The Safest Cloud Storage for Your Security

Most owners of computers and mobile devices have been using cloud data storage for more than a year. It might be Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox. These are just a few of the many popular cloud storage services.

But there are many diverse, inexpensive, and secure options. 

In this article, we will consider the safest cloud storage for you to choose from.

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Why should you use cloud storage?

Many popular cloud storage services are quite convenient, but they have a critical drawback for those who value their privacy. This is the probability that outsiders will be able to access your files.

Safest cloud storage

This statement may seem strange, since all services use reliable data encryption algorithms. And during transmission the data is also encrypted. What could be the danger?

Data encryption protects data from outsiders. If hackers intercept your traffic, they will not be able to decrypt the data. But this is not the case for the cloud storage service itself.

Most of these services encrypt user data themselves. This means that they have encryption keys, and they can both encrypt the data and decrypt it. Users can only hope that the services will not look into their files. You will also have to entrust the services with storing encryption keys so that they are not stolen by intruders. You also have to hope that your data will not be decrypted and handed over to the authorities if such a request is made.

The only way to save your data in cloud storage is to choose the right service.

The safest cloud storage to choose from

Below is a list of recommended services that have proven themselves well in terms of security and privacy.


Tresorit, located in Switzerland, can be considered the most reliable cloud storage. End-to-end encryption and a full set of functions for businesses, teams, and individual users are provided. If you are going to protect your organization’s important data from intruders, comply with the requirements of regulatory authorities in your industry, and manage the organization, this service may suit you.

Tresorit’s business-oriented tariffs will make it possible to manage and analyze the use of the service by employees. The service meets the requirements of HIPAA, GDPR, FedRAMP, and many other data protection rules. This makes it suitable for working with numerous enterprise applications.

This service allows corporate users to choose exactly where their data will be stored geographically. This is important for multinational corporations. Tresorit offers all of this along with third-party penetration tests, source code, and cryptographic reviews. This makes the service a good choice for large companies that are willing to pay for reliability and security.

For ordinary users with a small budget, the service may not be the best option. Although there is a limited free version here, it may be less attractive than other services. For home users, paid service plans may be excessive, and you will have to pay for unnecessary functions. For enterprises, development teams, and other seekers of a secure cloud service, the functionality here is one of the best.

The next most reliable cloud storage is called Sync. There are service plans for individuals and businesses, but they are better suited for the former. The zero-disclosure infrastructure looks as reliable as possible, although the results of third-party tests and audits are not published, at least not yet. If you 5 GB of disk space is enough, and you can do without a synchronized client under Linux, you may like the free plan.

Secure cloud storage

For corporate users, the situation is a little more complicated. An unlimited data plan and bandwidth together with the functionality for working in a group can be useful. The advantage is compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA requirements.

However, the need to store all data in the Sync folder can lead to conflicts with other important applications and services. The lack of publications of third-party penetration tests and certificates can be a disadvantage for corporate clients.


Services like Tresorit and are reliable cloud storage. NordLocker is primarily a data encryption service with cloud storage capability. This is an important difference if you want to get maximum security.

Other secure cloud storage services encrypt this data when it leaves your computer. Even the provider itself cannot decrypt the data, let alone everyone else. What happens if someone gets access to your computer? In this case, you will have problems. Although files are encrypted when transferred and stored on servers, they are not encrypted on your computer. If someone has access to your PC, they will have access to the files.

NordLocker brings an extra layer of protection. Users can put files and folders in a special folder called a locker. There they are automatically encrypted and accessible only when NordLocker is unlocked.

Locker itself is compatible with almost any cloud storage service. NordLocker also has its own cloud storage. If you already have storage, you can use NordLocker with it, regardless of whether this storage service is reliable or not or in which country it is located.


Nextcloud is different from the other services we’ve considered — primarily because it is a FOSS system (free and open-source software). So, you can use this system as you like, anytime and anywhere, and for free. Since the system is open-source, anyone can check it and make sure that there are no backdoors and other security threats to your data.

Nextcloud allows you to store data on the your own reliable servers. By hosting data on your own server, you will be able to block unauthorized access to it, and you will have this access through a firewall.

Protected cloud storage

Examples of this approach include Nextcloud Hub. You and your team will get the following opportunities:

  • Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive emails, manage a calendar, and communicate in video chats without data leaks.
  • Since it is a local solution, Nextcloud Hub provides the advantage of online collaboration without security risks or the need to meet any requirements.

In addition to the main product, you can get more than 100 applications and create the simplest cloud storage or a full-fledged environment for home and corporate use.

Using secure servers, you can create free or cheap secure cloud storage that is in no way inferior to competitors. When end-to-end encryption becomes available, it will be possible to create such storage even without your own hosting.


The most secure cloud storage services may not be as popular and convenient as Google Drive. They may not have synchronization with third-party services like Office 365. Despite this, the services mentioned in this article provide a higher level of data protection. If your data is worth reliable protection, you should use one of the services discussed here.


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