The Best Crypto YouTubers List

One of the great ways to start learning about cryptocurrencies is to watch video content created by crypto enthusiasts. Such videos can be very fun, fascinating and simply entertaining, as well as incredibly useful for all those who want to immerse themselves even more in the topic of cryptocurrencies.

YouTube is the perfect place to search for video content, whether you want to study or just watch videos on a topic of interest.

In this article we have prepared the best crypto YouTubers list, which you definitely need to pay attention to and subscribe to.

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Crypto YouTubers list


Subscribers: 178K

TheChartGuys is a channel for active traders and competent investors. Almost all the videos are just solid graphics with an off-screen explanation. 

The channel is hosted by several people, and they have been doing this since 2014. The explanations are sensible and their speech is full of technical terms. 

The authors are not registered as financial or exchange consultants, so they do not give direct recommendations on trading. But they are not limited to cryptocurrencies: on the channel, you can find price analyses of gold, dollars, or oil.

The guys also have a website where they sell their courses.

Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily YouTube channel

Subscribers: 197K

Crypto Daily is a channel for fans of sarcasm and witty jokes. Cameron is a former insurer who took up cryptocurrencies. Every few days, he releases a news video that helps to look with humor and at the same time quite objectively at the latest developments in the market. 

Nice bonuses of the channel: timestamps of the video so that you can skip what you are not interested in (for some reason, it is not the most common practice among crypto bloggers), clips, and many special effects.

The channel has been operating since 2014 and has repeatedly passed the test of time.

Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano YouTube channel

Subscribers: 393K

Anthony Pompliano is a popular crypto blogger on YouTube. He not only actively leads a channel dedicated to the crypto industry, but is also a frequent guest of other popular channels. 

The most discussed topics on his channel are cryptocurrency regulation, industry development, and the arrival of institutional investors. His videos are a mixture of facts and evidence of his vision for the development of the crypto industry as a whole.

A separate item to be highlighted are his videos dedicated to finance and technology. Therefore, Pomp (as his subscribers call him) is a very versatile blogger who regularly creates useful content.

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Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech YouTube channel

Subscribers: 493K

The author of the channel is Ivan Liljekvist, a Swedish programmer, teacher, and popular speaker at blockchain conferences. 

He just breathes the blockchain, and the channel has been running since 2013. Ivan delves deeply into the technical details of projects, analyzes their code on GitHub, and evaluates their viability and security. He pays a lot of attention to the analysis of the impact of world news on the crypto market.

The videos are made very professionally – recorded in the studio with a lot of graphics. The channel also has a lot of interviews with key figures in the industry, for example Andreas Antonopoulos.

Data Dash 

Data Dash YouTube channel

Subscribers: 516K

Data Dash is a crypto channel that keeps a storehouse of useful information on crypto in open access. Data Dash’s founder is Nicholas Martin. He is also the author of the Genesis project, an open source initiative to develop new technologies in the cryptocurrency space.

The main person on the channel is Martin. He is an international speaker, thinker, and cryptanalyst on YouTube. He has used his more than eight years of experience in traditional markets to understand the potential of cryptocurrencies.

There are many videos on the channel that are suitable not only for deep study of cryptocurrency topics but also for beginners. Despite conducting an in-depth analysis, he never gives specific recommendations, leaving subscribers to make their own investment decisions. 

The frequency of videos is 5 per week. All videos are divided into three categories: news, data analytics for beginners, and trading tips.

The Moon

Subscribers: 560K

This YouTube channel began its history in 2017. The channel cannot be called fast-growing – in 5 years it has almost reached the mark of 600K subscribers.

The Moon channel talks about forecasts for the bitcoin exchange rate, as well as useful information and forecasts regarding other cryptocurrencies. In addition, the presenter covers news from the crypto world and prepares useful technical analyses suitable for novice traders.

Unlike most of the channels in this article, this one cannot boast of good video quality or comprehensive preparation for them. However, the frequency of the videos and their length are amazing – videos are released every day and last about 15 minutes. During this time, the presenter manages to tell the audience everything necessary in his casual manner and simple language.

Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter  YouTube channel

Subscribers: 578K

Crypto Banter is a rising star in the crypto industry. Their live broadcasts are gaining popularity due to the attractive style and coverage of the latest industry news. They often collaborate with popular personalities in this field, and their community is active and friendly.

The theme of the videos is cryptocurrencies and everything related to them. The channel often hosts live broadcasts discussing the latest news, and they provide educational content about bitcoin, Defi, NFT, blockchain, etc. In addition, on this channel, you can find video interviews with guests from different industries: billionaires, opinion leaders, and traders.

The purpose of the channel is to tell users about the advantages of cryptocurrencies and teach them how to properly handle digital funds for the long term.

Altcoin Daily

Subscribers: 1.23M

Altcoin Daily is a joint channel of brothers Aaron and Austin. They are convinced by Bitcoin fundamentalists, but they invest a lot in Altcoins. 

On their channel, the brothers publish useful videos about cryptocurrencies, in particular Altcoins. Nevertheless, there are many project reviews, a news digest, and much more on Calais.

Videos are released every day. This frequency allows you to fundamentally immerse yourself in the world of cryptocurrencies and future digital progress.

BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel

Subscribers: 1.45M

BitBoy Crypto is a popular YouTube channel in the crypto space, which is growing rapidly due to daily activity on the channel.  

The creator and presenter of the channel is Ben Armstrong, who in 2018 decided to go full on into cryptocurrency. In parallel, he created a YouTube channel to share his knowledge and conclusions with the audience. All videos are produced in good quality and the information is presented in simple and understandable language, with a lot of humor.

The channel is mainly dedicated to cryptocurrency, but you can also see IT reviews, parodies, and much more. In addition, a community of fans and followers of the theme called BitSquad has even formed around the channel.

Coin Bureau 

Coin Bureau YouTube channel

Subscribers: 2.07M

Coin Bureau is a popular YouTube channel that not only tops our rating but is also quite young. The first video was uploaded back in early 2019. 

The channel has become popular thanks to the cool content created by the host and founder of the channel, Mike Jenkins. He is distinguished not only by the cool presentation of the material but also by his natural friendliness. His videos are always logically justified and based only on reliable facts.

There are many videos on the channel dedicated to the topics of cryptocurrencies and the crypto world in general. The presenter skillfully combines both news content and current forecasts and information necessary for all those who want to delve deeper into the crypto world.

The regularity of the video output is 3 times a week. The average duration of the videos is 20 minutes. That is, in a week you can get one hour of decent knowledge of the crypto world from this channel.

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