The Best Sites to Download Software

Millions of people around the world are not shy about looking for the best software for their computers. And we understand them perfectly. On the internet today, you can find a bunch of sites that offer software for every taste and wallet size.

In addition, those who are inclined to can find any software at all for free. What is needed for this? Sleight of hand and the presence of trust.

We have created for you a selection of sites where you can download all kinds of software – antivirus, design, malware removal, video editing, animation, accounting, or even personal finance.

Intrigued? Keep reading.

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List of the best sites to download software


SourceForge is one of the popular portals where internet users can find open-source software.

Download software site

The number of users of the resource exceeds several million people. This is also approximately the number of software applications hosted on the site.

As far as usability is concerned, SourceForge has a simple interface where users can quickly find the software they need using the search function.

In addition, SourceForge provides download statistics so that you can see if a particular project is popular or not. The project page also shows which operating system is supported and which license is used.


OSDN is an open-source development network. This is a real treasure trove for developers. Here you can find repositories such as SVN/Git/Mercurial/Bazaar/CVS, mailing lists, bug tracking system, boards and forum, website hosting, release file download service, file archive, full backup, shell, etc.

The number of active projects working with the resource totals more than 50,000. In addition, the resource is also useful for ordinary users who want to use open-source software. 

The resource allows you to quickly find and download the necessary software – there are functions for convenient search and descriptions of all the software.


FossHub was founded in 2007. The main task of the resource is to provide users with the ability to quickly and safely download any software.

The project’s servers are located all over the world, which makes the use of the resource more optimized and improves its download speed.

To show the trustworthiness of the resource and the software, the number of downloads is written opposite each listed software.

In addition, even unregistered users can view and evaluate the software, which increases the audience of the resource. 

Plus, you can find free closed source software on the resource. To find out if the source code of the software is open source or closed source, you need to read the description.


GitHub is slightly different from the previous resources. It is focused on the placement of the source code and cooperation with the developers of the project. But it is also widely used for software distribution.

So, the resource allows projects to create their web pages here and allow users to download directly from the developer. In addition, all the latest updates and the latest versions will be available on the project pages.

Site to download software

The interface of the resource is complicated, but once you understand it, you can easily and quickly download any software.


F-Droid is a resource for downloading free software designed for Android. The resource has only open-source software.

All software is placed on the site by category for easy search. All of them can be downloaded directly from the website, or you can use a special F-Droid client.

Using the F-Droid client, the Android app you install will receive updates similar to the updates in the Play Store. Otherwise, updates will not be received, and the user will be at a security risk.


Filepuma is a traditional website with a minimalistic approach, where you can find any software to download to your device. 

Of course, this platform cannot provide 100% security, as the previous resources do, but Filepuma is one of the cleanest and most convenient to use in terms of not imposing ads or tricky installers on you. 

Here you can find everything from Skype to Google Drive via Dropbox. Filepuma publishes the latest versions of the most popular software. In addition, you can download a free mention of updates so as not to miss the latest versions of applications.

The application catalog is conveniently located on the left panel. Through it, you can quickly and easily find any software. By the way, the most popular software in various categories is listed on the main page, and that’s almost all there is here.


Softpedia is one of the most popular websites providing software download services. Unlike the previous ones, it offers both paid and free software. 

Each download page contains a detailed overview of the software you need, as well as the total number of downloads and whether it was included in the list selected by the editor. Softpedia offers a great variety and scale in terms of available downloads.

Here you can always get the latest version of the software you need and its reviews, with actual screenshots for almost all popular and most frequently used programs.


AlternativeTo is a good alternative to all of the above sites. This resource takes the best of each previous option and skillfully combines everything: convenience, speed of loading, security, and much more. 

Best site to download software

At the first acquaintance with AlternativeTo, there is a feeling that you have opened SourceForge. Especially in the way the program elements are arranged: with convenient search, screenshots, comments and reviews, as well as official download links plus verifiable sources of the corresponding solution. 

But there is a slight difference: the site itself does not contain any mirrors, and only supports updated links to download everything you need.

The main advantage of the site is a crowdsourced system of ratings and comparisons, which at first glance provides you with many alternatives. Detailed user-centered reviews will help you learn about new products, as well as whether you will end up paying more than advertised.

Follow safety rules and be under reliable protection on the internet.


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