Find My Laptop: Trackers to Monitor Devices

Every modern computer contains valuable data. Maybe not industrial secrets, but precious for each of us: memories, photos, videos, documents, and much more. 

In addition, the computer’s memory is filled with personal data, such as bank account data, credit card numbers, or a copy of our address book. 

That’s why a broken or stolen computer is always a problem. On the one hand, you can store all your data and memories in a cloud service such as Google Drive, iCloud, or Dropbox – this allows you to avoid losing important memories and documents.

What’s wrong with Dropbox? Read more here.

On the other hand, especially in case of theft, installing an application that allows you to track the stolen laptop and possibly lock it remotely is recommended.

In this article, we’ll talk about which laptop tracker is best to install.

What should you do if you can’t find your laptop?

The most important rule in any situation is not to panic. Any device, especially one equipped with all kinds of sensors and programs, can be tracked and found. And if your mind is clear and free for reflection, then it will be much easier to do this. 

How to find a laptop

Today, there is a huge selection of special programs to “find my laptop” quickly. 

But before using one of them, we recommend that you take three quick and easy steps to find your device yourself. 

1. Inspect the room/apartment/house. It often happens that the lost object is right under your nose, you just need to take a good look around. If you have looked everywhere thoroughly, then proceed to the next step.

2. Trace your steps to the last place where you realized that you had lost your laptop. You can even go through the route of this day again to remember all its details. If a detailed recollection of the day’s events did not help, then proceed to the next step.

3. Another step is to ask friends and relatives if they have seen the lost item. It can happen that your friends noticed where you put a laptop or any other thing in the room, and your memory simply erased this moment.

If these three steps did not help find the lost thing, you require using special programs.

Find my laptop: The list of trackers


Prey is a multiplatform laptop tracking software for Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux devices. 

It helps to retrieve laptops using geolocation technology, which you can configure by adding software to Windows, creating a Prey account, and registering the device. Prey has a basic, personal, home, and business subscription from 5 to 15 months. 

This software tracks laptops by connecting to Wi-Fi access points. The program then provides users with reports containing data about the laptop’s location and even images or screenshots. In addition, users can log in to the Prey website, mark the laptop as missing, and track it through the control panel.

In addition, Prey allows users to remotely lock laptops and devices and erase data if it is really necessary. This software also includes file search options.

Protect your data from various threats.


LoJack is a highly rated laptop tracking software compatible with Windows, Android and Mac OS X platforms. Users can install the software and log into the LoJack website to recover lost laptops, just like Prey. The program is available with an annual subscription of £29.96.

This software can find many devices with GPS or IP geolocation. Please note that Absolute LoJack is even blocked in the laptop’s BIOS (Basic Input Output System), so the software cannot be removed. LoJack includes a convenient device lock, and you can delete all user files. 

One of the novelties of LoJack is that the company promises to send a team of investigators to recover laptops within a few months. If the team does not pick up the laptop, the company undertakes to reimburse you up to $1,000. The meta tag of the software web page reads:

Laptop tracker

“Our promise to you. If your stolen device is not recovered within 60 days, Absolute LoJack will reimburse you up to $1,000 for a laptop and $600 for a tablet or smartphone.”


LockItTight is a laptop tracker for Windows and Android, which has received several rave reviews and includes many convenient options. It is quite similar to LoJack and Prey, as it has a laptop client application and a web interface that can be accessed via a browser. LockItTight has free, standard, premium, and ultimate subscriptions that range from $1.99 to $9.99 per month. 

The LockItTight client software sends reports, which can be encrypted, for registered devices to a central server. It includes Google Maps to highlight the laptop’s potential location. 

The client software will take desktop screenshots and webcam snapshots to provide additional evidence to search for the laptop. LockItTight also allows you to delete up to 500 megabytes of files or extract data on a laptop.


GadgetTrak offers a wide range of programs for tracking Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Blackberry devices. The software has helped to restore many devices, such as iPods, USB drives and, of course, laptops. The cost of GadgetTrak laptop software is $19.95.

When you have registered a user account, users can log in to the dashboard on this page. The software uses Wi-Fi positioning technology to retrieve laptops via integration with Google Maps and provides detailed reports. 

GadgetTrak also provides 150 integrated police reports that you can file with 150 U.S. departments. Its webcam support takes pictures to provide additional evidence for finding the laptop. However, GadgetTrak does not provide file search options.

My Laptop Tracker

My Laptop Tracker is a Windows tracking program that has many convenient options and easy setup. It currently retails for $29.95. This software is specifically designed for Windows laptops, so it cannot be used with iOS or Mac OS X devices. However, the publisher has a separate MyMacTracker software for locating Apple laptops, and it has many of the same options as the Windows version.

This software has a hidden mode that excludes My Laptop Tracker Start menu, system tray, and desktop entries to hide it. Thus, the only way to open the program on laptops is to enter the device tracker. Then, when you log in to your account, you can activate the program instantly with a single tap. 

My laptop tracker

My Laptop Tracker uses IP positioning to track laptops, and the web portal contains data search parameters. This portal also can lock laptops.


EXO5 is a business-oriented laptop software. The software has a three-year subscription for $499 per year. This subscription fee doesn’t make much sense, since you could actually just replace a lost laptop with another one costing $499. However, this program has a few more advanced options for tracking multiple devices.

EXO5 tracks laptops using Wi-Fi triangulation technology and has a Google Maps user interface. It includes convenient Remote Kill options for data encryption. 

With Remote Kill, users can also initiate a disk lock, which locks the hard drive and prevents further access to the OS. This lock is still reversible if you regain your laptop. In addition, EXO5 provides users with an inventory of software, hardware, and event logs on the Assets tab.

Final word

If you suspect that your laptop has been stolen, these programs will surely come in handy. With their help, you can recover a lost laptop or at least encrypt some files and lock its hard drive.

Follow security rules to stay safe.


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