The Best Crypto Telegram Channels List

Subscribing to Telegram channels is an easy way to keep up to date with the news, be the first to learn about all events, and receive cryptocurrency trading signals and forecasts for digital assets in a timely manner.

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In addition, having sources of up-to-date information at hand is a way to save time on self-searching for data on the web. Unfortunately, not all internet resources are equally effective.

To simplify the search for suitable options, we have made a selection of the best crypto Telegram channels about digital assets, in which you can get not only the latest news, but also trading signals for trading cryptocurrencies.

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Top crypto Telegram channels list

#1 DeFi Million 

Top crypto Telegram channels list


Number of subscribers: 314K

The channel presents tokens of the best definition through a decentralized Telegram source of information.

This is an author’s channel specializing in decentralized finance (DeFi). The channel talks in detail about the latest trends in the cryptocurrency market, DeFi, and initial placements (IDO/IEO).

All information is presented in a structured form, and is easy to understand. On the channel, you can get acquainted with reviews of transactions, analytics of initial placements, and investment ideas.

#2 CryptoFight


Number of subscribers: 207K

The channel is dedicated to investment issues. The main focus is cryptocurrencies. At the same time, you can also find posts about traditional assets on the channel. Another direction of the site is the publication of data on coin giveaways and other events, which the moderators intersperse with useful information inserts.

In addition, the channel is replete with daily news and analysis of the cryptocurrency market. Here you can see notes on the cryptocurrency future.

#3 Cointelegraph


Number of subscribers: 162K

A major Telegram channel that regularly publishes advertisements, various reviews, and news. This resource also hosts entertainment content, which is nice to diversify the reader’s feed.

Here, both beginners and experienced crypto traders are waiting for useful news and publications of expert opinions in the fields of cryptocurrency, as well as current courses and their analysis.

#4 CryptoCoinsCoach – (Ƀ)


Number of subscribers: 117K

This is a news channel about cryptocurrency. It publishes news from the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, educational notes, AMA session announcements, and contests from a team of mentors. If you want to know what is happening in the cryptocurrency market right now, then following the news on this channel is a good idea.

In addition, the channel publishes market analytics, reviews of the latest industry news, educational notes, and much more in a structured form. I am especially pleased with the frequency of posts and the clear, concise form of submission of materials.

#5 Altcoin & Bitcoin Trading

Crypto Telegram channel


Number of subscribers: 110K

This is a Telegram channel about cryptocurrencies, specializing in technical analysis of the market and current news of the blockchain industry, as well as investment signals. If you want to follow the news and be aware of global trends in the cryptocurrency market, we recommend subscribing to this channel.

The platform will be interesting because it wants to be in the thick of events and have the opportunity to discuss top news with participants in the digital asset market.

The channel is also indispensable for traders who want to receive trading signals from professionals on a regular basis.

#6 Perfect Scalping Binance Futures


Number of subscribers: 69K

Perfect Scalping Binance Futures provides high-quality signals for a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, including BitMEX, ByBit, Deribit, Binance, Bittrex, Huobi Pro, and Bitfinix.

In addition, the channel often publishes news, notes, and useful tips for crypto traders. The channel is worth paying attention and subscribing for its tips and signals.

#7 Rocket Wallet Signals


Number of subscribers: 36K

Rocket Wallet Signals is a Telegram channel about trading. Its authors give an assessment of the current market situation.

The authors of the Rocket Wallet Signals Telegram channel publish cryptocurrency signals daily (1-5 per day) that can be used in trading. Many of them are based on insider information that appears in the media later. Rocket Wallet Signals can automatically execute cryptocurrency signals via a trading bot.

The project will be useful for both novice traders and professionals. The authors of the channel give important explanations on the signals and regularly share the results of their work.

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The best crypto Telegram channel


Number of subscribers: 35K

A resource owned by the notorious Roger Vera. Here the user can get acquainted with news, analytics, and interesting information about various ICO projects.

The channel will suit different levels of awareness in the cryptocurrency world. There, users can anticipate articles with news and analytics, as well as reviews of new cryptocurrency projects that are worth paying attention to.

#9 CryptoRank news


Number of subscribers: 29K

This Telegram channel is about investing in cryptocurrencies and trading. The main point of the channel is focused on speculation in cryptocurrencies, and forecasting their exchange rate. The channel publishes collections of promising coins, recommendations and personal results of the authors, and trading analytics. This channel will be useful for both beginners and advanced cryptocurrency traders.

In addition, you can find a lot of relevant information for traders on the channel, including signals for trading cryptocurrency. The resource is designed for users who are actively working on exchanges.


There are a lot of channels about cryptocurrencies, but you have to look for good ones. The main advice is to constantly filter information and clean out unhelpful channels; otherwise, the feed gets clogged, and you instinctively read everything. 

In addition, beware of “signals” and channels that seek to make money on their subscribers, promising profits. No one will give you the “secret of success” because there is none. You can only learn by yourself. Believe in yourself, and you will succeed.

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