Anonymous File Upload: List of Services to Send Anonymously

Sending data to someone over the internet has never been so easy, but using a cloud service or email to send sensitive data can be a mistake. There is always a chance that someone will be able to intercept this data, and in some cases, this can lead to disaster.

In many cases, it may be better to transfer the data to someone personally using a secure storage method, but often this is not possible.

The good news is that there are several anonymous file upload websites that will allow you to send files to other people without needing any information about you or the recipient. They don’t care about your identity or what information you’re trying to send. 

In the article, we will tell you about the most convenient and safe of them.

Previously, we’ve tools about another ways of anonymous file transfer here.

How do you send a file anonymously?

How do people usually forward files? For example, they attach them to a letter and wonder why it does not reach them. The presentation of attachments in Base64 format inflates them by one and a half times, which creates an extra load on the server. The mail gateway can kick off a large letter due to exceeding the established volume limits, consider it spam, or feed it to an antivirus. There are no guarantees that the file will reach you by email, even if you have a paid account or corporate mail.

What is anonymous file upload

A more reliable way is the interactive transmission. If the file is sent directly during a conversation via Skype, Hangouts, or another similar service, then the sending process is visible to both interlocutors. As a rule, copies of files remain on other people’s servers for a long time, and then they can “pop up” at the most inopportune moment. For example, when logging in under an existing account from another device.

A similar problem is typical for file-sharing hosting. You register, upload your files one by one manually or en masse through automatic synchronization, and then send public links to them to friends. Again, technically, your digital wealth is no longer under your control after that. Even after deletion, the files are stored in the clouds for some time and are accessible to outsiders — from automatic content analysis programs (for example, to optimize personalized advertising) to Snowden’s former colleagues and bored admins.

List of services for anonymous file sending

Anonymous file upload through Utopia P2P

uBox is one of the best secure and anonymous file sharing tools operating within the Utopia P2P ecosystem.

All data transmitted via file sharing is securely encrypted and protected by advanced encryption by the uNS standard. This method will increase the level of security compared to regular DNS.

uBox is a multifunctional service that provides you with many other features besides data exchange. For example, files can be conveniently organized on your computer, and they can be easily viewed through the search bar. 

The file sharing service comes with a built-in chat room where you can keep in touch with those users with whom you exchange data.

The Utopia P2P ecosystem definitely occupies the first place as the main tool for file transfer. This is a decentralized network of a new generation that does not track user actions and does not collect data about them.

Registration and use of the ecosystem are anonymous. You do not need a phone number, email, name, and other data. To register, you need a nickname and password, after which the ecosystem will generate an individual key that will open access to all data.

The ecosystem is built on peer-to-peer technology, without using a single server for data storage. Instead, crypto containers are created where all information will be stored. In addition, all information is securely protected by multilevel encryption.

An ecosystem is an arsenal of tools for various purposes:

  • uMessenger is a built-in messenger of the Utopia P2P ecosystem. It is designed for instant and confidential communication between network users. Messenger is a full-fledged chat where everyone can chat with friends and relatives, add stickers and emoticons, as well as send voice messages and change their voice at the same time.
  • uMail is a secure and alternative email option. Unlike standard services, no personal data is required to start sending messages. uMail is used to transfer documents and files of any format and size.
  • Idyll Browser is an anonymous and secure browser that works within the ecosystem. It allows you to view websites that have been created or mirrored in the ecosystem, and that cannot work outside of Utopia. The browser does not track the user’s geolocation, since he does not have access to the IP address data.

Read more about Utopia P2P here.

Anonymous file upload through BitTorrent Sync

The advantage of this approach is that all files are stored exclusively on known devices — without artificial restrictions on volume, speed and traffic. They are not uploaded to some left server in the cloud, where they can remain in a shadow copy even after deletion. Recently, BitTorrent, a well-known company among the corsairs of the digital age, has been offering to try a simple Sync service for file sharing and synchronization.

Anonymous file upload list

Its essence is as beautiful as that of torrents: a common distributed data storage mechanism is used to synchronize between devices of one user and transfer selected files to other people. The files are divided into blocks and digitally signed. The GetSync server does not store them, but only provides a search for peers like a torrent tracker. Thanks to this, it is possible to automatically download after a pause, the integrity of the data is checked and only the modified parts are always transmitted. Missing fragments are requested from all online devices, from which the fastest giving ones are automatically selected.

After a long period of public beta, the stable version of the BitTorrent Sync client has become available for all desktop and mobile platforms. It can even be integrated into routers or NAS, which guarantees the availability of devices available around the clock in the peer-to-peer network.

After installing the client, the user selects directories with files that he wants to synchronize or transfer. Then, by clicking on the “Share” button, he can get a link to the form “” and send it to a friend in plain text or a QR code. The latter option is convenient for mobile devices since the link is long.

All traffic is encrypted using the AES algorithm with a 256-bit key. The key is unique for each shared file or directory. Each key can provide both full access and read-only access. This is set by the file owner directly in the BT Sync client before sending the link using a simple switch. The connection itself takes place over the secure HTTPS protocol, and all synchronization parameters are transmitted directly in the link body.

BitTorrent does not limit the volume and speed of data transfer in any way, since all connections are eventually established directly. All limitations are due to the capabilities of the network equipment itself and the file systems used on the devices of the transmitting and receiving parties.

Anonymous file upload through Infinit

If for some reason you still don’t like BTSync, try another P2P service — Infinit. It also transfers files directly to the recipient and does not store them anywhere. Its own servers are used in it only for caching links and fragments of files for the duration of the session. 

Of course, Infinit supports automatic pumping and integrity checking. Traffic encryption uses AES algorithms with a 256-bit key and RSA with a 2048-bit key length. However, Infinit’s security situation is not so good.

For a long time, the service was only available via the web interface, so the client application is still a bit damp. You can transfer an unlimited number of files to each other, but you cannot specify the entire folders. So far, Infinit is only available for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android.

Anonymous file upload tool

To transfer a file, you need to drag it into the small window of the Infinit client, and then specify the recipient. This can be done by his account name, email address, or simply by sending him a link like the following is a set of fixed length characters — like the URL shortening service

When opened, a short link is automatically converted to a long one with redirection to the server It will indicate the account of the user who created the file and the same set of characters. Any file transfer can be accompanied by a short comment (up to one hundred characters.)


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