are suitable for you to pay.

In this article, we will talk about possible ways to pay for a virtual number with cryptocurrency and give you a list of eSIM services with crypto payments.

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What is eSIM technology?

More and more smartphones have support for eSIM — electronic or built-in SIM cards. In fact, eSIM (embedded SIM) is the same SIM card but physically soldered on the motherboard of the smartphone. Subscribers with experience remember how at the dawn of mobile telephony, each device had to be manually registered in the operator’s database. Now, using eSIM, you do not have to visit the office to change the operator or purchase a new tariff.

What is eSIM

SIM is not just a subscriber identification module. It has a 10 MHz processor, permanent non-volatile memory (and takes power for SIM operation from a smartphone), controllers, and even its own operating system. eSIM can work without mobile internet.

The classic SIM card did not allow rewriting the data responsible for linking to the number and operator. eSIM allows you to make such a setup repeatedly and even store several numbers at the same time.

Advantages of the built-in eSIM card

Since up to five numbers (profiles) can be installed on one eSIM, the user can choose which of them will be active at the moment in the smartphone settings. This is convenient if in some cases a person does not want to show his main number.

eSIM is protected by a phone lock. Even if the phone is stolen, this will not allow attackers to gain access to bank SMS.

The original idea of eSIM is to save space, so shortly, the widespread introduction of technology will make devices even smaller, and smartphones and tablets will free up space for a more powerful battery and memory.

One eSIM will gather a whole ecosystem around itself: tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, smart cars, and other smart gadgets — everything will be connected to one number.

The disadvantages of eSIM

The main problem of operators associated with the introduction of eSIM is global changes in all classical distribution schemes. The subscriber no longer buys SIM cards, visits communication salons less often, and chooses the operator himself right at the airport. To compensate for this somehow, you need to change the existing sales and connection models.

Confirmation of transactions by SMS and two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to protect against fraudsters. But all security may be at risk due to the vulnerability of a cryptographic application. If hackers steal the profile, then financial transactions, access to accounts, mobile banking — everything will be at risk.

Which devices support eSIM?

The eSIM standard appeared back in 2016, but then there were few devices with support for this technology. Today, there are more and more new smartphones, tablets and smartwatches that work with eSIM. Here are some eSIM supported devices that you can buy:

eSIM advantages

Apple has started implementing eSIM with iPhone XS and iPhone XR. All subsequent models, including the top-end Apple iPhone 14 and the iPhone SE 2020, are equipped with eSIM.

Samsung turned to eSIM only in 2022. The technology is supported by all smartphones of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note20 series, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Huawei has also just started implementing: eSIM can only be found in Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Pro.

In addition to smartphones, some tablets are also equipped with eSIM. These are all iPads with a cellular communication module, released since 2019, and Microsoft Surface Pro X.

When can eSIM be useful?

In most scenarios, eSIM looks preferable to conventional SIM cards. Firstly, it cannot be broken, lost, or incorrectly inserted into the device. Secondly, you do not have to look for a paper clip and somehow disassemble the device to change the number or operator. Thirdly, eSIM gives flexibility in using different operators and different tariffs, as it stores up to 5 numbers.

You can store your main number, work number, and, for example, another one with profitable unlimited Internet or other options in the eSIM memory. They are always at hand and are switched by a couple of taps (a control gesture when working with a touch screen) through the device menu. You can always add another one to them, for example, from a local operator on a trip abroad, so as not to pay for roaming. And then it’s just as easy to delete.

For iPhone users, eSIM activation is a long-awaited opportunity to get a “two-dime apple”, that is, from one device to communicate by the main number and, for example, corporate.

eSIM services with crypto payments

To date, there are not many sim services with the ability to pay in cryptocurrency. This is not so popular, although separately eSIM and cryptocurrency are popular all over the world. In this article, we would like to tell you about the most affordable and proven service with this option — eSIM+.

eSIM+ with crypto payments

eSIM+ is a popular and multifunctional service that offers such a service as the purchase of a virtual number. With it, you can make calls, send SMS and use unlimited Internet in more than 140 countries.

The possibilities of eSIM+ depend on the tariff you choose. There are packages available only for certain countries and there are those that offer limitless possibilities in all available countries.

In addition, payment can be made in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies such as USDT (ERC20/TRC20) and BUSD are available for payment. However, you can write to the support service and experts will orient whether the cryptocurrency you are interested in is available for payment.

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If you are seriously thinking about buying a virtual number using cryptocurrency, then there is no better way than to use eSIM+. There are many packages to choose from for different purposes, as well as anonymous purchases in the form of payment with cryptocurrency.


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