The Best Virtual Phone Numbers List

eSIM is becoming more and more popular for both travelers and regular users. Why is this happening? 

In this article, we will tell you what eSIM is and present the best virtual phone numbers list.

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What is eSIM?

eSIM (embedded SIM) is a SIM card soldered directly on the smartphone board, that is, it is already available. The operator simply binds his number and tariff plan to the eSIM. As a rule, the binding/untying of the number is carried out within an hour.

Best virtual phone numbers

Why did eSIM technology become used in modern smartphone models? It has several advantages:

  • The SIM card soldered on the board takes up much less space in the smartphone case than even a nano-Sim. As a result, the manufacturer can make more efficient use of places in the smartphone.
  • There are fewer holes in the housing, which means that the housing is better protected from dust and moisture.
  • No need to buy a SIM card to change the operator. The reconnection is performed remotely and takes about an hour or two of time.
  • One eSIM allows you to link up to five virtual numbers.
  • There is no need to physically change the SIM card when changing the number.
  • You can link the current number to your account. This allows you to use the same number on your different devices.
  • You can remotely configure and link the number. For example, if you are going to travel to another country, you can sign a contract with a local operator in advance and link a phone number while still at home.
  • If the phone is stolen, the attacker will not be able to throw away the SIM card to hide the location of the device. To link a new profile, you must first enter the password of the old profile. That is, smartphones are becoming even more protected from theft.
  • If SIM card technology enters mass use, the number of telephone scammers will be greatly reduced. But it will take some time.
  • The eSIM is much smaller than the Nano-SIM format.

Of course, along with the advantages, there are some disadvantages, but there are not many of them:

  • You cannot insert a SIM card into another phone if it does not support SIM technology.
  • If you transfer or replace the number for about an hour or two, the phone will not work.
  • There are still few smartphones that support eSIM technology. According to experts, they will be massively used on smartphones after 3-5 years.

How to connect eSIM to a smartphone

The process of linking a SIM card may be slightly different for severaloperators. Consider the banalest process:

  • Switch from the device to which you are linking the number to the service of your choice
  • Choose the eSIM tariff that suits you.
  • Pay the tariff and wait for the QR code to appear on the screen.
  • Scan the QR code.
  • Use the prompts on the smartphone screen to add the phone number to the eSIM.
  • Make sure that the binding was successful.

The best virtual phone numbers list

eSIM Plus

eSIM Plus is probably one of the most popular providers of global data plans. Founded in 2022, it is a reliable partner for travelers.

The reason we like eSIM Plus so much is the excellent choice of data plans they offer. There are both global data rates, and you can choose from any number of local data plans.

We have already mentioned that we are big fans of eSIM Plus. And that’s because the company offers the widest choice when it comes to reality. While others limit their plans to 30 or 90 days.

Of course, you have to pay for it.  200 euros for the most expensive annual plan is not the best deal. But from time to time, the company offers discount codes, which makes these long-term plans more affordable.


GigSky is an American provider specializing in global mobile data transmission. The company was founded in 2010 and therefore is no longer a newcomer to the market. You can count on reliable service. In addition to private consumer offerings, GigSky also provides mobile data access for businesses.

Best virtual phone number

You can choose between a regional plan, a global plan, and plans for multiple countries. The validity period of these plans is from 1 day to 30 days. A month of use will cost $60.

GigSky is one of the best providers if you are looking for regional plans. The company offers 7 of them. Unfortunately, the validity period is limited to 30 days. But on the other hand, this should be enough for most vacations or business trips. The price is not the lowest, but still, what can be considered fair.

In addition, the list of officially supported devices is average. But considering that all new iPhones are covered, this is no reason to complain.


Truphone offers a wide range of services to both private clients and businesses. Founded in the UK in 2006, they have become one of the industry leaders. In addition, their story sounds like a fairy tale about startups, since the company originated on a farm in Kent.

Truphone allows you to choose either a global plan or one of 34 local plans. It’s not the biggest choice, and it’s kind of strange because there are a lot more countries in the global plans. The shortest plan is designed for one day. The longest option is 30 days for 42 euros.

Although the coverage for Truphone customers is average at best, the provider offers one of the cheapest tariff plan options. For just 5 euros, you can stay online for one day and use up to 1 GB of data. This is if you want to use your plan in only one country.

Only new iPhones and Google Pixel smartphones are officially supported. But these models are likely to be used by most people for eSIM anyway. There is one fun fact that we would like to mention: Truphone has a one-day global data plan that you can choose from. There probably aren’t many cases where it makes sense.


Surfroam is a fairly new player in the market. The company was registered in 2016. It is based in Estonia and has recently opened offices in other European countries.

Surfroam differs from its competitors in two things: the number of officially supported devices. And the fact that there are no plans. You can only pay after the fact. For some, it can be an advantage, and for others, it can be an obstacle.

Surfroam is an outsider in our comparison. While most providers will sell you pumps, including a certain amount of data, the company from Estonia went the other way. You pay as you use for the exact amount of data you used.

This can be very useful for people traveling to different places and needing a small amount of data. They support a wide variety of devices, and more than 200 countries are what we call a large reach. The service costs $20.


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