Dark Web Documentaries and Movies Worth Watching

Surely each of us has heard about the dark net at least once. Half of us may even have been in this dark and hidden space. The other half have only read about it and have only theoretical knowledge.

What is the dark web? Read more about it here.

But would you like to know how everything works on the dark web, and what can be found there if you know where to look?

We have prepared a list of the best dark web documentaries and films that you can watch to learn more about the “hidden internet.”

*Note: This article is not a guide to action. It is for informational purposes only.

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The list of dark web documentaries and movies

Deep Web

Deep Web is a documentary film made in 2015 by Alex Winter. The film explores the emergence of a new internet — encrypted, dangerous, and illegal. Everything is present here: Bitcoins, the politics of dark space, and even the now-closed “Silk Road.”

Dark web documentary film

The film director immerses the audience in cyberspace’s deep and hidden expanses. He shows the underside of the dark net, and after looking at it viewers can decide how they relate to such a space.

The film also features the trial and arrest of Ross Ulbricht, the alleged creator of Silk Road, who ran it under the pseudonym “Dread Pirate Roberts.”

This deep web documentary explores cryptography, digital rights, Bitcoin, and the war on drugs.

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Anonymous, also called Hackers, is a 2016 documentary about the dark web based on real events. The director was Akan Satayev, who masterfully spoke about people’s consequences after hacker attacks. 

The plot centers on Alex, a young Ukrainian immigrant who lives in a semi-depressed state. However, he dreams of going to college, and his benchmarks are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

He puts aside all the money earned by performing questionable online tasks as a “clicker.” After his mother lost her job, he had to spend all the money to pay the mortgage, and he was left without cash.

This circumstance leads him to Sye, a black market trader. The criminal plot of the obsession with making money on the dark web is spinning from that moment on.

Unfriended: Dark Web

Unfriended: Dark Web is a horror film written and directed by Stephen Susko and filmed in 2018. This is the second part of the sensational 2014 film “Unfriended.”

In the center of the plot is a young man who finds a laptop and takes it home. One day, he invites five friends to play a game online. Instead, they discover a folder with disturbing videos of people who seem to be in danger. After that, they begin to receive messages that contain predictions about their impending death in case of contacting the police.

However, they are being watched all this time by the owner of the laptop, who is ready to do anything to get his computer back.

As a result, the whole game turns into a deadly battle, where everyone can die or watch the death of another.

Down the Deep, Dark, Hidden Web

“Down the Deep, Dark, Hidden Web” is a film produced by Yuval Orr in 2017, which is a classic of this genre.

Dark web net

The film expands the boundaries of knowledge and perception of the dark net. In the center of the story, Orr is a journalist who talks to people living on the encrypted, hidden internet. The film directors completely trust him and follow him on his journey through the dark net. 

The movie consists of interviews with various traffickers, hackers, cyberanarchists, experts, and many other key players.

The film raises privacy and security issues. The issues of freedom of speech and thought and the importance of data encryption in the modern world are considered.

Inside the Dark Web

Inside the Dark Web is a BBC documentary created by Michael Radford in 2014. The film examines the problem of internet surveillance — the advantages and disadvantages, and the constant recording of everything that happens on the dark net.

In the film, the issues of the dark net are considered from two sides: the government and commercial organizations. For example, the latter collect more data about what people are looking for and interested in. But at the same time, the government is receiving the information for its monitoring purposes.

The Darknet: A Journey into the Digital Underworld

“Darknet: A Journey into the Digital Underworld” is a documentary film made by ARD in 2017.

In the center of the story is the dark net — a world that cannot be entered by accident. You can find anything here: drugs, hackers, human traffickers, and much more.

Despite this place’s negative and dangerous side, the dark web remains the last space free from censorship and surveillance.

Stop online censorship and surveillance. Know how to get your rights of internet privacy.

Who Am I? 

The film “Who Am I?” shot in Germany in 2014 is the most popular film on this subject.

Dark web film

The plot centers on Benjamin, a young computer genius. Since childhood, he has dreamed of becoming a comic book superhero and conquering the world. But in the real world, he is nobody. His life suddenly changes when he meets his complete opposite, the charismatic Max. Not wanting to live within the rigid framework of the system, they commit a series of daring cybercrimes.

Having rebelled against an indifferent society, they become idols for a whole generation. Now Benjamin is not just a superhero, and he is the most wanted hacker in the world. But what awaits him after diving into an alternate reality? Who is he really?


If you are involved in cybersecurity, hacking, and the dark web, you will like these dark web films. Each of them reveals a different side of the peculiar space known as the dark net. Most importantly, the authors and directors do not prescribe what viewers should think of what is happening — the conclusions after viewing need to be made by the audience.

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