Deep Web Search Engine List for 2021

As the digital world expands, there is more and more talk about the importance of privacy and data security. This is the main reason why the popularity of the deep web and hidden websites is growing, and along with it the popularity of browsers for these sites.

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The deep web is developed by a community of people who want to have a network without monitoring or spying from organizations or governments. Deep web users can be lawyers, journalists, doctors, political activists, or others who hold important leadership positions.

Although the name of the network and the whole concept look anti-state, access to the is completely legal. It is carried out using the Tor browser. Of course, there are many illegal cases committed here, facilitated by the anonymity which lets users act with impunity.

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Today, we will talk about the deep web search engine variants that will help you get into the places that are hidden from prying eyes.

Advantages of the Deep Web

1. Anonymity

Anonymity is the main reason why users come to the deep web and choose the appropriate browsers. Anonymity means confidentiality, but at the same time enables criminal activity. That is why the deep web has a dubious reputation.

2. Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is not a widespread phenomenon. Today, people around the world can’t say what they want because of the strict state policy.  If developed countries strongly promote freedom of speech, in others it is only possible to dream about it. The deep web helps citizens of such countries express their opinions without fear of persecution by law enforcement agencies. Thanks to the deep web, everyone can bypass censorship and access any information without fear.

3. Knowledge

The deep web is also a great platform for doctors, scientists, researchers, and teachers to share information without restrictions or censorship. Here you can find data on scientific research that most governments prefer to hide. You can also get information about health and social services that governments also do not want to show. 

More importantly, you will find a literary work without censorship. Knowledge is best spread in unfiltered form. The deep web contains all literary works that express different thoughts and opinions. Here you can access information that is not available even in schools and universities.

What is the best deep web search engine?


Tor Deep Web search engine

Tor is the first and most powerful browser for deep web usage, which offers maximum security and anonymity. Tor is significantly ahead of the competition. Although the FBI hacked it in 2014, it continues to be the most popular browser of the invisible part of the internet.

The hacking episode made it even more secure and allowed the vulnerabilities to be closed. It is believed that it will enable you to roam the internet as anonymously as possible. This is achieved by using multiple nodes. This approach makes it harder to track an IP address, but it doesn’t completely hide it. To ensure complete anonymity, a VPN service is required along with the browser.

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The browser is managed by volunteers from all over the world, who redirect network traffic through various nodes. This does not allow anyone to track your browsing history and does not allow sites to determine your location.


Ahmia Deep Web search engine

Ahmia is a hidden search engine that performs traditional web search functions, opening access to the deep internet. This search engine has a user-friendly interface with various built-in functions, as well as a convenient search bar. However, all results are shown as a URL, without a site description. So if you know what you need, you won’t have any trouble finding the results you need.

An important feature that only this search engine from our list has is a link graph. This is a special tool that shows the connection between two links. This is not the most useful feature for ordinary users, but all fans of IT capabilities will appreciate it.


Torch Deep Web search engine

Torch is one of the most popular search engines that are used to enter the deep web. The first appearance of Torch was back in 1996. This fact indicates its reliability and high quality of use.

It has a convenient search and various built-in functions that make it easier and faster to work with it. However, it has ads that are not configured individually for each user but are static for everyone.

The database of available sites is more than one million. This number is enough to provide all the information you need.

Not Evil

Not Evil Deep Web search engine

Not Evil is a full-fledged search engine with a user-friendly interface that includes only a search bar and nothing else.

To get started, you need to enter the keywords of what you need. Then press the enter button, and you will be shown all the current results for your query. All links work quickly, but difficulty may arise with the font and the page’s overall clutter.

For specialist users, there are many built-in features. For example, you can view the last request and the peering time. In addition, you will be shown links to additional resources that may be useful to you.

Not Evil does not display ads, so nothing will distract the user when working with it.


Candle Deep Web search engine

Candle is a Google facsimile engine. The first similarity can be noticed when viewing the logo ― it is nearly identical.

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Candle is a famous web engine for daily usage. It has a user-friendly interface with several useful built-in features. If you are a fun of Google interface, you quickly get used to Candle.

This search engine shows only the results themselves ― onion, not superficial results on the internet. For successful usage, you just need to enter your keywords, and it will show you all the available results. It’s pretty intuitive and straightforward if you’re looking for something generic.


QUO Deep Web search engine

QUO is a sample search engine that is one of the most convenient and smart. The whole search process is quite simple. To start, you need to enter the desired text in the search bar. After that, click on the search button.

The search engine interface is discreet and has nothing superfluous. The main page has both a search bar and a meta description and miniature samples of websites.

If you want to find random sites without specific queries, you can use the random onion feature. In addition, this search engine does not show search results from the same site many times.

QUO blocks and does not display illegal porn links. Therefore, it differs from other similar search engines with a high degree of security. It does not require JavaScript to work and is completely anonymous without the use of cookies.

If you like to watch adult content, then you may have wondered: “Is Pornhub safe to use?” In this article, we tell the whole truth. Deep Web search engine is a non-profit project that opens access to a large amount of information on the deep internet. They have more than 450 million web pages in their database. In addition, the site saves screenshots of sites that users visit. Therefore, the database is really considered one of the largest on the internet.

If you’re wondering what a particular site looked like a couple of years ago, then is something that can help you. This retrospective function is called the WayBackMachine. This is a kind of time machine that will take you back a few years.

In addition, allows users to search for much more information that may be needed in the deep web.

Choose the best variant of search engine deep web to access the hidden space! But don’t forget to protect your clear web, too. Read our checklist on ways to protect your online work.


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