The Best Crypto Trading Course to Follow

The crypto industry is a promising area that attracts investment. In recent years, there has been a trend of increasing interest in digital assets. It is not surprising that more and more people want to work in this progressive field. 

One of the simplest types of earnings on cryptocurrency is trading. In this article, we will talk about what courses a beginner should take to start trading digital currency and choose the best crypto trading course.

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What is crypto trading? 

Speculation on digital assets can be a profitable activity. Crypto trading has a trading mechanism similar to conventional financial exchanges. 

What is crypto trading

A crypto trader is a person who makes a profit due to short-term changes in the rates of cryptocurrencies. The main task of the specialist is to buy promising digital assets and sell them after increasing their value. 

In an area where you can earn a lot of money, there are always risks. One wrong decision can lead to losses. To make a profit on the sale of a cryptocurrency pair, you need to be able to analyze markets, and trends and master the exchange’s tools perfectly. Personal qualities, scrupulousness, attention to detail, and analytical thinking are important.

Why should you learn trading?

Crypto trading is a relatively new and complex method of earning money. There is a lot of diverse information presented in the available open sources. It is difficult for a beginner to navigate an unfamiliar topic, so independent learning, although possible, can take years. Even experienced traders sometimes face the difficulty of distinguishing worthwhile information from native advertising or unsubstantiated assumptions.

Exchanges are interested in attracting new traders, so they lure them with lightning-fast earnings and high profits. Trading platforms earn commissions but have no direct interest in the success of a crypto broker. The articles provide reasonable arguments and effective strategies. In order not to lose attachments, it is important to evaluate the information critically.

An alternative way to earn as an existing broker is to attract new users through referral links. Of course, the trader will focus on highlighting the positive aspects of trading. A beginner needs to know about such techniques in order not to fall for the tricks of an expert. 

The rules of successful trading are here.

Advantages of learning trading from courses:

  • Reliable information. The training program includes up-to-date information. The training takes place in stages, starting with the basics of the crypto sphere, and ending with practical techniques for profitable trading. There is no need to search for information and check it for authenticity. However, critical thinking does not hurt in any case.
  • Saving time and resources. Indicators presented on the internet may not be suitable during market fluctuations. Self-study requires a lot of time, and there is a risk of losing money. High-quality training allows you to save time, start trading faster and act rationally. As a rule, free materials tell about the basics of crypto trading, and you can get comprehensive information on profitable investments from the courses. 
  • Productivity and discipline. With self-study, it is easy to succumb to procrastination and postpone classes. It takes more time and self-discipline. To become a professional, you will have to study constantly. However, the courses set the right vector, the curators set the students in the right direction so that they can act effectively in the future. 
  • Feedback. Having met an incomprehensible term or method of actions, you can always ask additional questions, and get an explanation from professionals. When self-learning, you have to figure it out on your own, and the information on the internet does not always correspond to reality.

What knowledge should be included in the course?

The direction of crypto trading is continuously developing, so the training should be comprehensive. A good course starts with the basics: explanations of the nature of cryptocurrencies, types of coins, trading methods, strategies, behavioral factors.

Crypto trading pluses and minuses

The basics

The cryptocurrency trading course should include:

  • Detailed explanation of the nature of cryptocurrency, block, blockchain technologies
  • Types of crypto trading
  • What coins can be traded
  • How to get and increase profits
  • Risk management methods
  • Drawing up short-term and long-term trading plans 

Trading strategies

To trade cryptocurrencies effectively, a trader needs to use various data, analyze and structure material, select informative tools, and decide on ways to respond in case of changes in the market. 

Strategy is a consistent course of action, taking into account the situation. A professional never works at random. Inconsistent actions lead to losses. 

Experience is needed to create a personal strategy, so beginners often use template options. Crypto trading on the market has been around for a long time, so there are standard ways of trading. All strategies can be divided into two types: taking into account time parameters and the market situation. 

A high-quality training program should include consideration of popular trading strategies and situational analysis of actions by examples. 

Fundamental analysis

Market research is one of the most important tasks of a trader. The analysis is needed to track trends and forecast. To anticipate possible developments, crypto brokers use technical and fundamental analysis.

Features of fundamental analysis:

  • Study of the factors determining the dynamics: popularity, media background, application, use of coins in the economy.
  • Requires a trader to understand various disciplines: economics, psychology, blockchain technologies.
  • Lack of stable rules.

In fundamental analysis, you have to study a large amount of information, and something important may slip out of sight. Also, the price of a coin at a particular time is not always related to the analyzed factors, so each trader comes to different conclusions. 

Technical analysis

The method consists of the analysis of price charts and stock glass. The influence of factors can be traced in the dynamics, so you do not have to study each factor separately, as in fundamental analysis. Indicators can be used as additional analysis tools. 

Technical analysis includes:

  • Time intervals
  • Trends (ascending, descending, sideways)
  • Trend patterns

Trader psychology

Trading on the crypto exchange is difficult from a psychological point of view. A trader needs to focus on long-term prospects and not give in to emotions. Most specialists have difficulty following the plan. The course, considering trading from the perspective of psychology, will help not to make common mistakes, to form a personal psychological strategy. 

Media background

Posts, publications, and news affect the rates of both giant coins (Bitcoin, Ether) and young, small currencies. This factor should not be underestimated when trading on the stock exchange. Positive news from the crypto community raises the rate. Negative dynamics can be traced for various reasons, they may not be directly related to the cryptocurrency. High-quality courses will definitely familiarize the beginner with what you need to pay attention to.

The best crypto trading course

Best crypto trading course

Asia Forex Mentor

The head of training and founder of Asia Forex Mentor Ezekiel Chu is not a typical forex and cryptocurrency coach. He is a very popular professional trader. The digital currency trading course covers almost all aspects of cryptocurrency trading. It talks about the broad crypto market, including blockchain technology.

The course is very easy to understand, as it is designed for beginners. It explains the general terms of the industry: which cryptocurrency to mine, how to use digital currency trading platforms, tips on day trading, cryptocurrency signals, bitcoin mining, how to use the bitcoin fear and greed index for trading, how to study the cryptocurrency market, simple trading strategies.

The Asia Forex Mentor – One Core program teaches how to trade not only cryptocurrency, but also any other instrument, such as currency, stocks, indices, commodities, etc.


Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency – the best-selling cryptocurrency course from Udemy by George Levy. This course is best suited for beginners. The course teaches you to buy, sell, trade and use digital currency. The course has a simple structure and is offered in a video format. Its duration is only 90 minutes. It also comes with additional materials in PDF format.

After purchase, lifetime access to this course opens in the Udemy mobile app. The course has a 30-day free demo version. At the end of the course, a certificate is issued to all students.

Blockchain Council

The online course on cryptocurrency and trading from the Blockchain Council is one of the best cryptocurrency training courses. It was also developed for beginners who know little about cryptocurrency and blockchain. The course is focused on real trading, and not on tedious technical analysis of cryptography and blockchain. 

The program covers topics such as cryptocurrency pricing, hedging, initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency mining, exchanges, the psychology of trading digital currencies, trading tactics. From the course, you will learn which platforms for cryptocurrency trading are best used. 

The duration of the lectures is 5 hours. All students are given lifelong access to its materials, and an online exam is even held at the end of the training.


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