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Do you agree that today, privacy on the internet is a problem for almost all internet users? We are monitored by everyone, from Internet service providers to government agencies. This is possible thanks to certain technologies and programs which, once downloaded and installed, trap the user. Many users do not even think about a malicious program threat or worm on their computer.

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In addition, if you use a torrent to download various files, then be sure that your actions are being monitored. After all, torrenting is not quite a legal action. Most people can avoid these dangers by applying a few basic precautions.

Is it safe to use a torrent site? We’ve tried to analyze one of the most famous sites and can tell you our thoughts. 

To protect all internet users from this kind of surveillance, a special program was developed – PeerBlock.

There is only one problem with PeerBlock in the modern world: it is no longer updated. Is there a reliable PeerBlock alternative to ensure security and anonymity on the internet? Let’s try to find some trusted options.

What does PeerBlock do?

PeerBlock is a useful open source utility that will provide an additional layer of protection for sensitive information stored on a PC’s hard drive. According to the principle of operation, PeerBlock resembles traditional antivirus solutions. In the process, the program checks against public lists of IP addresses and tries to identify remote computers with a bad reputation. Such computers will be denied access to the client system as part of a P2P session. 

What is PeerBlock?

Of course, the proposed approach does not guarantee absolute protection, but it significantly reduces the likelihood of secret data leakage. The user can optionally activate and deactivate the protection of PeerBlock, as well as using their own lists of unreliable addresses.

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This program uses IP address filters, blocking the addresses of computers that are “highlighted” in blacklists. PeerBlock can automatically update such lists; however, you can also import them or create them yourself. In the PeerBlock settings tab, you can set up color labels for blocked and allowed connections, specify the size and storage time of the log file, and manage notifications about network events. The program supports autorun, can work in hidden mode, and is able to collapse into the system tray (using the special icon, you can quickly enable and disable PeerBlock, as well as temporarily allow or prohibit the use of the HTTP protocol).

PeerBlock was developed back in 2009. However, since 2014, the program has not been updated. Therefore, at the moment, this useful tool practically does not function in any way.

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PeerBlock alternative sites

Here, we’ve prepared a list of available alternatives to PeerBlock. You can choose one program like PeerBlock or try each variant and then decide which to use on a daily basis.  


NordVPN PeerBlock alternative

NordVPN is one of the most useful and affordable VPNs. It is multi-functional service with function of anonymous browsing. Using it, you can download any files from torrent sites without leaving information about yourself.

In addition, the functionality of NordVPN is much broader than in the PeerBlock version of 2014. For instance, you can use killswitch, dual VPN, higher speed, encryption, and other features.

The bonus feature of this option is the function of blocking any IP address. Moreover, the feature can be used for any internet site.

The most important thing is that using NordVPN, your virtual location can change by 180 degrees. Therefore, no one will ever know where you are at the moment and what sites you are viewing.

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PureVPN PeerBlock alternative

PureVPN is another convenient VPN service that is suitable for all users of the Windows operating system. This tool is designed to download any media content via a torrent client that the user has chosen completely safely and without leaving any traces.

PureVPN does everything possible for efficient protection of your device. It tries to ensure against any malicious and hackers attacks when using the internet. Also, it gives the opportunity of simultaneous usage of multiple users.

If you compare PureVPN with NordVPN, the first one is characterized by cheaper prices for a package of services and a variety of plans.

The whole list of trusted VPNs services is waiting for you here.


PeerGuardian PeerBlock alternative

PeerGuardian is the big brother of PeerBlock, which does not have any restrictions on its work. It can ban any IP addresses that block used peers. The created list of blocked IPs can contain up to 1,000 IP addresses. Therefore, this system works without braking and problems.

In addition, there is a separate custom block sheet, to which each person can add any IP addresses.

The program interface is also similar to the PeerBlock interface. Therefore, there are practically no difficulties with its use.


Simplewall PeerBlock alternative

This is a decent service and suitable alternative. The principle of its operation is the same as that of Windows Defender: it provides a secure Windows filtering platform that track online activity. This procedure is necessary to ensure your protection from malware and hacker attacks.

The program has a user-friendly interface and will not cause difficulties for users when working with firewall. For instance, you may create a custom lock list to this software. Be sure that it will be helpful if you want to add some IP addresses to blacklist.

BeeThink IP Blocker

BeeThink IP Blocker PeerBlock alternative

BeeThink IP Blocker is a simple and affordable tool to block any IP address on the selected device. In addition to extensive IP address blocking, you can put restrictions on it, for example by country.

You may choose variables such as specific protocols to filter network packets, IP address, ports, etc. It can make your device secure and private. Also, it can protect you from various online attacks. Besides, you can create your blacklist and whitelist in the software and add the needed information.


PeerBlock is one of the most convenient and well-known tools for safe internet surfing. Users all over the world noted its convenience and versatility.

Unfortunately, this tool has already lost its edge since 2014. Therefore, many people stopped using torrents and other sites to download files.

However, in 2021, there are many decent alternatives to PeerBlock that will offer much more functionality and a high degree of data security.


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