The Best Private Video Hosting Sites in 2021

There is a worldwide trend of switching to video content. Modern people watch videos. It’s more convenient and easier than reading text. At the same time, more and more services are being created through which videos are posted on the internet. They are very different, so you need to choose based on your specific goals.

When we think of private video hosting sites, the first name that comes to mind is YouTube. The Google-owned platform is a video site for everyone. In fact, it is one of the most popular sites in the world. 

But what if you can’t access YouTube, or it has stopped working for some reason? Although the latter option is unlikely, it’s always best to know your working alternatives to this website.

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So, to simplify your agony of choosing, we’ve listed the best private video hosting sites in 2021 for you.

What is private video hosting?

Private video hosting sites are services for viewing and posting videos on the internet. To some extent, they replace television. Many users have already forgotten about the “zombie-box,” and now they get all their information from YouTube and its analogs. At the same time, they do not have to download anything – the content is available online, from any device and anywhere in the world.

What is private video hosting?

Opening channels on video hosting sites is a profitable niche. Creating video content is now a trend, and in order not to depend on a single resource, it makes sense to use several options at once.

Video hosting doesn’t only let you create channels and collect traffic – this is a wide-open field for brand development, promotion of your own website, business promotion, and many other goals.

Some popular video hosting services will help you share your videos faster, increase revenue, and make more backups so that in case of channel blocking or other problems, you can restore all your data.

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How to choose the best private video hosting service?

It is difficult to decide on a hosting service when you are surrounded by advertising and promises of different “goodies.” Each video hosting developer offers some advantages, but the services are very different. 

In order not to waste time working with useless resources, you need to make a choice. Our evaluation of the top providers included the following factors:

  • Total number of active users
  • Free or paid access
  • Use of ads
  • Integration with other services
  • Detailed statistics
  • Additional functions

The last point includes several important parameters at once. Live broadcasts, surveys, and more may be required to manage your channel and communicate with your target audience effectively. Therefore, until you use a particular platform, it isn’t easy to make the right choice.

Private video hosting services

Top of private video hosting websites


Vimeo private video hosting

Vimeo is a video platform that was created in 2004. It was the first online video hosting service to post videos in high quality. Today, Vimeo has more than 90 million users.

Vimeo is a decent alternative to YouTube. However, the largest amount of internet traffic still goes to YouTube. Still, many users choose Vimeo because of its usability and versatility.


  • High-quality video. It is a service with good technical abilities. It has many built-in features for improving the video quality.
  • The lack of advertising. Vimeo is a video hosting service that doesn’t have ads. Ads do not play when viewing videos nor are they broadcast on the site in banners. Therefore, video hosting on this platform is paid.
  • Ability to edit videos. Vimeo allows all users to make changes to the video quality or volume. There is a convenient built-in video player for this purpose.

The reasons to use

Vimeo offers 5 available plans to choose from. Each of them has unlimited bandwidth for downloading and watching videos, and making some changes. For simple viewing videos, you can use a free Vimeo plan. But it has limited functionality.

However, if you want to fully download 4K files, have access to built-in statistics and numerous settings, it is better to choose a paid plan for using the service. Prices start at $12 a month. Also, you can choose a year subscription with of payment of about $84.


SproutVideo private video hosting

SproutVideo is a free video hosting site with a variety of built-in functional tools. It is one of the most popular services that provides users with many functions of a video hosting platform. Also, there are such perks as video resolution and bandwidth regulation.


  • Lead marketing. It gives the ability to redirect your viewers to key landing pages. For this, there are such features as video calls and post-video screen functions.
  • Limited access. The service offers a function to hide videos from unwanted viewers. You can restrict access or set a security password.
  • Video analytics. Built-in view analytics that show the number of users, plays, engagement, and so on.
  • Video player. The platform allows users to improve their videos via the video player. It has some customizable features to attract an audience: a line of colors, shades, etc.

The reasons to use

SproutVideo is a platform that is suitable for all video fans. It doesn’t contain ads.

The monthly price starts at $24.99 a month. During the month, a person can use up to 500GB of bandwidth.


Vidyard private video hosting

Vidyard is a video hosting service for entrepreneurs. It has many cool features, from uploading videos without ads to placing video files without linking to the site.

The main purpose of placing videos on this platform is marketing and video sales. There is a built-in function for adding potential customers to the list for mailing emails and including them in the sales funnel.


  • Marketing lead. For attracting more clients, a person can add a registration form to videos and view statistics, engagement rate, and the total number of subscribers.
  • Video analytics. There are built-in analytics of the video viewing parameters. You can view the total number of viewers, the number of minutes viewed, and the popular viewing region. You can also find out your current cost per click (CPC).
  • Unlimited download options. Vidyard is a video hosting service that does not limit the allowed file upload size. There is support for 4K video.

The reasons to use

Vidyard is a service that is most suitable for entrepreneurs. It provides built-in video capabilities to achieve marketing strategies. Using Vidyard, you can forget about a text blog, email campaigns, etc.

You have two available plans for choosing: free and paid. A free one gives you no more than 5 videos for uploading. The next one gives you for posting no more than 20 videos. The cost of a paid plan is $19 per month.

In addition, for advanced users, there is an advanced plan that costs $1,800 per year. It provides unlimited access to video downloads, analytics, video player, and other settings.


Wistia private video hosting

Wistia is another analog of YouTube. Currently, the number of users is more than 100 million. The main difference between these services is that Wistia doesn’t contain ads.

Moreover, Wistia does not have a single built-in platform. In other words, the videos are not promoted to other users. It is possible to use various marketing functions. Therefore, Wistia can compete with other services from the list.


  • Marketing lead generation. You can attract users using built-in interactive tools. For example, a call to action, registration form, or questionnaire.
  • Possibility of teamwork. You can invite users to collaborate or leave comments, restrict access to video files, and add timestamps.
  • Built-in analytics. You can improve your content by using online statistics. It includes the number of views, engagement, locations, and so on.

The reasons to use

Wistia is a video platform for hosting high quality videos in 4K format. In addition, it will open access to various tools that can help to simplify, upgrade and optimize the process of creating content.

There are several plans for using the service. The first one is $99 a month. You can only upload 10 videos. After that, you will need to pay $0.25 for each uploaded video above the limit. This channel allows you to have no more than 250 users.

The next plan costs $399 per month. It includes the ability to upload up to 100 video files and post them on other video platforms.

Final word

Above we’ve listed the best options for users of the internet, with the most viewers and simple conditions.

Don’t forget about safety measures when choosing any private video hosting website. Read our checklist of necessary measures to be protected. 

3 years ago

Well, I’m very surprised that this list did not include such popular hosting as YouTube, for example. However, if anyone would find it helpful, here’s a complete list of the most popular video hosting services this year. But of course, don’t forget about cybersecurity. especially during video posting.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon! Thank you for your feedback! In this article, we have listed the best private video hosting services. Unfortunately, YouTube can’t offer a decent guarantee of user data security. This hosting service has many technical holes that are used by scammers.

3 years ago

Thanks for private video hosting sites list. I’ve always wanted to become a blogger, but the YouTube platform did not generate confidence. Therefore, I’ve long been looking for cool platforms that would exactly meet all my expectations both in terms of functionality and usage security.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Xavier! Thank you for your feedback! Certainly, these are not all private video hosting sites platforms, but only those that have been tested by our team. Therefore, we can guarantee their privacy and functionality. We wish you to create cool and interesting content:)

3 years ago

I’ve been using Vimeo for quite some time now. There are no complaints about the functionality. Everything works quickly and efficiently. I pay for more functionality, but it’s worth the money. Who has not tried, you should try right now!

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Zoe! You use one of the best private video hosting services. You’re lucky! You’ve found it right away. Many of our readers have written us to ask our team to test several platforms and tell us about the most convenient and trust-based ones. However, even we could not decide on the best service.

3 years ago

Wow! Finally, I’ve found what I’ve been looking for so long. Video is everything to me. I feel like I’m filming everything that’s going on around me. But like any creative person, I need to release my creations abilities to the public court. Now I want to test each service from the private video hosting services list. Thanks.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Fred! It’s cool that our blog is read by many talented people who want to protect their video creations from various scammers. Each of the private video hosting sites from our list will protect both drains and wide functionality for video editing.

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