The Best Anonymous Proxy Sites

Talking about online privacy is like pouring water. After all, everyone already knows that it is possible to track any user data. It’s just that different tools are used for this.

But there are many ways to hide or change this information. One of them is using a proxy server. 

In this article we will tell you what a proxy server is, list the pros and cons, and also give you a list of the best anonymous proxy sites.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy is an intermediate server on the network — it is an intermediary between your computer and the resource to which you are sending the request. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your requests and data leakage to large corporations that then use this information to personalize advertising. Plus, the proxy provides free access to restricted resources.

What are anonymous proxy sites?

The site sees the request not coming from the user’s computer, but from a proxy server — your actual IP address does not reach them. But protection occurs only at a basic level, and complete anonymity is out of the question.

What are the differences between a proxy and a VPN?

The main difference is in the levels of the network model. The proxy works at the application level, but a VPN is more at the network level — it provides a much higher level of security and often encrypts data. The proxy performs a simple replacement of the IP address.

Proxy vs. VPN: What’s the difference? Read more here.


We talked about the main advantages of proxy servers. But still, it is worth highlighting these points to understand exactly why such services are needed at all. Here are some things a proxy server can do for you:

  • hide the user’s actual IP address
  • send anonymous requests
  • change the user’s location
  • filter requests to sites that could damage the company’s network or reduce its performance
  • provide additional protection of the computer from hackers
  • improve network performance and even save traffic

The best anonymous proxy sites

Now let’s talk about the best free proxy servers that can be found on the internet.

Utopia P2P Web Proxy

Utopia P2P Web Proxy is a newly created tool that works in Utopia P2P. Utopia P2P is an anonymous and decentralized ecosystem that ensures users’ privacy and security in the online space. It has several built-in tools for messaging, file sharing, browsing, etc. Registration and use are completely anonymous.

Web Proxy works in connection with the anonymous Idyll Browser and opens after registration in Utopia P2P. This tool can even open websites that are blocked in your country very quickly and privately.

Read more about the Utopia P2P Web Proxy tool here.


Proxysite is considered one of the best. It is quite easy to use — you just select a server in any location you like from the drop-down menu (North America and Europe are available to choose from), enter the URL, and click on “Go.”

The connection is encrypted based on the SSL protocol. The resource promises complete anonymity and security on the network. There is even a special section where you can enter your own settings — change the system you supposedly use and the browser. There is a list of cookies received during a visit to the site, which can be deleted with one simple click. This is a great option even for novice users. But be prepared — at any moment an advertisement may appear on the screen.


KProxy works based on the HTTP protocol. The service can be used both for free and on a paid basis. The only difference is that in the first case, it is impossible to choose a specific location. But there are also advantages — there are no restrictions on the connection speed. At the same time, on KProxy, you can avoid surveillance and blockage of various sites.

The connection is available both through the website and using a special extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Anonymous proxy sites list

HideMyAss (HMA)

This resource is positioned as free with a bunch of relevant restrictions. It cannot be used for streaming video, as well as online banking and gaming. In addition, you can only open one tab.

But for the rest, it works fine — there are no traffic or speed limits set in it, i.e. everything depends on the bandwidth of your network.

Using it is very simple — enter the desired link, specify the location of the server, then immediately connect.

Hide Me

This proxy server is provided by Hide.Me, specializing in VPN services. This company offers its application, as well as extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers. There is a guarantee that the logs and IP addresses of the user will not be saved. Different server zones are available, as well as low response time. Naturally, in the free version, everything is limited, but the effectiveness of this service is not greatly reduced.


With Hidester, everything is as simple as possible. It is free and completely anonymized. To create a new secure connection, you just need to enter the desired URL on their website and go to it with one click on the button. No additional programs will be needed, and you can use this service even on mobile devices. You can connect to servers located in the United States and Europe.


The Anonymouse tool is universal and ensures privacy not only when visiting websites. You can also send private emails or news from it by selecting the appropriate section in the list. In use, everything is as simple as possible — you entered the site and clicked on the button to go. By the way, if you believe the information on the site, this anonymizer has been working since 1997. works a little differently. It is also free, but you need to download a browser extension to work with it. It is available for Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. There is still a catch — with free use, you are provided with a server in the Netherlands, the connection speed of which is 1 Mbit/sec. But with a premium subscription, the user will have access to 17 countries without speed limits.


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