How to Make an Anonymous Phone Call

Have you been looking for sites that could help you make phone calls without leaking information about your identity? Do you want to make anonymous calls from your computer or laptop to different countries? And all this without payment? If yes, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! 

In this article, we will talk about several working methods to make an anonymous phone call or calls.

Note: Please, remember that you should not harm anyone, because cybercrime can always be tracked!

Previously, we’ve considered the best anonymous apps to make a secure phone call. You can find the list here.

Why hide your phone number?

For some reason, many people think that only scammers or pranksters hide their numbers when making calls. But this is not always the case. There are some objective reasons why a person may be interested in hiding a number without intending anything bad. The situations may be as follows:

Anonymous phone calls
  • You use a work phone and do not want to conduct private conversations through it. In this case, you can make anonymous calls so that the subscriber does not have your number saved, and he could not call back.
  • Your phone can only make outgoing calls. Yes, it is unlikely that many people use gadgets with such a limitation of functionality, but circumstances can prohibit incoming calls.
  • Sometimes a person is motivated to such decisions by the specifics of his professional activity. Of course, these are rare cases, but a private detective can be cited as an example.
  • The most common reason is personal circumstances, from which there is no other way out, so you have to go to tricks.
  • Well, or maybe you just want to prank your friends.

All these are life situations and an anonymous call can help a person who had to face this.

How to hide a phone number?

In fact, there are many ways to make an anonymous call:

  • You can use the settings of your mobile phone. The problem here is that not all phones allow you to use this function. But there is also an undoubted plus — this method is completely free.
  • Some mobile operators offer their subscribers to connect such a service as an anti-caller ID. Of course, not all operators can provide such an opportunity. In addition, it is almost always paid.
  • There are also special applications that allow you to hide your number. Most of them are paid, but they exist for both the Android and iOS operating systems and are supported by the most popular mobile phones.
  • Another way is IP telephony. It involves using the Internet for calls, and any special knowledge and skills will not be required.

So it’s really possible to make a completely anonymous call. This will require some effort, and perhaps even money, but there is nothing unrealistic. If you really need this function, you can use one of the methods listed above.

How to make an anonymous call?

For many people, the situation is familiar when it is necessary to make a call so that the phone number of the interlocutor is not determined. There are several ways to do this.

  • Setting up Android

To set up the phone on the Android operating system, after connecting the service, go to settings, there select “Call Setup,” then “Advanced Settings.” The “Hide number” option is selected here.

  • Setting up an iPhone

Setting up an “Apple” smartphone is in many ways similar to the previous version. Here you also need to go to settings. Next, go to the “Phone” item, then “Show number.” Then, you need to put the toggle switch in the off position. After that, anonymous calls are made without difficulty.

Anonymous phone calling

Other ways to make anonymous calls

There are many other ways to call without revealing your phone, consider the most popular of them.

  • IP telephony

On the internet, you can find many IP telephony services that provide the opportunity to make an anonymous call to any phone. This service is provided on a paid basis. However, some services provide the opportunity to call any number for free, but with time restrictions. Additionally, you will need to install the software.

There is also the possibility of number substitution at your discretion, but the cost of this is very high.

  • Smartphone app

Many IP telephony services gradually began to develop applications for phones. The principle of their operation is no different from computer programs. However, problems on the part of the mobile operator are not excluded here, which sometimes does not allow installing such applications on the phone, much less using them.

Apps to an anonymous phone call


One of the best free call sites on the internet is Poptox. This is a completely web-based application. Poptox works well, although not all countries are supported. For countries that it does not support, usually refers to spytox. This Poptox allows you to make free VoIP calls.


Spytox supports almost all countries, and their service is becoming increasingly popular as other services in this sector link to them for countries where they are not authorized. As a result, the future of the site seems promising. They offer free VoIP calls, SMS, email, and address search by name. Spytox offers three free minutes and three free calls every day.


Globefone offers many services related to free VoIP calls. The best part is that all services work in your browser without the need to install any plugins or extensions. To make a call, just go to the website and click on Freecall, then permit to make a call. And that’s it!


Call2Friends, which offers paid tariff plans, as well as a time-limited opportunity for free calls, is an internet telephony service provider. Call2Friends has a very simple design; all you have to do is click on the “Free Call” button, and you’re done. To make a call over the Internet, no additional plugins or downloads are required.

Provides free calls to various countries with extremely low rates. You can use their website to make calls to both desktop and mobile devices. On their website you can get low rates and at the same time maximum efficiency. offers both free and premium services, and now you can try a free service to make free calls. To use, you must first purchase credits and then log in using your username and password. After that, you will be able to make calls anonymously and without any fee for a limited number of calls.


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