Private Instagram Viewer Without Human Verification

Instagram is one of the most widespread social networks these days. Many of us like to observe the lives of other people and be aware of the latest news. Now viewing stories and likes have become almost the determining factors in expressing one’s attitude towards a person.

Sometimes you have to use tricks to hide your interest in a particular person. For this problem, as for any other on the network, there are solutions.

But it is still worth understanding that observation and attempts to look into someone else’s life and reveal information that the user chose to close are different things. Collecting information about another person’s private life is illegal.

How to anonymously view the history and photos on Instagram through free services for phones and PC. Read more about a private Instagram viewer without human verification solutions here.

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A private Instagram viewer without human verification

With the development of the social network itself, the number of services that help bypass its algorithms has also increased. One of the most convenient services at the moment is sites for downloading posts and stories. They will help you quickly see the latest photo or video of the user without logging into your own account.

Instagram viewer without human verification


This is a service known to many Instagram users, designed to download stories and posts.

It is very simple and intuitive to use:

  1. You just need to enter the nickname of the user whose stories and posts you want to see and press “Enter”.
  2. After that, you will see a profile photo, and account information that the author specified in the “About me” section, and also next to the profile photo you will see a figure that will indicate how many stories the user has on the page at the moment.

In order to download any of them, you should click on the icon with the desired history, after which it will open to the full screen. The “Download” button will appear in the upper right corner.

If you need to download a post, then you can switch between the “Stories” and “Publications” tabs and select the material you are interested in. Then proceed by analogy with the stories.


This service is designed to download not only stories from the last 24 hours but also much more. To use it, as in the case of InstaStories, you need to enter a nickname, but the interface of Instasaved is still different: above the input window, there are buttons to select the place from where you need to download the media file.

The anonymous user is given the opportunity to choose whether the usual self-deleting stories will be downloaded or fixed (Highlights). You can also upload posts, photos, videos, IGTV videos here. Downloading a profile photo is offered separately.


This portal is narrowly focused: it is sharpened specifically for downloading only stories. Here you can also choose to unload ordinary stories or fixed ones.

When you log in to StoriesIG, you will see an input field where you can enter the nickname of the person you are interested in. After pressing Enter, the service will first give you the latest stories, but right under the field where you entered the nickname, you can switch to the Highlights tab, where you will find a catalog of collections with saved user stories.

After clicking on one of them, the site will give you all the stories from this collection.

Read more about Instagram censorship here.

How to view Instagram via Telegram

The previous ways of viewing profiles are more convenient when using a PC. If you use your phone more often, then one of the easiest ways to “peek” will be to use a Telegram bot.

For such purposes, there is the most reliable bot at the moment, Anonymous Save Bot. Just enter its name in the search engine, and it will be at the very top of the search.

For free use, you will have access to 3 profile views or stories.

To launch, select “Get stories”, after which the bot will ask you to enter a nickname or a link to the account you are interested in, and in addition will remind you how many free views you have left.

After entering, the bot will tell you how many stories the user has in the last day and when the last one was filled in. To download the story, it will offer you to connect to “Premium”, which should be done if you want to get the cherished materials. 

Private Instagram viewer without verification

In addition to the ability to watch and download other people’s stories anonymously, you will also get the opportunity to anonymously subscribe to the user and receive notifications when new stories are published.

Viewing Instagram accounts through apps and extensions

If one-time use of services is not your option, and you want to use anonymity regularly, then your solution is to install applications and extensions for browsers and smartphones. This will greatly simplify the process of viewing stories and may become your usual way of visiting the social network.

Stories for Instagram for Google Chrome

This extension works for browsers and is convenient to use on a PC. You can easily download it on the Google Chrome website.

The extension is free. All you have to do is install it and read the instructions for use, which are located on the same website page where the extension itself is located.

With the Stories App for Instagram, you can not only anonymously watch stories. You will also have the opportunity to view, download and even record live broadcasts that are taking place at the current moment. All possible media materials on Instagram will also be available for download.

Story Saver for Android

Story Saver is the right option for Android users. Many of the features available on the PC are also built into the app:

Among the already standard “downloading and viewing stories” there is also a function for saving materials from posts, IGTV and other things.

Story Reposter for iPhones

Story Reposter is an equally worthy analogy of an application for viewing other people’s accounts for iPhone users. Initially, the application was created for the reposting of Stories to which you were not marked, and those to which the official Instagram application does not provide you with access. However, users have found another use for it, namely, anonymous browsing of stories.

Later, the developers added several more functions, and now this application has become one of the most convenient for the anonymous viewing of accounts for iOS.

Thanks to this application, you can easily download the material you are interested into your phone, whether it’s a story or photos and videos from your profile.


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