Why Is Secure Messaging Important in 2020?

Have you ever thought about the amount of data you transmit over the internet? You probably share all kinds of private information with your friends and colleagues every day. The list may include your messages, photos, videos, and other documents that you transmit online.

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Unfortunately, using an ordinary messenger does not guarantee the security of data transmission. There is a huge risk that data will be leaked, and your personal information could be accessed by third parties or even made public.

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What should you do to prevent this from happening? You need to use secure messaging apps with sophisticated encryption methods for reliable protection of your data. With the best encryption, only two users will have access to the transmitted files: the sender and recipient of the message. Anyone else trying to intercept the data would not be able to read it.

What is encryption, and how can encrypted chat protect you and your data from an invasion of privacy? Let’s talk about it in this article!

What is encryption?

Encryption is an internal process of encoding messages in order to ensure that only the intended recipient has access to the message data. In other words, encryption restricts access to information by third parties.

Most commonly, modern messengers use sophisticated data encryption methods based on a special encryption algorithm. This code converts the data in the form of random characters. Anyone who wants to know the contents of the message cannot do so because it will be unreadable without a key.

Encrypted chat to protect your correspondence

Today, there are two possible encryption methods: the private key (symmetric) and the public key (asymmetric). As a rule, these two methods have the same principle of operation. They both securely encrypt user data and hide the details of conversations. The main difference between them is how they perform it.

The first one uses a single key for both data encryption and decryption. While asymmetric encryption works completely differently, it uses different keys for encrypting and decrypting public and private data.

Which method is better? Both of the above techniques are useful means of protecting your data from third parties, but the best messenger services now use the asymmetric method, which provides “end-to-end” encryption for greater security.

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Why is secure messaging encryption important?

Perhaps you imagine that secure or confidential communication on the internet is only necessary if you are doing something illegal. But think about it – in face-to-face conversations, are you not protective of your privacy? Are you not careful of who is listening and what you say in different environments? Most of do not allow strangers to overhear the details of our private lives and business matters in our conversations, so why do people forget their privacy in online communication and become targets for hackers and others?

The security of communication on the internet has a key position on the list of Internet users’ rights. However, many people overlook this about this and don’t pay attention to security measures as they conduct more and more of their lives on the internet. It’s time to protect your data and prevent any threats. If you don’t use an encrypted messenger, you can face the following problems:

  • Theft. The first thing that can happen to you is the theft of your data. Undoubtedly, online messengers are ideal not only for everyday communication in text format but also as an excellent platform for transmitting photos, videos, documents, and other files. These things we share can be a lot more than just chat and funny pictures – it can also include sensitive things like photos of your passport, information about your bank account, and so on.
  • Targeted ads. Have you ever noticed the odd situation when the same information you were talking about online the day before suddenly appears in the ads you’re seeing on the internet? This is from the ubiquitous practice of advertisers tracking your online behavior and communication to target their ads to you.
Social media secure chat
  • Cyber threats. Messengers are among the most dangerous apps that store tons of personal data. Such data is what thousands of cybercriminals are hunting for. In some cases, they demand money.

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  • Criminal liability. Messenger is a tool for transferring various business files. Many of them contain legally confidential information. The disclosure of such information can lead to criminal liability.
  • Fear. The desire for security and privacy of correspondence is perfectly normal. Don’t be shy about it. This is something you need to strive for. When you have secure communication, you can rest assured that all your correspondence with people will remain only between the interlocutors forever.

The Remedy: Secure chat as an alternative!

What is a secure chat and how it can help you to protect your data?

A secure chat is encrypted with a built-in algorithm that protects the private information from prying eyes.

The main purpose of an encrypted chat is to prevent data from being read by third parties. You can achieve this if the special mathematical calculations encrypt each of your messages, and a unique key is required to reveal the message content. This private key is generated by the secure messenger for each user.

The second important aspect is the server encryption. It is important for the server that transmits the messages to be encrypted because during the short period when one user has sent a message but the other has not yet received it, the message may be accessible by third parties. 

To prevent data leakage, the server must be encrypted and have a special protected password. In this case, any hacker attacks are useless, and no one will be able to access the data.

Secure chat as alternative

Keep in mind that using funny passwords can lead to a hacker attack on your social networks. So, be careful and come up with a strong password!

The visible protection methods!

Unfortunately, we cannot see or touch encryption – this information technology works inside the messenger. Users only get to see the end result. What about the visible benefits of encrypted chats that are available for evaluation?

  • Limited access. Encrypted chat usually requires entering a password before the user can open the dialog.
  • The ban on the screenshot. The function of prohibiting screenshots will provide an additional degree of confidence that your interlocutor will not make screenshots of your correspondence.
  • Self-destructing messages. As a rule, secret chats have the function of self-destructing messages. For this, the user needs to set the time when the message will be deleted from two devices.
  • Notifications. You can configure notifications for almost any action of the other person in the chat, for example if they save a media file, forwards a message, and so on.
  • Deleting. You can delete a conversation with a user at any time.

Not bad, is it?

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As you can see, secure messaging is important! We are grateful for the existence of encryption. It is responsible for reliable protection and transmission of information using special encrypted chats. Such chats have a lot of internal and external advantages!

Therefore, if you still use an unreliable means of communication, we suggest that you reconsider your decision and choose secure chat apps!


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