Why Do Cyber Criminals Want to Get Into Your Inbox?

A big part of the life of ordinary people takes place online. No doubt, it’s hard to argue with that. Every day we transmit and receive hundreds of personal information using various Internet means of communication such as messengers, emails, etc.

However, we hardly talk about the security of these methods. It’s bizarre. We remember this when we see news reports about another mass leak of information to the public, including personal correspondence, photos, and so on. Only then we start to do our best to protect ourselves and the essential data from prying eyes.

Do you think that we follow the right approach? Maybe, is it better to initially understand the issues of cybercrime and protect ourselves from possible hacker attacks using the best Best Data Privacy Tool?

Let’s get all this straightened out!

The real threat of cybercrime

If you think that hacker attacks are aimed only at celebrities, too extort a sum of money for nude photos, then you mistake. The average person is a tasty target for scammers on the Internet. In addition to personal correspondence and photos, you probably make purchases over the Internet, enter your Bank card details, and put electronic signatures on documents. This data is like a red rag for a bull. Although in our case – what the scammers would like to get for profit.

Cyber criminals hack into your private life and copy everything from it: photos, videos, and correspondence. In reality, everything. The saddest thing is that hackers are seldom found and never punished. It is impossible to track hacker attacks and information leaks. We know about them only after the attack.

There is a disappointing statistic that every year, about 3,000 companies in the US suffer from cyber attacks. This number includes large corporations and small companies as well. The stolen data included credit card numbers, money from personal accounts, business data from companies, and more. 

Unfortunately, this confirms that each of us is exposed to danger on the Internet. It is much easier to get access to the individual user data than to the data of mega-corporations.

Moreover, the global economy is losing about $ 400 billion annually due to increasing cybercrime. Now many are thinking about fighting such a phenomenon as cybersecurity.

The purpose of cyber criminals

With the advent of the Internet, stealing the necessary information has become even easier than in real life. In online mode, we are all at a glance. Cybercriminals can target almost everyone.

As a rule, cybercrimes are committed by individuals or small groups. It is done for security and privacy reasons: the fewer people know, the more likely they reach success.

Emails take the main blow in matters of cyber crime. After all, using them, people exchange various private files with each other. And as you can understand, such files are not intended for prying eyes.

Cyber threats of 2020

Here is a list of what cyber criminals are looking for in your inbox:

  • Personal correspondence. Do you agree that your chatting includes not only funny pictures and short stories from everyday routine? Of course, not. Sometimes, these are conversations where you discuss important issues with your partners or colleagues related to your work or business.

Don’t miss the main biggest data privacy business risks associated with Internet security.

  • Documents. Today, email is a convenient file sharing tool that allows exchanging a large number of files and documents quickly and without losing the original quality.
  • Photos. As a rule, scammers hunt for racy nude photos. Then, they can blackmail the owner of the images and demand a monetary reward for their return.
  • Contacts. Your contact list is a godsend for a fraudster. After all, in addition to you, he can blackmail your interlocutor. Or find a new victim for a hacker attack.
  • Invoices, scanned IDs, and insurances. It is convenient to have a scanned photo of your ID or insurance in your mailbox. This allows you to avoid carrying a lot of documents that you may need at any time. But it is an unsafe method of data storage.
  • Passwords, credit card pin. If you save your password on your inbox, you are at risk. Since the fraudster has already gained access to it, he automatically has gained access to all passwords and pins. Therefore, storing passwords in more secure places and not using this method of storage is better.
  • Plans. If cyber criminals get access to your data, they will know your daily schedule and upcoming plans. In the worst case, one day, you can return to your apartment, which will be robbed in offline mode.

Not so funny, isn’t it? 

How to fight against cyber criminals?

Everything is not as scary and sad as it may seem at first glance. Each of us has a chance to save our data. It’s just a question of desire. Of course, you can use advanced passwords for your mailboxes, enable VPN, or create temporary emails. However, how convenient is this? The question is rhetorical and should not be answered.

It is much better to initially choose a convenient mailbox that will be protected by a reliable encryption method, and that will not endanger you and your data.

Cyber threats protection

Do you remember the advantages of a decentralized network? Such a system can be a great solution that includes everything you need. Utopia is an anonymous, free, and universal Internet space that is built on the principle of a peer-to-peer network. This method assumes that there is no single server for storing information. Instead, Utopia creates a separate server for each user. Thus, a client is both a server and a user at the same time. It is much safer.

Utopia includes instant messenger, email service, anonymous browser, crypto wallet and much more. All this is built on the principle of uNS technology. There is no censorship and freedom of speech is valued.

To protect all data from your inbox, you can use email of the ecosystem:

  • uMail is an ecosystem mail service that transmits encrypted email messages. Each of them is encrypted by a sophisticated encryption method based on the high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES

Here, only the sender and recipient have access to messages. They can decrypt it using the private key that Banana generates during anonymous registration. It consists of an infinite number of characters, so it is impossible to pick it up.

Each message can include files and documents of any size and format. This can be either text documents or confidential data.


If you do not want to become another victim of cyber criminals, think about Internet security now and save your personal data.

Rely on the advanced method of Internet security to fight against any hacker attack!

Stay strong!

4 months ago

Cool article! I faced the problem of cyber threats on my example. I used to think that this is a fairy tale, and no one can hack you or get any of your data. But this is not quite true.
One day, I found my gmail hacked. Dozens of my friends received spam from my email address. Plus, all my personal information was copied. Unfortunately, no one was going to be responsible for this.

Matthew Turner
4 months ago

Good afternoon, Jill! We are happy that you’ve liked our article. We’ve heard lots of the same stories about cyberattacks. So, the first point of creating Utopia ecosystem was to give people the chance to protect their data from such cybercriminals. Do we hope that you have already used uMail? This is a highly encrypted tool that replaces the traditional email. It protects each message and doesn’t allow third parties to get into your inbox.

4 months ago

Thank you for the article, but I have a question for the author: Tell me, please, for what reason is the inbox hacking possible? If we talk about ordinary users, not huge companies – all because of an insecure password? Or are there any other reasons?

Matthew Turner
4 months ago

Good afternoon, Jade! Thank you for your question. You are partially right. The first reason is bad passwords. The second one is the unsecure privacy tool that you use for daily communication. Such a tool is based on a simple encryption method and cannot provide all-round protection of your data. Moreover, many of them cooperate with the state or with advertising agencies. The first wants to control you, and the second wants to set up ads based on your interests.

4 months ago

Hi! Thanks for the article. However, I still don’t understand what motivates cyber criminals to commit such actions? Is it a thirst for easy money? After all, with their mindset, they can earn much more by developing different programs in IT.

Matthew Turner
4 months ago

Hello, Derek! Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, you are right. It is easy money that attracts cybercriminals to carry out attacks. According to the provided study by Palo Alto Networks “Flipping the Economics of Attacks”, about 67% of the criminals confirmed that the main motive was a high fee. Here we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars that can be earned within a few hours.

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