Anonymous Image Uploading Services

Are you afraid to send your private photos through popular apps and tools? The internet today is full of dangers and threats of data leakage.

Therefore, almost everyone today is worried about the safety of their data. But what if you need to transfer an image using the World Wide Web? At the same time, leave all data confidential and without outside viewing.

In this article, we will talk about several working and anonymous services that can transfer files with maximum confidentiality.

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How anonymous is “anonymous”?

It’s worth making a caveat before you start carelessly forwarding extremely confidential images. Achieving true anonymity on the internet is actually not an easy task. Although the site may not ask for your name, it can effortlessly get any information about you:

Anonymous image upload
  • Your IP address and therefore your physical location.
  • Which browser, operating system, and computer are you using.
  • Information about other sites you have visited.

This is just for starters, so if you are looking for next-level anonymity, you can solve these problems in a working and secure way — an anonymous and decentralized ecosystem of the new generation Utopia P2P. This is a secure and private network with everything needed for anonymous messaging, file transfer, browsing, etc.

Read more about Utopia P2P’s advantages here.

Anonymous image uploading services

1. WeTransfer (Up to 2 GB free)


  • Easy to use.
  • Simple anonymous image and link exchange.


WeTransfer offers two ways to send files. You can enter both your own email address and the recipient’s email address, or you can switch to a simple link click. 

The first method can be anonymous if you use a one-time email account. You can do this if you need an answer. Otherwise, the link method is anonymous.

Obviously, if you need to send more than 2 GB at a time, you will need a paid account. This deprives you of anonymity. 

However, don’t forget that you can use an application like 7-Zip to both split and encrypt files. Which can then be sent in parts and restored by the recipient.

2. SendGB (5 GB for free or 1.99 euros for 20 GB)


  • 20 GB of data sent anonymously is a phenomenal offer.


  • 1.99 euros is not a lot of money, but it means that you need to make more efforts to remain anonymous.
  • Some may find the 7-day removal policy too brief.

The main claim of SendGB to fame is that it offers a huge maximum transfer size without the need to register and transmit any information. Files up to 20 GB in size are transferred, which, as far as we know, is a record volume.

The only catch is that you can’t send that much data for free. You will have to pay two euros for the privilege. Also, how can you send something anonymously if you have just made an electronic payment?

SendGB does not solve this problem directly on its website. They do not require any registration or information from you and use Stripe to process the payment. We assume that Stripe does not transfer personal information to SendGB, nor does PayPal, which is another payment method.

However, if you want to take advantage of SendGB’s extensive offer for anonymous image and file sharing, we suggest you use a prepaid credit card or a virtual card instead of your main credit card. Just in case.

Anonymous image and uploading

SendGB will delete the data after seven days, and then, presumably, it will disappear forever. However, do not forget to encrypt confidential information yourself. Just in case.

3. (10 simultaneous files of 5 GB for free)


  • Sending up to 50 GB of data for free.
  • 30 days of hosting.


  • Creating 5-10 GB chunks of your data can be a problem if you go outside the service. in no way goes around the bush. When you enter the URL, you immediately see a place where you can dump image and files. The free and anonymous offer covers a whopping 50 GB but is divided into ten files of no more than 5 GB each. This is not a problem if you just use a tool like 7-Zip to break up a large data set into suitable smaller fragments.

Guest users who do not need to log in or transmit any information can store their data for up to 30 days. This is quite generous, as other free anonymous file sharing sites will delete your data in a few days. On the other hand, it may take a very long time for your recipients to download the full data set, so it may even take that long.

4. Send anywhere (10 GB or infinite amount via direct transfer)


  • An innovative solution for direct file transfer with infinite file size.
  • Offers a Chrome extension.

Send Anywhere (also known as Sendy) is an interesting addition to this list because of the many ways you can send data to someone else. The most interesting of them is their live transmission system. In fact, your data is never stored anywhere. The Send Anywhere server simply acts as an intermediary for the data bits, immediately deleting them when they reach their destination.

The sender receives a six-digit code that the recipient enters on their side. Then the file transfer between the two devices takes place in real time. In some ways, this is the best way to move data anonymously.

But there are also hosting options, for example, the ability to exchange links. The advantage of the direct method is also that it is not limited in size, whereas the link method can only handle 10 GB of data.

5. File Dropper

Anonymous image and upload


  • Super and super simple.

File Dropper calls itself the easiest website to host files, and that’s really not an understatement. It’s the easiest online file hosting tool we’ve ever seen.

All you can really do when visiting the site is to click the “Upload File” button, upload the file and then share the link.

An even more anonymous file sharing services list is here.


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