Google Lens Alternative List

Google is constantly introducing and releasing some kind of free services. Sometimes they disappear as quickly as they appear, but most often they turn out to be really useful. One of these services is Google Lens.

In its history, it has managed to go from a presentation to half a billion downloads. Along the way, it was an exclusive feature, a service within a service, and a separate application.

However, many users are dissatisfied with this application and are in search of a decent alternative.

In this article, we will talk about the most popular Google Lens alternative tools.

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What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is one of the many free, useful tools provided by Google.

What is Google Lens

The Google Lens service allows the recognition of an image using a smartphone camera. Initially, this possibility was demonstrated at the Google I/O 2017 Conference. In the fall of the same year, the tool was integrated into Google Assistant on Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones.

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A few months later, Google Lens became part of Google Photos. Thus, it went beyond the company’s branded devices and was able to be installed on any Android smartphones.

Google Lens is a great way to do a lot with your phone’s camera, for example, reverse image search, QR code scanning, and location detection. However, several other Android apps can help you perform the same tasks.

While some applications focus on only one option (for example, reverse image search), other alternatives offer much more.

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Google Lens alternative list

#1 PictPicks

Google Lens alternative #1

Using this app, you can find images similar to the ones you upload or search for. On the main screen of the app, you have access to the search bar for a quick search. It also has a filter function that allows you to narrow down image search results or block explicit content.

PictPicks also has a Picture Search feature. This allows you to start searching by taking a picture with your phone’s camera or selecting an image from the gallery.

The search results are also mostly images. However, the search results page allows you to visit image sources, share them, and save and use images in other applications.

In addition, it provides use of the application in incognito mode without logging activity. This is a great way to enable private mode in apps if you want to remain unnoticed.

Although the app shows ads all the time, it doesn’t stop you from doing what you’re doing.

#2 CamFind

Google Lens alternative #2

CamFind offers several features that will make your search a little more fun and productive.

First, you can easily start searching by selecting a photo from your Files or taking a picture with your camera. You can switch between normal search and private search by simply swiping your finger across the camera screen to switch between modes.

What’s even more interesting, the app has a QR code scanning feature that you can disable if you don’t need it. When turned on, the application automatically detects QR codes and reports them as a URL. You can visit the URL in the app or copy it. Similarly, you can enable barcode detection if you want.

There are many features, most of which you can access only by creating an account (which is optional.) The app works as a social platform for images only. You can improve your search by viewing images that other people are looking for, which they have made public, as well as posting images to search on your CamFind profile. In addition, you can subscribe to other users and recruit your own subscribers.

In addition, the application’s research page displays a feed that matches your interests. The application allows you to bookmark your favorite images for search, save them offline, and set visual reminders.

There is also a customizable Text Reading feature. Although you can’t choose the type of voice, you can adjust the reading speed. Finally, the Buy-Like feature makes it easy to start shopping and easily find products online.

#3 PictureThis

Google Lens alternative #3

This is for pictures lovers, but the technology is similar to other applications. If you have a garden or only a few potted plants, PictureThis may come in handy.

With it, you can identify plants by quickly photographing them with your camera or selecting plant images from your gallery. It has a quick guide on how to take photos that meet the requirements. And the images you have made are automatically saved to the My Collection page of the application.

You can not only identify the flora, but also manage your plants when they are sick by diagnosing with their photos. In addition, if you enable location detection, it will be easier for you to find plants nearby. The plants you have identified are attached to your location so that other users can also see them.

The app also has a gamified user reward process. You can get free plant identification benefits (so-called free identifiers) in the Feel Lucky section of the app.

Moreover, if you subscribe to the premium version, you will get access to several additional tools in the app. In addition, the app has relevant content on how to grow and cultivate plants. You may find it a great resource for planting tips or just when looking for a good read.

If you are interested in gardening or something similar, pay attention to other great apps for Android and iOS for plant identification.

#4 Search by Image

Google Lens alternative #4

The search results interface of this app makes it a great place to start searching for a product or similar. With image search, you have several options on how to start your image search. You can start by selecting a photo from your gallery, taking an instant photo, or posting a photo from another app (like WhatsApp.)

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There is also an image editing tool that may be useful to you. In addition to this, in the settings you can choose where to view the search results: using the browser in the app or your phone’s browser. You can also set your preferred search engine.

If desired, you can get search results from multiple search engines using the Multi-search feature. However, when this feature is enabled, you can only view the results in the app.

This application has three levels of explicit content filtering, and the highest level is set by default. However, it does not have a quick word search function.

#5 Reverse Image Search

Google Lens alternative #5

The last but not least, Reverse Image Search is another option you can try if you want to get more information about the image or want to check the source of photos, WhatsApp images, Instagram photos, screenshots, and memes. Like almost every other app on this list, this one also uses Google’s image search features, so you have access to all the familiar features, including SafeSearch.

Unlike some apps on this list, this particular app comes with a camera interface that allows you to click an image before downloading it, making the process smoother and more intuitive. You can also share images or search results on social networks, via messaging apps, or via Bluetooth. Overall, it’s a pretty good app that delivers what it promises, and it’s worth a try if you’re looking for an alternative to Google Lens on your Android smartphone.


The Google Lens application has reached its greatest popularity in the home market — the USA. Many shops, the entertainment industry, and just the performance of everyday tasks are built around it. But in other countries, use cases are gradually increasing as well.

Similar technologies have begun to be used more and more in other applications, but this should not make Google Lens less popular. Moreover, many of these applications were originally built based on this particular service — it is simply integrated into them as a search function.

Therefore, it is up to you whether you prefer to use the original Google Lens application or any other alternative to it.

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