How to Send Money Anonymously: Several Trusted Ways

Anonymous wallets without verification are the most relevant option for storing cryptocurrencies, starting from the moment of its appearance. Such wallets belong to decentralized or noncustodial ones. Decentralization is a key principle of cryptocurrencies.

All blockchain networks are ideally peer-to-peer systems where users work directly with each other without any intermediaries and regardless of third-party censorship.

In the article, we will tell you how to send money anonymously using such wallets.

Why is it difficult to achieve anonymity?

Anonymity means that the wallet cannot be associated with a certain person in any way. That is, judging by the transactions (input and output), it is impossible to say which real person sent and received them.

How to send and receive money anonymously

In modern exchanges or online wallets, you register a personal account with access to “clean” wallets. Reputable exchanges and wallet services always ask you to specify and confirm your email and phone number so that the user can restore the login data to the personal account. For the convenience of the user, the transaction history can also be restored in the personal account.

The servers of exchanges and wallets are centralized and susceptible to hacking — such facts are often talked about in the news.

You can provide good anonymity on your own if you use “classics” like Bitcoin Core or Armory. The problem is that these wallets need a full blockchain weighing 150 GB to perform any operations. BTC on the account should also be anonymous — bought on the exchange without proof-of-identity for money that cannot be associated with a specific person.

An anonymous wallet or exchange will solve these problems by providing the opportunity to buy, accept and send cryptocurrency, identifying the user only by login and password.

To use the exchange, you can register a clean email and a clean account in any electronic payment system. Then you just need to top up your account on the stock exchange, buy a crypt and wait for the moment when it will be profitable to sell it.

Wallet selection criteria

Ho to receive money anonymously? There are several anonymous wallets, so you will have to choose. There are several points that you should definitely pay attention to.

  • User anonymity

Anonymity is the main topic of the article. It can be measured by the amount of information that is needed to register and use the services of the exchange. Ideally, to work on the exchange, you will only need an email and a made-up password.

  • Anonymous payments

If you can track transactions, then you can find out to whom and for what they went, and then find the owner of the wallet. Therefore, many exchanges confuse transactions by mixing coins, changing the priority of transactions, splitting large transfers into dozens of small ones and conducting them through different channels.

  • Commissions

You have to pay for these services — anonymous exchanges can charge a commission for depositing and withdrawing money.

  • Additional features

Some exchanges offer to issue a bank card that can be used to pay at any terminals, an electronic card for online payments, and earn money from an affiliate program.

How to send money anonymously: the best wallets

Crypton Exchange (

Crypton Exchange offers anonymous registration through Utopia P2P. Users do not need to enter their real name, email address, or phone number. Everything is anonymous and nobody can see the real data of the person.

Learn more about Utopia P2P features here.

Crypton Exchange offers anonymous registration through Utopia P2P. Users do not need to enter real name, email address, or phone number. Everything is anonymous and nobody can see the real data of person. the first cryptocurrency exchange in history that offers its users the advantages of a digital offshore. That is, it is possible to transfer and store digital funds safely and without a trace on the user’s account. At the same time, no one will know the real data of the owner.

One of the advantages of the exchange is the lowest fees when conducting financial transactions: exchange, transfer, withdrawal of funds from their cryptocurrency account.

Crypton Exchange is an exchange independent of financial support or influence, which does not cooperate with commercial organizations or government agencies. It works all over the world without restrictions or limits on transactions.

Crypton Exchange has the following coins in the database of available cryptocurrencies: Crypton (CSP), Utopia USD Stablecoin (USD), Bitcoin, Monero, DAI, USDT. The main advantage of buying, exchanging, selling or withdrawing funds is the lowest commissions. Therefore, many users prefer as the main exchange when working with these cryptocurrencies.

You can read more about Crypton Exchange here.


One of the newest and most progressive anonymous Bitcoin wallets aimed at privacy. It includes all modern developments and anonymity technologies, but unfortunately it is still in the Alpha stage and there is a version only for Android.

How to receive money anonymously

Samourai is one of the few applications that have a serious backend (software part) and an excellent, up-to-date design. Usually, nerds who write cool code don’t understand anything about design and don’t pay enough attention to UI. It’s not like that here. So, what can a Samurai wallet do:

  • Samourai creates a new address every time you accept a transaction, so the ability to track the movement of funds is significantly reduced. If one address is used repeatedly, the wallet will notify you about it.
  • Samurai supports working via Tor and VPN.

Learn more about Tor security here.

  • Outgoing transactions pass through a mixer that functions through a network of masternodes.
  • You have the private keys, the application is fully encrypted.
  • The Samourai app has Stealth mode (invisible mode), on which it is impossible to see it in the phone. In this case, the application itself is called by a PIN code.
  • If the phone was lost or stolen, you can transfer the wallet data to another device via SMS, and completely delete the wallet on the stolen phone. Even if the attacker managed to change the SIM card, the Samurai will send you his new number, and you will be able to control the program.


The conclusion can be made that Crypton Exchange and Samurai are the best anonymous crypto wallets with a lot of cool useful features. The products are new, but it is already clear that the development teams are sawing serious tools. They have a clear understanding of the principles of anonymity and the needs of users.


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