Simple Registration: The Best Fake ID Websites

Sharing your real data when registering on various platforms and social media is becoming less and less secure. Almost anyone today can hack popular sites and find out the necessary data about you.

But what if it is impossible to use the service or platform without registration? You can register using fake documents. Where can you find them? 

In this article, we will tell you about the best fake ID websites.

P.S.: If you don’t like using fake documents, then you can anonymously register in the Utopia P2P ecosystem and use all the usual tools like messenger, email, browser, etc., there.

The best fake ID websites

On the website, you can generate documents from different states and for any tasks. For example, there is a separate goal here: verification of a Facebook account using passports of different countries. Among the countries, there are France, Great Britain, Australia, Russia, Iceland, Norway, and many others. There is also a separate section with documents from the USA and CIS countries.

Best fake ID websites

Among the available options are passports, driver’s licenses, ID cards, social insurance, and military ID. There are even payment accounts for those cases when it is required to confirm solvency. There is a photo generator — a useful tool if you don’t want to “shine” your face. The site is paid, and prices vary depending on the type of document and country.

ID Creator

The service is designed to create ID cards and badges for different positions and titles. To create a card, register and go to the “Badge Maker” section. You can also start creating from the ID Card Templates tab if you want to go to the template of a specific ID, for example, a fireman.

By selecting a specific card, you’ll see both the front and the back sides. Click on the Next button. Then, a photo editor opens, through which you can edit the badge as you like, write any text, numbers, insert photos, etc.

To see what happened on both sides, go to the “Saved Designs” section, select the saved image in the list, and then click “Add (…) Design to Cart.”

You can approve it and order a printout with delivery. If you want, you can just screen it, and then try to print it yourself.

This platform will help if you need to generate a fake credit card. The principle of operation is extremely simple: install a payment system and download the finished picture. The created card will contain all the necessary data — the name and surname of the owner, the validity period of the card, and the security code.

Among the available systems are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Maestro, and China Union Pay. You can start the mass creation of cards, there is a tool for validating fake cards and a service for checking TIN numbers. The use is completely free, registration is not required.


Although the site positions itself as a joke generator, arbitrageurs on the internet claim that the IDs created with its help are suitable for Facebook confirmation. The data can be filled in manually, or completely random characteristics can be created.

You can also configure additional parameters for the document: 

  • the background on which the card lies (confidence in the photo as more real increases); 
  • a personal signature; 
  • the serial number of the document; 
  • the flag of the country; 
  • digital noise, like real scans. 

Mass ID generation is allowed. Users can download the result for free. But to work, authorization via Telegram and a subscription to the site’s channel are required.

Best fake ID website

Cloud Passport

With the help of the website, you can get an image of a passport, an ID card, a fake driver’s license, a scan of a payment receipt or a photo of a credit card. The necessary docks can be generated using an online service or you can buy mock-ups of documents from different countries in the format of an editable PSD.

To use the generator, you will need to register. After that, detailed layout settings will become available: 

  • gender selection (female/male); 
  • country (USA, Canada, Russia are available); 
  • first and last name; 
  • place of residence (can be generated randomly.) 

The price for tariffs starts from $4, packages contain permission to download from 1 to 200 files. For $400, you can buy completely unlimited access.

What will happen if the network understands the fake passport

On the one hand, no one on the internet will be able to condemn a person if he presents himself under an assumed name. Therefore, the presence of a fake in itself does not threaten problems with the law. Even if passport data is used there, the main thing is that they are not real, otherwise you will face administrative or criminal liability for unauthorized data processing. Everything is clear with this.

Another thing is an attempt to deceive the advertising network. For example, in the same FB, if you get caught on a fake. In this case, a complete blocking of the advertising account will come by itself.

The best fake ID website

Advertising networks are well aware that people are trying to circumvent the rules. Therefore, all documents are carefully checked. If at the first stage algorithms are engaged in revision in many cases, then at the slightest doubt the docks are sent for verification, and there is no getting out of it.

What exactly can cause suspicion:

  • expired license, certificate and other docks registration period;
  • data mismatch — serial number with country code;
  • poor scan quality;
  • incorrect background;
  • mismatch of the legal address and the actual account address, and much more.

How to increase the likelihood of approval

Confirming a page with fake data is a risky activity that can lead to the complete deletion of the page. If you decide to provide false information, you need to be prepared for the consequences. To create a realistic fake, some even decide on a deep fake simulation. 

But to successfully pass the test, it is not necessary to perform complex operations. It is enough to follow simple tips: 

  • Use unique personal photos. You should not use photo randomizers built into document generators, as they usually repeat the same faces. There is a high probability that someone has already submitted an ID with the same photo. Free photo banks are also not good.
  • Make sure that the information matches. Randomizers substitute data randomly, as a result of which ridiculous mistakes can happen. Therefore, check such small details as the reality of the streets and whether they exist in the specified city, or the coincidence of the locality and postal code. 
  • Clear metadata. Each image has unique information sewn into it, which may indicate where the file was downloaded. Clear this data through the “Properties” function or special services.

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