Most Trusted Cloud Mining Sites

If you don’t want to invest a lot of money and spend a lot of time organizing your own farm for cryptocurrency mining, you can easily choose cloud mining and start earning right now.

The most eco-friendly and fast mining is CRP mining. You can read more about it here.

And this list of top trusted cloud mining sites, compiled taking into account the feedback of the miners themselves, will help you not to get lost in the wide variety of similar platforms, including not getting hooked by hype offers. 

We have collected trusted cloud mining sites that offer bonuses and indefinite contracts.

What is cloud mining?

Cloud mining involves the use (rental) of other people’s capacities for the extraction of various cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and other altcoins.

Cloud mining sites

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The principle of operation of cloud mining platforms is that companies with sufficient resources to create large mining centers allow users to rent mining facilities, as well as the necessary equipment or software for a certain period. Such companies earn money by charging a commission from users for providing their own resources and equipment rental fees.

For users, it is more profitable to pay a certain percentage of their income than to complete a server room at home and suffer from the constant hum of fans, as well as other inconveniences.

The countries with no tax for mining are here.

Trusted cloud mining sites


Let’s start the review with this top cloud mining site because of its favorable conditions and great opportunities for miners. You can start mining cryptocurrencies here immediately after paying for computer power, which by the way, leaves many sites far behind. The resource attracts users with a wide choice of crypts — bitcoin, litecoin, ZCASH, DASH, etc., and the price depends on the popularity and complexity of coin issuance. 

Hashflare online cryptocurrency mining service impresses with a simple interface, a clear personal account, instant withdrawal of funds and, most importantly, the small amount of the minimum withdrawal. There are no hidden commissions here; the company has taken the direction of an honest and transparent pricing policy. Therefore, everyone can choose a suitable tariff for themselves. However, they are not always available — you need to check the website. The reviews say that the approach to the analysis of work is well thought out here, for which there are detailed statistics. 

Hashflare has taken care of the security of processing and storing assets by introducing two-factor authentication. Automated purchase of hash rate for the balance of funds on the account — which allows you to increase profits with minimal participation — makes the site even more convenient. But there is one catch here: coins are distributed among users taking into account their capacities.


  • Ability to test the minimum power
  • A good implementation of the selection and distribution of pools
  • A fixed commission for the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies
  • Instant connection
  • Modern equipment 


  • The standard term of the contract is one year. 

In most cases, after testing Hashflare, users still have positive feelings. As the reviews show, the quality of online digital coin issuance in this service is only growing.

Genesis Mining

The inclusion of this service in our top cloud mining sites is due to its uniqueness. It is constantly working on hashing algorithms and provides the problem-free mining of numerous cryptocurrencies — Zcash, Dash, Monero. Only a few can afford such a variety, however, as well as the absence of downtime or long waits for transactions.

Trusted cloud mining

The company’s farms located in Iceland are constantly being upgraded, which increases the speed, efficiency, and safety of renting capacity. The equipment works stably due to the efficient cooling, and its consumption of cheap electricity allows reducing the rental cost. Genesis Mining is easy to understand by both professionals and beginners because its user interface is so simple and clear. 

This is one of the few services that accept Visa/Mastercard for payment. People are lined up for it, so quite often there are no contracts available, and they have to be pre-ordered. This, in particular, is facilitated by the acceptance of discount coupons, which allows you to save a little at the start.


  • Flexibility in the distribution of hash power between types of coins
  • Regular expansion of the list of cryptocurrencies available for mining
  • Simultaneous issuance of various digital coins
  • Professional customer service center
  • Detailed recommendations for working with the site
  • Availability of an affiliate program 


  • Not the biggest discount on the affiliate program 

Genesis Mining quite often appears in lists of the best cloud mining sites and is recognized as the most reliable, proven, and profitable company for providing such services. But here you need to remember that more than half of the company’s capacity is located in China, where the authorities periodically clash with the crypto market.


This cloud mining has a low price and provides capacity on a farm with equipment from the leading manufacturer Bitmain. The secret of its appealing cost is the absence of intermediaries. It is advantageous for both experienced miners and beginners to mine cryptocurrency here, since you can always leave the market without losses, for example by selling your capacities right there. Payments are made frequently and without complaints. 

Alas, Minergate offers contracts only for a small amount of equipment designed for mining cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and litecoin. To calculate the required amount of capacity, as with competitors, there is a calculator here. After payment, the equipment is prepared for an average of up to 72 hours — not the fastest result, but there are rarely any problems with it.

Among the advantages of Minergate, we should also note the size of the minimum withdrawal of 0.004 BTC and the small commission of 0.002 BTC although, of course, with such figures the difference seems significant. Miners note high profitability and fast return on investment. The reviews are mostly good. 


  • Hash rate price set in the market by the users themselves
  • Instant withdrawal of funds
  • The possibility of investing money for the future
  • Automatic choice of cryptocurrency
  • Mining through the browser
  • Possibility of mining several currencies
  • Competent distribution of capacities
  • Large reward for the referral program 


  • Not the most detailed and recent statistics


In the ranking of the best cloud mining sites, this one can safely be given one of the first places. It belongs to a Chinese company that is actively entering the European market. Therefore, miners with knowledge of English should have no problems here. It is chosen by those who want to mine litecoin, Ethereum, and bitcoin on the corresponding algorithms — SHA-256, Scrypt, and Ethash, but the best in terms of profitability at the time of rating is Ethereum. 

Developers are constantly improving their tools and algorithms, upgrading their products. Data centers are located in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company is interesting because of the uninterrupted operation of servers 24/7, daily payment of remuneration to a personal account, low cost of contracts, and inexpensive electricity. The terms of cooperation here are quite transparent.

Trusted cloud mining websites


  • Mining of several types of cryptocurrencies
  • Discount on contracts for promo codes
  • High level of trust among miners
  • Profitable referral program
  • A small minimum amount of cryptocurrency for withdrawal 


  • Power for Ethereum can be bought only for a year. Contracts can be purchased forever only for the extraction of bitcoin and litecoin. 

As with many other services from our rating, Oxbtc provides the opportunity to sell its capacities if necessary.


According to reviews, this is a fairly popular platform for cloud mining of cryptocurrencies with good profitability. Despite its youth, it has already established itself as a reliable startup. As experience has shown, it tends to “recapture” the invested funds after 8-9 months, after which miners receive a net profit from contracts. Here you can mine both Ethereum and Bitcoin cryptocurrencies. 

BitMiner cloud service rents out power for SHA-256 mining. For the first time, you can sign a test contract to test the site. But here you need to remember that you can buy no more than 999 units for a maximum of one operation. Registration on the site is simple and takes about 30 seconds. The balance is replenished every day. It takes several minutes to withdraw funds, but of course you will have to pay a commission for this, even if not the largest. 

BitMiner started working in November 2015 and has been regularly paying miners for almost three years. Users note the German quality of service, and the interface was successfully updated in 2016. The project is very loyal, does not require a lot of start-up capital, and you can always buy capacity with the money you earn.


  • Convenient personal account
  • Test period
  • Daily accrual of coins
  • The ability to place funds on deposit
  • Gives a large partner bonus 


  • There is quite a considerable gap between the profitability on different contracts.
  • There are difficulties with the captcha. 

Miners like the lack of commission from BitMiner, stable hash rate, and support for new coins (Pascal Coin), which can generally be mined for free.


Despite the inclusion of these best cloud mining sites in this rating, it is recommended that you not invest more in the production of “crypts” than you are willing and able to potentially lose. Ideally, it is worth distributing your budget between several platforms. 

Have a good mining experience!


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