Secure and Anonymous P.O. Box: The Most Reliable Options

Today’s email services collect a lot of information about users. We can say that Google, with its Gmail service, was the first to start integrating its services, tying everything to targeted advertising.

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However, in contrast to the email giants on the internet, some anonymous mail services allow you to get rid of spam streams and protect your personal data from being used for other purposes.

Anonymous services with good encryption will help you receive and send anonymous emails. It is worth noting that it makes sense to use such services only in conjunction with TOR, a VPN, or at least a proxy to hide your real IP.

How to improve your online anonymity? We’ve listed the best methods.

We’ve prepared the top anonymous P.O. box services for reliable and daily use.

The best anonymous P.O. box


Utopia anonymous P.O. box

Utopia is an anonymous decentralized ecosystem that doesn’t ask users to enter their name, phone number, or address for registration. The user can add any nickname for registration, and the ecosystem generates a unique private key that will open access to Utopia.

The ecosystem is a free platform without ads, censorship, or surveillance. The developers are anonymous creators who hide their real names to avoid any pressure from state or commercial organizations. 

It has built-in tools for secure and private communication, file sharing, net surfing, online payments, gaming, and more. 

Price: It is a free ecosystem that allows you to receive private crypto coins just by using it. 

You can find more information about the advantages of decentralization in this article.


Mailfence anonymous P.O. box

Mailfence is a confidential email service that provides strong encryption and protection and guarantees safe work with mail. Digital signatures are offered to prevent spoofing of the sender’s address, and OpenPGP keys can also be managed. There are no ads, spam, or trackers in the service. In addition to email, Mailfence also has a calendar, document storage, and contact groups.

The main disadvantages are the small amount of storage in the free version and the lack of a mobile app. However, according to the Mailfence team, they are working on its development.

Price: The free version has 500 MB of mail storage and 500 MB for documents. There are also paid plans with a larger volume and additional features, priced from €2.5 to €25 per month.

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FastMail anonymous P.O. box

Fastmail is a fast and convenient service, without ads, spam and unnecessary applications. Other advantages: privacy, two-factor authentication protection, custom filters. There are mobile apps, a calendar, and the ability to create your own custom domain (in the Standard and Professional plans).

Among the disadvantages of Fastmail is that it is difficult to set up, but everything is thought out and universal.

Price: There is no free version. You can choose a 30-day trial period to start with. Then, you will need to select a specific plan from $3 to $9 per month.

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Tutanota anonymous P.O. box

This project is open source and has a minimalistic and user-friendly interface. Registration in Tutanota is faster than in many other email services and does not require personal data, which already speaks about security and privacy. 

There are no ads in the service, and this is another plus. There is a free encrypted calendar and apps for mobile devices on Android and iOS.

The free version provides only 1GB of memory, and there is no cloud storage.

Price: There is a free version. Also, you can choose a paid subscription that starts from €12 to €48 per month.


Protonmail anonymous P.O. box

ProtonMail is a service with a familiar and clear interface and functions (formatting, moving, viewing emails). It is open source and protected by end-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption. There are mobile apps for Android and iOS.

When registering, it does not require personal information. It is possible to set the retention period for emails, after which they will be deleted from the mailbox automatically.

As for the main minuses, the service has no calendar or cloud storage.

Price: There is a free version with some restrictions for sending messages: no more than 150 emails per day and a mailbox size of 500 MB. Paid rates are from €5 to €30 per month.


Posteo anonymous P.O. box

Posteo is a secure and independent open-source email service that is powered by Greenpeace Energy (an eco-friendly energy co-operative). There is a calendar, address book, and notes. The service uses comprehensive encryption and two-factor authentication. Registration and payment are made anonymously.

Cons: no trial period, no spam folders (spam is either deleted or sent to the Inbox). There is no mobile app. Also, you cannot add your own domain name and .com domain names in the service.

Price: There is only a paid subscription with a monthly payment of €1 per month, in which 2 GB of storage is available. If you want to get some additional space, you can purchase it for €0.10 – €0.25.

Remove the “Save Yourself Email” scam right now to prevent data leakage. anonymous P.O. box is a secure email service with many applications: calendar, cloud storage, address book, file sharing, tasks, web chat, text editor, and presentations. It is protected from spam, viruses, and intermediary attacks. No personal data is required when creating an account.

It is possible to create custom domains. You can send emails in both open and encrypted form to any recipient. In, registration and payment can be made anonymously, and it is also possible to create one-time email addresses.

Price: There is no free version. The available trial period is 30 days. After that, you can enter a subscription to the service. The price ranges from €1 to €25 per month.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail anonymous P.O. box

This service has a responsive, user-friendly interface and many features and add-ons, including a calendar, contact portal, notes, task manager, and built-in chat. Zoho Mail is great for business use. It provides reliable and secure hosting with end-to-end encryption.

Other advantages of Zoho Mail: high performance, two-factor authentication, no ads, the ability to configure your domain name, and mobile applications.

For the minuses, there may be difficulties in the settings, which are a little unusual compared to other services.

Price: There is a free version that provides 5GB of storage. The paid subscription rates range from €0.9 to €3.6 per month. There is a free 15-day trial period.

Kolab Now

Kolab Now anonymous P.O. box

Kolab Now is a fully open-source service with advanced security features and a strict privacy policy. It uses end-to-end encryption. There is a calendar, task manager, data storage, file editor, and notes.

Also among the advantages: secure hosting, no spam and advertising, easy to use, and business-friendly.

However, the service has no built-in ability to encrypt email if you send emails to recipients who are registered on other mail services.

Price: There is a 30-day trial period. The paid subscription rates are from $4.68 to $5.71 per month.

Final word

For users who are concerned about their privacy and the protection of personal data in their mailbox, Gmail is not the most suitable option. For reliable protection, choose from one of the following services:

  • Utopia
  • Mailfence
  • FastMail
  • Tutanota
  • Protonmail
  • Posteo
  • Zoho Mail
  • Kolab Now

Be protected and follow our checklist of necessary security measures on the internet. 


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