The Best Chatting Messenger: Threema vs Signal vs Utopia

Paradoxically, despite the variety of messengers now available, people usually don’t have to choose between them — they just use the same thing as their friends and acquaintances. But what if secrecy is really important to you?

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All messengers have their own approach to protecting correspondence. Some store chats on their own or other people’s servers in text, others encrypt only secret chats, and still others offer full encryption of all correspondence.

Today we will compare the messengers Threema vs Signal vsUtopia, as well as considering whether these are reliable alternative messengers to WhatsApp for secure and private communication.

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Is Threema more secure than WhatsApp?

Threema messenger is a paid messenger for users who consider information security to be a key priority. The online communicator surpasses many analogues in terms of protecting user data from hackers, all sorts of “curious” corporations and state intelligence services.

Threema is available for use in anonymous mode. Its algorithms securely encrypt chats and audio calls. It is equipped with all the features and properties that are typical for current messengers.

  • Confidentiality 

The concept of the application is a minimum of generated data on servers. Group membership and contacts are stored only on the user’s device. Text messages are immediately destroyed after delivery. Distribution files are also stored encrypted on your phone or tablet. Such precautions are more likely to exclude the collection of private information and meta-data in the messenger system. Threema has been developed in accordance with the EU GDPR.

  • Encryption

The program uses an end-to-end encryption algorithm for all data (messages, audio calls, files, profile statuses, group chats). For protection, the NaCl cryptographic library is used. The developers claim that the recipient can only read the sent message in the messenger. Encryption keys are created and stored in secure directories on the user’s device. You can’t get unauthorized access and copy to them.

  • Arsenal of functions

Threema offers not only a high level of privacy but also maximum user comfort. In the messenger account, you can:

  • create surveys using a unique built-in module.
  • make FaceTime audio.
  • use the web version.
  • publish media content on public resources.
  • organize group chats and use the option to add/remove participants.
  • activate the unique “agree/refuse” option for quick responses.
  • check your contacts for authenticity by scanning your personal QR code.
  • exchange messages in anonymous mode.
  • Anonymity

When logging in, the user receives an ID created by a special random combination generator. To use Threema, you do not need to provide contact information (phone number or email). This eliminates the disclosure of private information, and there is no need to register an account (in the sense of the standard procedure that is usually performed in other messengers).

  • Independent developer

Threema’s authors are an independent company from Switzerland. The messenger servers and project developers are located in the same country. Switzerland is one of the countries that have effective legal instruments in place to protect the privacy of users on the internet.


Threema vs Signal

Signal is a messenger for sending text messages and files and making audio and video calls.

It is currently considered the most secure cross-platform instant messaging app. This status was achieved thanks to the open source code posted on GitHub, and its own encryption Signal Protocol.

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  • Signal functions

If you use Telegram, you will find a lot in common in the functionality of the applications. Signal has many functions that allow it to be called universal.

  • Disappearing messages (message lifetime from 5 seconds to 1 week from the moment of reading).
  • Sending photos, videos, audio, and other files.
  • Ability to share your location (GPS coordinates).
  • Sending SMS and MMS on Android devices.
  • Separate chat settings for each contact (color, ringtone, notifications).
  • Ability to respond with emoticons to contact messages.

In the messenger settings, you can disable the ability to take screenshots of the screen while the messenger is running. (But the value of this option is debatable since the screen with the dialogue can be photographed with another device.)

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  • Reliable protection of correspondence

Signal messenger was created to protect all users’ messages and information from the attention of third parties. In other words, only the sender and recipient of messages have access to it. This applies to both text messages and calls – both voice and video calls.

  • Signal messenger privacy

Communication in the program is possible only with your contacts, or members of the group in which you belong. So, access to the profile and phone number is restricted to the user’s circle of people. All transmitted data is encrypted not on servers, but on end devices (computers or smartphones that you used to communicate with the other person).

As an additional check for the privacy of dialogs, there are security codes in the Signal messenger. If you are not sure that the connection is secure, go to the conversation settings, then go to the security codes. Compare the security code with the other person’s code. The numbers must match.

Among other things, you can set the login to the messenger via your fingerprint, and disable pop-up notifications. This will protect your correspondence from the attention of curious colleagues or relatives.


Utopia p2p ecosystem

Utopia is a decentralized ecosystem designed for secure data transfer and storage. It has been developed by a team of anonymous IT specialists who still do not disclose their real names. This anonymity was chosen to avoid pressure on the ecosystem from the state or commercial companies.

  • Fully-functional

Utopia includes several built-in tools that ensure full network operation. There is an instant messenger, an anonymous browser, encrypted email, a crypto wallet, a container, and even an internal cryptocurrency. In fact, this is a closed internet platform with many built-in functions.

Instant messenger has all the necessary features for fast and secure messaging. In addition, there are the following functions:

  • Voice messages;
  • Built-in sticker pack;
  • Private chats;
  • Channels;
  • Multimedia support.
  • Anonymous

Utopia anonymity does not require entering personal data during registration. The user adds a nickname and the ecosystem generates a private key that will open access to the user. No one else can get it.

  • Encryption

The main point of data security is the specially developed internal encryption of the ecosystem. It protects each user’s internal storage. Since Utopia is built on a peer-to-peer architecture, it does not use a single server for data storage. Here, each client performs two functions simultaneously: both the server and the user.

  • Without censorship

The ecosystem is devoid of any censorship. Each user can feel free to express their thoughts and ideas. No one can exercise supervision or control over the actions of users.

The winner: Threema vs Signal vs Utopia

Threema is a good alternative to the WhatsApp messenger. The messenger can send messages, videos, and photos and give users a sense of security, unlike WhatsApp. Is Threema more secure than WhatsApp? However, no one will give a 100% guarantee, although the messaging process is encrypted, and operators promise that phone numbers, email addresses, and hashes are stored on the service’s servers only for a short time.

Signal sometimes loses in some parameters to other messengers. The interface is not well thought out in some aspects, and there are not many options for settings. But it doesn’t have to be attractive — it’s a messenger, first and foremost, for secure communication. And it copes with this task perfectly.

Utopia is a great solution for those who don’t like to switch between multiple services but prefer to use everything in one place. The registration is anonymous: the ecosystem doesn’t ask you to enter your personal data. In addition, the ecosystem is encrypted and secure. A mobile version will be released soon, which will simplify the use of the ecosystem.

The choice is yours!Previously, we’ve considered the battle of Telegram vs. WhatsApp vs. Utopia. Read the article Clash of the Titans and choose the best one.

3 years ago

It turns out that even a secure messenger Signal is not so secure? Although Snowden spoke quite differently. Maybe the whole story with him is just a PR of this messenger? Where can I find a safe place to chat with my friends?

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Samuel! You may be partly right. The whole Snowden story is a well-planned PR company of the messenger. Our article Threema vs Signal vs Utopia was rather comparative. We’ve tried to compare popular messengers and found the most secure for daily communication. Our choice is Utopia.

3 years ago

Thanks for the article Threema vs Signal vs Utopia! I think that few similar articles on the internet would compare popular messengers. Although, how can you choose without comparing different options to use. As for me, I wouldn’t like to download each one and test it. The best option is to read the comparison and make a choice.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Zoe! Thank you for your feedback and support! We hope that our article will help users make the right choice and choose a safe and multifunctional messenger.

3 years ago

Is Threema more secure than WhatsApp? I’ve used WhatsApp for many years and know that it is a fairly secure messenger. In any case, I have never experienced any sad cases of data leakage, etc.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Hello, Landon! Even though WhatsApp has recently added double encryption and other security features, it largely loses to the messengers that we’ve listed in this article. In our blog, you can find several articles devoted to WhatsApp’s analysis from the point of view of security of use.

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