Anonymous Group Chat: Simple and Fast Chatting

There are many applications for anonymous communication with strangers. However, their monotonous search requires a lot of effort and time.

Today we will talk about those that include the ability to create an anonymous group chat, along with the usual functions of communicating with friends.

All secrets of anonymous chatting are here.

The best anonymous group chats

Utopia P2P

It is a decentralized and anonymous ecosystem with a built-in instant messenger — uMessenger. The messenger performs the functions of traditional applications, while all users remain anonymous. Registration and use of Utopia P2P do not require the entry of personal data. Therefore, no one knows who is hiding behind the user’s nickname. You can use a version for your PC or Android.

The best anonymous group chat

You can send text and voice messages, send media files, and share links. In addition, you can create anonymous chats for communication. Interlocutors can be found through a search or on channels via uChannel.

In addition, the ecosystem has a convenient encrypted email for transferring private files, an anonymous and untraceable browser, its own cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchange.

Read more about Utopia P2P here.


Invme is one of the best and most frequently used anonymous chat apps.

Invme includes a beautiful user interface and many interesting features. If you are a fan of open communication, visit the Invme service. There you will be able to take part in events, create your own meeting, and also learn about the poster of events in your city.


Meet4U is a simple dating app available for Android that is equipped with a feature that shows the distance between you and the person you are trying to connect to. 

You can also set up your profile using your Facebook account. In chats, you can send pictures, emoticons, etc. The features include the fact that you can choose a range of distances to search for people.


It doesn’t matter if you want to send a text message or video chat with strangers, you can use the Chatous app. It is free and available for Android 4.0 and later. The quality of the streaming video is pretty good and depends only on the speed of your internet. 

Among the functions of the application, it should be noted the use of hashtags to search for people with different interests.


Finding new people to chat with or date is pretty easy when you use Camsurf. This app has an instant chat feature. Since you don’t need to register to start communicating with people, chats are full of spambots. However, this does not mean that you cannot find a real person. 

Speaking of accessibility, you need Android 4.0.3 or later to install the app on your mobile. The user interface looks promising and has a lot of graphical elements to diversify communication.


Waplog is more than just an app for communicating with strangers. It looks like a social network. You can have a page, like a Facebook profile, where you can add all the details about yourself. After that, you will be able to communicate with unknown people around the world. 

Photos, visitors, profiles, favorites, friends, messages, etc. are default tabs that show information about you and other people. You can search for people by age, location, and gender.


Just like Waplog, Tagged is another social networking platform for meeting new people around the world. The user interface has a very attractive look that shows the location and age of the person so that you can quickly contact him/her. Like Tinder, you can select or delete someone from your search page.

Anonymous group chats

Speaking of chat, you will be able to chat with someone in a personal or group chat. In addition to text messages, video chat with strangers will be available to you. All this is possible only if you have registered a Google or Facebook account and confirmed your email.


If you need to call someone other than sending a text message, then BeeTalk can be useful to you. You can join various preloaded group chats depending on your interests. Also, you can search for new friends nearby. 

But the problem with this app is that if you join a group chat, all the people will be added to your friends list. Even if you leave the chat room, all other participants will be able to view your profile and send you messages.


This is a pretty old Android app that allows you to send videos, images, audio recordings and text messages to anyone without revealing your identity. In other words, you can send an anonymous message to any Anonytext user. The user interface doesn’t look good and is even old-fashioned, but it is quite popular among many people.

Stranger Chat

As with some other apps, you don’t need to create an account in this app. Immediately after opening the application, the system will automatically select a stranger with whom you can talk about everything that interests you. You can send images, text messages, etc. 

The design of the program is quite nice, and the interface is not overloaded with unnecessary buttons. Everything is done in such a way as to communicate easily and naturally.


If you have used Facebook, you may find some similarities with this app. This app has a timeline containing photos from your friends. You can like and comment on uploaded photos. 

As for finding new people, you can find them by age, gender and location. As a result of the search, you will see the online or offline status so that you can determine whether you can communicate with this person right now or not. Flurv has an interesting feature: when it finds a match, you can shake the phone to start a conversation.


Whisper is a very popular anonymous chat that avoids talking about adult topics and instead focuses on casual user interactions to discuss common topics. Many Whisper users praise the people they have met and talk about their pleasant communication.

Without worrying about someone you know criticizing you, you can carefully trust people who are not familiar with your ideas.

Thanks to the ability to categorize and search for topics for discussion, it is possible to negotiate with those who share common interests.

This app is completely free and is available in six languages: English, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Spanish.


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