How I became disappointed in WhatsApp and liked Utopia so much

Hi guys! My name is Adam. I’m a new blogger and a fighter for freedom of speech and action. Until recently, I was an ordinary observer, like a so-called “internet white knight.” However, now I’m an active participant in various actions and protests.

Today, I’d like to show you by my example why it is essential to store personal data and correspondence in a protected and safe place. And also how the police both succeeded and failed to hack my correspondence.

Recently, I participated in one of the protests against this power-hungry government. You know, I was detained for the first time in my life. 

The police tried to accuse me of organizing protests, which I did not do because I was an ordinary participant and an honest citizen of my country. After the arrest, my phone was seized, but at least I’d managed to delete all my WhatsApp correspondence. (As it turned out later, I rejoiced early.)

Then police searched my house and seized the hard disk of my PC on which Utopia P2P messenger was installed.

As I suspected, the police were able to recover all the deleted information from WhatsApp – but not from Utopia. 

After a while, I was called by the police and asked to provide access my Utopia account. Can you imagine that? They couldn’t even open Utopia P2P. Thank you, God! I was lucky that all my main correspondence was not in WhatsApp but in Utopia messenger.

By the way, when the cops read my correspondence with friends in WhatsApp, they laughed and made fun of our conversations sooooo much:)

The police let me go home with my PC, with its undefeated Utopia installed. Of course, the first thing I did was delete WhatsApp, whose developers just leaked my data.

So, guys, if you don’t want your correspondence to be hacked according to the dictates of government agencies, then use only reliable and proven services. For myself, I chose Utopia P2P because this is a whole safe online world without censorship and surveillance.

By the way, now Utopia is everything for me on the internet. It is my main tool for my internet experience. There are many other cool features for messaging and data transmission, providing anonymous and secure payments, creating anonymous web pages, blogs, interest channels, etc.

WhatsApp and Utopia
2 years ago

On the whole, it’s nice to see that Utopia is really impossible to hack if you won’t provide your password. Good for you that you wasn’t forced to do that as in some countries police will do everything in order to get the needed information. The only thing I lack is the mobile version of Utopia messenger as it will be more convenient to use it. But other functions are great in desktop. What concerns the WhatsApp, I always knew it will share all the data with 3rd parties. Great to have a proof that I’ve chosen really secured and anonymous application!

Abraham Lee
2 years ago

My friend took part in the beta test of this application … After a while, I also drew attention to this. For a user who knows at least a little about the principle of the indexed part of the Internet, it is not a secret that any data can be accessed even after it has been deleted. However, using the Darkweb is also unsafe due to the abundance of malicious content and malware. Utopia is a great option, guaranteeing absolute data security and anonymity. In addition, this application has already earned its credibility among advanced users.

2 years ago

I doubted whether to create my own channel inside the Utopia and now it seems that I’ll stay safe with that. As I was exactly looking for a place where I will remain anonymous and could speak freely. The political situation is unstable in many countries now. So your case proved that the devs’ words about their total privacy are true, but not just words. And concerning the messenger, I use more popular one as I want to have it on my phone, but I had a thought that no matter which level of privacy do they promise, it’s not like that. Waiting fo the mobile version.

2 years ago

I use Utopia for about a year already and I couldn’t force my friends to install it as a messenger as they didn’t believe it’s safe as it’s not very popular yet. I’ve already send a link to this article to them, I hope that now they’ll believe in its security. I’m happy that the story ended well for you! I also like the channels inside the ecosystem as people can discuss everything there without any fear. No one will guess the concrete user if he won’t tell who is he and where is he from. I hope even more features will be added as such kind of alt-tech platforms are a must nowadays, when people started to care about their security. Nice to have such places for communication. I will continue using it and will advice it to others.

2 years ago

Well, I used Utopia for my personal correspondence. All the information connected to my personal life is sent via inner email service. It’s convenient as I’m sure that no one could access it. Moreover, I mine Crypton as it’s done automatically while the app is run on my PC. I was positively surprised when it started to gain in its value. On the whole, all the functions of the service are really good as I can do everything in one place. I wish it improvement only and it will be interesting to see the mobile application as it would be more convenient to use the messenger.

2 years ago

Yo! I have always said that WhatsApp is a voluntary transfer of your personal data to the authorities. I am glad that there are more people in the world who understand this. By the way, how do you feel about cryptocurrency? What do you think about the internal Сrypton coin? The developers also released a stablecoin and I am delighted with the level of reliability of payment transactions.

2 years ago

To be honest, at first I was dubious about this project. I didn’t understand how you can entrust your data to a closed source application? However, I have been actively using this ecosystem for almost two years. I can estimate the level of development of this application. I can create websites that cannot be banned or attacked. And I can also not worry about the freedom of my speech.

2 years ago

The biggest advantage of Utopia p2p is the ability to communicate safely. There are many ways within the ecosystem: private messages, communication in thematic chats, internal e-mail, as well as forums. The police will not be able to access my account, since all data is stored on my PC, and the login information is known only to me. IMHO, there is no app that can offer something like this.

2 years ago

Oh, and I found out about this application thanks to the release of their cryptocurrency. I must say that first of all, I am impressed with the rapid growth of Сrypton in recent years. I also like that mining is absolutely environmentally friendly and has a low level of energy consumption. Yes, in the near future it will not reach the level of Bitcoin, but I look forward to the long term.

2 years ago

I’m happy that everything ended well for you! By the way, do you also use the inner crypto launched by Utopia? I used the software for mining mostly and sometimes I read some channels. But now I will know that messenger can be also used, especially for some correspondence that I don’t want to share with anyone. It’s a good add-on to green mining of the coin that grows really fast these days.

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