What is An Anonymous Credit Card?

Have you ever heard of “anonymous” credit cards? You probably have heard of them, but what are they and how are they “anonymous”?

Read this article and gain your online anonymity!

The anonymous credit card means that no organizations, including the internal authorities of your country, can track exactly what funds you use, withdraw from ATMs or make transfers with.

For ordinary cards, you always need passport or other citizen identification. But for anonymous cards you do not provide any personal data. You can acquire and use the credit card anonymously. No one will know that you bought something somewhere.

Today we will analyze what an anonymous credit card is, what it is for, and what card is suitable for you. Let’s analyze it together.

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What is it?

An anonymous credit card is a card that is linked to an account like a normal card, but not necessarily a bank account, which allows complete anonymity when making any transaction, from transferring funds to withdrawing cash from ATMs or similar services.

Anonymous credit card issues

That is, if you make a purchase or any transfer of funds, the final account to which the transfer will be made will not know the details of the account from which it came. Usually, such cards are used by those who don’t want the authorities to track how they use their funds.

Such cards are often called offshore cards, which are registered not in our country, but abroad. The offshore card allows you to use a foreign or cryptocurrency and withdraw the money you have earned online completely anonymously.

There is still one way to get away from the control services and use bank cards in another country, but those banks completely close all the client’s details from other banks.

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Advantages of anonymous credit card

It is believed that with anonymous cards there are fewer problems associated with theft and fraud cases – because there is no owner’s name or serial number on the anonymous card.

With the help of anonymous cards, it is convenient to make online payments. At the same time, the information about the card is also not displayed here, which also helps to protect against the encroachments of internet scammers.

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Most anonymous cards are easy to obtain and do not require compliance with any special requirements, but just in case, always check before requesting the card.

There is another good plus with anonymous cards: they can be used as gift cards. An anonymous gift card is purchased at the bank with a certain amount of credit already on it. It can be $20,000 or maybe more.

Advantages of anonymous credit cards

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The list of reliable anonymous credit cards

Payeer MasterCard

The card itself can be obtained and issued without even confirming the passport data, but after a certain withdrawal of funds, you will have to send a scan of the passport. This procedure is necessary in order to increase the daily withdrawal of funds, which has a limit of $1,000.

The card itself costs only $9 and the delivery time depends on the service that provides it. Also, any transactions are subject to interest:

  • Top-up of the card from the wallet 2.9% + $1.00
  • Cash withdrawal 2% + $3.50.
  • Withdrawal with conversion to another currency, including the national currency – 2.5% only for the exchange + commission for the withdrawal of funds.
  • It is not possible to make a direct transfer from WebMoney.
  • The card is valid for 3 years.

The funds in your account are insured under the European IADI system for the amount of 100 thousand euros. And you will get either this amount or less if the bank is disbanded or closed for other reasons.

Advanced Cash MasterCard

This card can be obtained only after confirming your details. The cost of issuing the card will only be $5. The card is quite economical due to the low commission on all transactions.

  • Replenishment or transfer from an electronic wallet to a card – a commission of one dollar.
  • Withdrawal at any ATM is $2.
  • If you withdraw money in another currency or make online purchases in another currency, you will need to pay an additional 2% of the amount for the exchange.
  • When transferring money from WebMoney to a bank card, you pay an additional 3% commission.
  • The card is valid for 3 years.

Anonymous OkPay MasterCard

The card can be ordered only after confirming your details. The cost of issuing the card is $15, and this price also includes the delivery of the card. If you want the card to arrive faster, you can use the “Express Delivery” service, which will cost $55.

  • Top-up of the card from the OkPay wallet – a commission of $3.
  • Withdrawals from ATMs – 2 % of the amount.
  • There is a penalty for inactivity of the card – for 180 days of inactivity, $10 will be debited.
  • The card is valid for 2 years.
  • It is not possible to make a direct transfer from WebMoney.


The modern world is full of stories about fraudulent activities that millions of people face on the internet every day. One of the most common fraudulent schemes is the theft of money from an account. After all, to pay for goods on the internet, you need to specify personal data that is entered in a special database. Access to this database can be achieved by hackers, who will get your data to steal money from your account.

However, using an anonymous card will protect you and your data from the threats of internet scammers.

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