The Best Websites to Search ICO/IDO

ICO is an initial sale of cryptocurrency to investors. You learn about a new project, buy their token, and are the holder. It will be possible to sell it only after listing it on DEX or centralized exchanges.

IDO differs from the previous type of event in that fundraising is not carried out directly, but with the participation of a decentralized exchange (DEX). There are liquidity pools that allow traders to buy a cryptocurrency and sell it at any time.

In the article, we will tell you more and name the best websites to search for ICO/IDO.

ICO vs. IDO: What is it?

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)/Initial Dex Offering (IDO) is the process of an initial public offering of tokens of new crypto projects and the launch of token trading on exchanges. In terms of its tasks, the process is a bit similar to Initial Public Offering (IPO), when a company issues its shares for the first time on the stock market.

ICO vs. IDO difference

There are 2 key phases in ICO/IDO:

  1. The sale of tokens to a limited circle of people who have been included in the Whitelist (Whitelist — a list of approved accounts for participation in the IDO) of the project at a fixed price. Such a sale is carried out, as a rule, through various IDO platforms, the so-called launchpads. In good projects, there is always a multiple re-subscription, and getting into the whitelist is played out in the form of a lottery. The amount of tokens allocated per participant is called “allocation” and, as a rule, is in the range of $100 — $1000 per person.

The best launchpad platforms to follow are here.

  • Placement of project tokens in the form of a liquidity pool on decentralized exchanges and launch of trading.

Also, trading on “classic” centralized exchanges can be launched in parallel, but for now this can be neglected.

What should you pay attention to in the project review?

There are several key points that you need to pay attention to when studying the project overview. According to them, it is possible to predict whether, in the future tokens, or projects will have weight or this ICO/IDO is scam.

Pay attention to:

  • Whitepaper. This is the most important document of the project, which describes absolutely everything: from the idea and the market to the technical details of the token. The document must be voluminous and competent.
  • Jurisdiction. If the company is registered in countries such as the USA, Singapore, Switzerland, and the UK, this is a signal that the project is reliable: in these countries, ICO/IDO projects are subject to technical analysis by the state regulator.
  • The project team. Pay attention to their biographies, social networks, and business successes.
  • Mentors. Well-known consultants are an additional guarantee of a high-quality project for an investor.
  • Information about tokens. For tokens to be in demand, they must be useful.
  • Roadmap. If the team plans a lot of events with clearly defined deadlines, the probability of success of the project increases.

Try to follow all these recommendations when choosing a project.

How to choose an IDO to participate?

Dozens of IDOs take place on the network every day, the absolute majority are scams. Only on Coinmarketcap, statistics on 6,200 coins are currently being tracked, and not all projects are being added there yet. And the number of projects is constantly growing.

How to understand which projects are worth taking part in? Ideally, of course, you need to conduct your research on the project, do some kind of analysis, and make a decision based on it. But in reality, this is impossible, because of the huge flow of information (if you don’t do it full-time.)

In addition, you can use two rules to decide on participation. We give them in descending order of importance:

  • There are top-end launchpads on which top projects come out. If the project comes out on a good site, we go in and don’t think.
  • If the project has top investors, you can also go.

And even if you go to a top project, it is very important to study the tokenomics of the project. At a minimum, you need to know if there is a lockup (token freezing period) and what kind of vesting (token defrosting schedule), since there are IDOs where you will receive tokens only 1–2 years after participation.

ICO vs. IDO platforms

The best websites to search ICO/IDO



ICO Drops

Convenient cards with ICO projects with full information and rating.

ICO Alert

The site has collected all the ICO projects that will take place in the near future. With the ability to set a reminder for a specific date.

Crush Crypto

The service conducts a high-quality fundamental analysis of projects, which may help you find real ICO diamonds and avoid scam projects.


Service with a selection of upcoming and ongoing ICO projects + a calendar of future events for projects and services.


The ICOtracker project is a detailed and professional analysis of events on the crowd sale market in the crypto community.

ICO Stats

A service for thorough tracking and analysis of various indicators of the status of projects that have conducted IPOs recently.


The cyber•Fund project is a service for investors in blockchain projects and developers of various blockchain systems and services. The site helps to find the right contacts in this field and find the necessary specialists.

ICO Rating

The service specializes in the evaluation and analysis of ICO projects, objectively, and carefully considering them as possible objects for investment.

Token Market

TokenMarket is a full-fledged market for digital assets, tokens, and various investments on the blockchain. With the help of a convenient calendar, you will never miss the events you need.

ICO Holder

ICO Holder is a platform that was created to provide its users with reliable information about the best projects of the initial coin offering and to help ICO attract more investors.

Token Data

Convenient lists of these tokens, and all data on current and upcoming initial coin offerings (ICO) are provided.

ICO Countdown

The service draws attention to new crypto projects with an emphasis on the methodology of crowdfunding, and also conducts  due diligence to determine the viability of these projects.

Verified ICOs

An objective source of rating and review of future ICO projects, managed by the best investors and financial experts in the cryptocurrency space.



Keep in mind that such investments always carry risks. Use your deposit correctly and do not invest large sums in such projects if you have not fully figured out the topic or are going to do it for the first time at all.

If you have found a new cryptocurrency and are thinking about whether it is worth investing in it. Always read the whitepaper, see the Twitter page, get acquainted with the development team and follow the markets. Take a responsible approach to this kind of investment and always take into account the high volatility of new coins.

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