Twitter Phone Number Bypass: The Easiest Way

Twitter is a social network that resembles a bit of a small blog, where everyone can publicly post messages (tweets) to attract readers. This service quickly gained popularity among users around the world.

Twitter and Instagram are the most popular apps at the moment. However, is it safe to use the second one?

To register in this social network, you will need a phone number to receive a confirmation code. But what should you do if you do not have access to the mobile phone or you want to create an additional page for business?

Some people may not want to disclose personal data and would like to create a Twitter account without registering a phone number. Others may need multiple accounts in this social network, but buying a new phone number for each profile is not economical at all.

In addition, it is not safe to enter personal data into internet resources. After all, Google is watching us all the time.

Well, there is a less expensive way by which registering on Twitter without a phone number will cost just a few dollars or even be free of charge.

Do you need to enter a phone number for registration?

Currently, Twitter occupies one of the leading positions among all social networks. So the number of people who want to register on Twitter is constantly growing. And registration issues are increasingly found on the internet. 

Twitter phone number for registration

Many people think that to register a Twitter profile, they need to enter a phone number. However, this is not entirely true. There are two required fields: the user’s name and phone number. While the first item cannot be avoided, the second line can be replaced with an email address.

A collection of anonymous and secure email services that help you sign up for Twitter can be found here.

In fact, this is quite a simple task for each user because the registration on Twitter is absolutely free for everyone (so do not fall for any tricks or paid schemes). 

If you want to register on Twitter, follow these instructions:

  1. You need to go to the official website
  2. After the main window appears, you should fill out the registration form (your initials, email address, and password). 
  3. Click on the “Register” button. You will see a detailed form for registering on Twitter. You must carefully check all previously entered personal data and come up with a username under which you will be registered. Or you can use the username that Twitter offers you. 
  4. After clicking the “Create Account” button, enter the code that will be sent to the specified email address or a phone number in the window that appears. 

Now we can congratulate you. Your registration on Twitter is complete.

After the greeting, the Twitter system will advise you to subscribe to popular people so that your news feed is not empty and to add friends by common interests. But you can also use the Twitter search and use the initials to find users you are interested in. 

At your own discretion, you can upload your photo and briefly describe yourself. For all subsequent notifications to arrive at your email address, you must confirm your account via email.

Twitter main page

Choose decentralized email services to ensure your online protection.

The simplest way for Twitter phone number bypass

As we already know, Twitter does not require you to enter a personal number to log in. However, in situations such as two-factor authentication (which was introduced recently), or account recovery, Twitter will ask you to confirm your mobile number.

The additional authentication requirement is another layer of security for a person’s Twitter account. You must enter your password not only during login, but also before attempting to update any important information, such as your email ID.

This additional Twitter security measure protects the user’s account, in case the user’s session may have been hijacked. So, the hacker will not be able to change the victim’s personal data, such as phone number or email ID, because he will be asked to enter the password of the victim’s account in order to make these changes.

Therefore, we have prepared several ways to get a phone number to use for opening a Twitter account. There are two types of service to choose from:

  • Disposable number. You can buy a disposable number on the internet, which allows you to receive SMS verification online without a phone. However, remember that after gaining access to Twitter, you would need to discard the number.
  • Permanent number. This type of number can be purchased from special services and works in the same way as a disposable number. You can leave it in your account settings and enter it again later if necessary.

However, after verification, the challenge with the Twitter account will not be completed. After all, there is always the risk of blocking your account. Most often, user accounts are blocked after a security check. A reliable way to avoid additional verification is to use a VPN and a familiar device to log in to your account. Then your profile is unlikely to be interesting to the security service.

You can find a list of reliable VPNs with a free trial period here.

Another way to avoid Twitter verification using a phone number is Google Voice usage.

Google Voice verification

This is an absolutely free method that’s available for everyone. All you need is to create a separate Gmail and Google Voice account. Then, follow the instruction below:

  • Enter to your chosen Gmail account.
  • Add your Google Voice number that you have already setup.
  • Connect a phone to the account of Google Voice.
  • Click on “OK.” Wait for a confirmation message from Google Voice.
  • Copy the received number and enter it on the line.
  • Open your Gmail account. There, you can see the received code that has been sent to the new Google Voice number.
  • Add this code to Twitter. After that you’ll receive a confirmation.

Now you know how to register on Twitter without a phone number and much effort. You can create an infinite number of such accounts if you know the proven methods.

3 years ago

I believe that Twitter is not what it used to be earlier. I’ve always perceived it as a platform free from censorship and so on. Even though the owner of Twitter is Facebook. However, right now, I only use it to follow other people’s posts. This is a fail if you ask me.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Bern! Unfortunately, the trend is that all popular and convenient social networks at some point stop working as before. Therefore, you always need to stay in good shape and have spare options like Utopia p2p:)

3 years ago

No matter how my friends feel about Twitter, I still use it. My subscriptions include all the people I’m interested in. I also learn about all the latest events from Twitter. And it doesn’t bother me that Twitter is asking for my data. This is what most social networks do. Therefore, I’m unlikely to use your method of Twitter phone number bypass.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Jess! Everyone has the right to decide which social networks to use, and what data to share for registration.

3 years ago

Thanks! The previous commenters clearly didn’t appreciate the full scope of the information you’ve shared with us. So don’t pay attention to them. I’ll definitely use this Twitter phone number bypass method, and I’ll tell all my friends about it.

Matthew Turner
3 years ago

Good afternoon, Peter! Thank you for your feedback and support! Our team is happy to be helpful. Therefore, we always try to disclose only the most interesting and burning topics of internet security. Stay in touch, and you will learn many more interesting and useful things soon.

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