The King of Messengers: Signal vs WhatsApp vs Utopia

Social networks have ceased to be a place for communication and turned into a place for self-affirmation and advertising. Now you can see a trend where people are gradually “moving” from social networks to more comfortable messengers where no one can reach them without knowing their phone number or nickname.

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What is a messenger? A messenger is a program, mobile app, or web service for instant messaging. Today, there are many messengers on the social media market. However, it is possible to highlight the “golden three”: Signal vs. WhatsApp vs. Utopia.

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What is the best messenger for daily communication? Let’s compare them under several parameters – security, features, and cooperation with government agencies.

Who are the developers and owners?


Signal messenger

The Signal app was created by the Signal Foundation. The security of Signal was mentioned by Edward Snowden. So, this fact is an additional guarantee of the messenger privacy and autonomy from government agencies and commercial companies.

Moreover, according to the EFF, Signal is one of the most protected and confidential messaging app for all the time. Also, it is the popular messenger in Hong Kong, where the state has banned other means of communication because of censorship.


WhatsApp messenger

The WhatsApp messenger is part of the Facebook Corporation. However, this fact is not a plus. More like a minus. Since it is no secret that Facebook collects personal data of its users and, if necessary, transmits it to government agencies and commercial organizations.

Users’ metadata are not encrypted in this app, so Facebook can easily collect the necessary information and monitor users’ activity on the internet.

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Utopia P2P Network

Utopia is a secure platform that created for a privacy on the internet. A company created it under the nickname 1984. However, the real names of the developers are still unknown. This precaution was taken to avoid pressure of government agencies on the developers to obtain information.

The ecosystem doesn’t use a single data storage server. There, each client has his own server for data storage. And only the client has unique access to it. Even the developers can’t discover any of your data.

Security measures


The application is built on open source code, using E2E encryption. It works for all types of messages and calls. In addition, unlike WhatsApp, Signal encrypts metadata.

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For a high degree of user protection, Signal has developed Sealed Sender – a new way to communicate between users. The main feature of this development is that no one can recognize the dialog’s real interlocutors, even the developers themselves.

In addition, you can enable 2FA in the messenger and use the built-in function of blocking screenshots of messages in the dialog.

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The messenger has a double encryption that protects the transmission messages process. It is applied for both video and voice messages at all. The same method is used in the desktop messenger version – WhatsApp Web.

The app has an app lock function and a feature for using 2FA multi-factor authentication.

The best messaging app

Among the main shortcomings in the security system, it is worth noting the following facts:

  • Messenger does not encrypt backup files.
  • It does not use encryption for metadata.
  • It has some technical holes in the double encryption system.

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Utopia is based on P2P architecture with decentralization. For users protection, it uses a sophisticated encryption method. It is based on the internal creation of developers.

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The ecosystem offers an anonymous registration. The new client doesn’t add some personal information, including name, address and phone number. Instead, Utopia generates a private key for each user. It plays a role of user’s nick and opens access to the system. So, nobody can track the movement of the specific person.

Utopia is a platform free of censorship that ensures the confidentiality of each user’s data.

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Functional abilities


Signal offers users to send and receive encrypted messages, both text and voice. Also, they can add media files and emoticons to the messages. All messages are highly encrypted from the outsiders.

Signal users can create chat for group communication, but can’t make a group audio and video calls. Instead, they may use a disappearing messages feature and add to messages a one-time visible image.

Secure messenger for daily chatting


The WhatsApp messenger functionality offers users everything they need to communicate on the network quickly. Clients can transfer instant messages, create chats up to 250 participants, and broadcast their messages to multiple contacts at once.

Moreover, WhatsApp offers to make voice calls and video calls, with the participation of no more than 8 people.

Recently, WhatsApp has added a new “stories” feature. Thus, WhatsApp is slowly moving from a communication app to a real social platform.

Users can easily transfer media files of any format, but their size should not exceed 100 MB. In addition, there is a function for backup and recovery of deleted data through the use of cloud services such as Google Drive and iCloud. This feature works for free.

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Utopia messenger ensures fast and secure messaging process. Thanks to implemented encryption method, the platform can transfer highly encrypted messages between users.

Also, users can add to messages any stickers from in-built sticker packs and emoticons. There is a possibility to upload any media file without format restrictions. All files will be transferred in the original format.

Users can create private chats and channels to connect with subscribers and mark them on uMap (an internal map of the ecosystem created to search for the necessary content).

Functional side of Utopia

Also, Utopia offers other built-in tools:

  • Idyll Browser. An anonymous browser that doesn’t track user activity.
  • uMail. Confidential email that is intended for transferring corporate files and documents.
  • uWallet. Built-in crypto wallet that stores the internal cryptocurrency of the ecosystem – Cryptons.
  • Mining Bot. An automatic bot that charges Cryptons for using Utopia.

All these tools are available for use after registration. They work in the same app and do not require downloading additional resources.

Results: Signal vs WhatsApp vs Utopia

Now, let’s compare our main data in a table for clarity.






Signal Foundation (non-commercial organization)

E2E encryption

Encrypted calls, voice and text messages



E2E encryption

Encrypted calls, voice and text messages


The 1984 Group (anonymous team of developers)

Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES

Encrypted text and voice messages.

Built-in emails, wallet, browser, mining

As you can see, the main differences between these messengers are the type of encryption and the developers. In terms of functionality, they are approximately the same.

Therefore, if your data’s security is more important to you, you should pay attention to the anonymous Utopia P2P platform.

If popularity and are more important for you than the anonymity of your data, then choose the popular WhatsApp and Signal.

It rests with you to decide!

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