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Image board is simply an online forum that gives users the ability to attach image files to messages. The most important thing to know about these image boards is that they have an informal atmosphere due to the anonymity of users.

Many people think that the popularity of image boards has already passed. However, this is not quite true. After all, the communication there is absolutely anonymous.

Nonamus reigns on image boards. They are referred to as hacktivists (a modern international network of activists). They have special rules that each of them implicitly follows.

We’ve already touched a little on the topic of unusual internet rules on image boards. Here is the full list of rules.

Today, we’ll analyze the topic of anonymous image boards in more detail and tell you about the most popular and safe ones.

What is an anonymous image board?

Image boards are a very broad category of internet resources, which includes the portal “4chan.” Image boards are a type of web forum where you can attach photos and other image files to your messages.

What is an anonymous image board

Image boards appeared in Japan in 2003. After that, English-language forums adopted the Japanese style and culture. The technology is based on a textboard concept, which differs only in that on a textboard you can not attach image files.

Chanosphere is a conventional name for the entire set of image boards and related resources and projects. Now it is divided into clusters according to the language (for languages spoken only in one country, it is identical to the regional one).

The atmosphere on the image boards is relaxed and informal, thanks to the anonymous posting of messages. Users can leave comments and messages without registering and creating accounts. Sometimes this feature leads to aggressive and negative comments.

Moreover, some sections allow only anonymous comments and messages. If desired, the user can subscribe or use the same photo to stand out among anonymous users. But this is not necessary and is often frowned upon by other users.

Usually, you can attach a file to each message, sometimes several files. More often, only images are allowed, and less often, you can attach music. All saved files are stored on the image board server.

Stay safe and anonymous all the time!

The specifics of anonymous image board

Previously, Japanese programmers contributed to the emergence of the first graphic forums. They wanted to create something more perfect than textboards, so they developed the ability to send images to forums completely anonymously. Subsequently, resources began to appear in America, Europe, and Russia. They have the following parameters:

  • Attaching image files. The main advantage of image boards is the ability to accompany text messages with pictures and even audio files. The resource server provides the function of saving files.
  • Anonymity. The fundamental difference between the image board and other online forums is the guarantee of complete anonymity. This condition allows you to expand the boundaries of communication between forum members and troll their publications with impunity. For identification, anonymous users can use the same image or sign their messages accordingly.
  • No archiving. The thematic sections contain continuing “threads” — each thread is branch of discussion with questions and answers on a particular theme. Subsequently, the oldest messages are automatically deleted as new ones are added.

The administration does not accept off-topic communication and reserves the right to choose users.

Specific of anonymous image boards

The guarantee of complete anonymity of actions allows users of any age, gender and social status to spend time on the image board. However, most of the regular guests of the forum are represented by young people. Depending on the position on the forum, two terms are applied to users: oldfag and newfag.

  • Oldfag. A user who has been involved in the board for a long time. He or she knows its entire history, features, and rules. The main privilege of oldfags is that they can conduct activities almost with impunity. The community administration and newcomers listen to them.
  • Newfag. This is the name for guests on the image board or very young users who have not yet had time to familiarize themselves with the requirements but have already started to be active. To attract attention, they try in every possible way to identify themselves and declassify anonymity.

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Communication style on image boards

There is a special atmosphere on image boards, which is largely determined by the anonymity of users. This gives freedom, and in some cases, impunity. Such forums have moderation, but users are only punished for the most egregious violations that violate the law, for example propaganda of violence, Nazism, or threats. At the same time, even dangerous messages are often ignored by moderators.

There is no follow-up to the topic of discussion, so it is sometimes difficult to find useful information: it is lost behind hundreds of flooded messages. Anonymity allows you to uncover dangerous, usually hidden topics.

Also, there is a special phenomenon of the general stream of consciousness. When a lot of messages come not from specific people, but from anonymous users, they are perceived as a general line of information. At the same time, the desire of a particular user to identify himself is condemned and seems to be a betrayal of general principles.

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What is the danger of an image board?

Before you start using image boards, you should know that there is a lot of information on image boards that is prohibited for distribution. Until now, you can still find the so-called “death posts” (messages) of various murderers and rapists. The latest resonant photos, videos, and notes are actively collected there by activists.

The danger of anonymous image boards

Censorship has always been condemned by society, but what about children who accidentally got there? It is also known that after the suicide and the publication of this information, the number of suicides has always increased, so coverage of this topic is avoided in the media.


4chan is a popular image board based on the Japanese image board Futaba Channel. This image board is primarily based on the placement of images (usually related to a wide range of topics, from anime and popular culture to politics and sports) and their discussion.

The site and its user base have attracted media attention for a number of reasons, including attacks on Hal Turner in their Internet shows, distributed denial-of-service attacks against eBaum’s World, participation in Project Chanology, and numerous cases of animal cruelty reports.


Image boards based on cannabis culture, which were created on April 20, 2005 by Aubrey Cottle. The name is a reference to the larger 4chan and the code term 420 of the cannabis subculture. Its boards include various drug message boards, as well as a board with a chatbot named Netjester.


8chan (or Infinitechan) is a popular image board based on anonymously posting images and discussing, but unlike 4chan, 8chan lets its users decide what they want to discuss, allowing anyone to create their own board dedicated to any topic, a concept first made popular by news bulletins, boards like Reddit. 

8chan also states that it strictly adheres to free speech principles and allows any content-provided that the discussion and creation of forums comply with US laws. However, local moderators monitor compliance with their forums’ rules and can delete messages at their discretion. It is currently a partner of the Japanese textboard2channel.

Futaba Channel

Futaba Channel is a popular anonymous bulletin board and image board system based in Japan. Its boards do not usually distinguish between unsafe-for-work and clean content, but there is a strict barrier between two-dimensional (drawn) and three-dimensional (computer graphics and photographic) images that are heavily imposed and discussed.


On the image boards, internet users who can not imagine life without network communication spend interesting leisure time. On the Web, you can always meet like-minded people who will become virtual friends, share news, and support the topic of conversation in internet slang. The image board’s privacy policy will allow any user of the virtual network to remain undisclosed and be a person who has the right to vote.

Communication on image boards attracts informality and breadth of topics. However, now the popularity of such resources has fallen dramatically, and many young internet users have not even heard of 4Chan and other similar sites.

Don’t forget to follow the security tips to stay safe.


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