The Best Crypto Lendings — Choose From The Most Promising

The lending of cryptocurrencies is passive earnings, which implies receiving interest from placing funds on exchanges or special platforms.

Investing in digital assets allows you to receive 25-30% per year, depending on the terms of service.

Below we will consider what kind of service it is, and how it works. Let’s highlight the best crypto lendings that open access to passive earnings.

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What is crypto lending?

Lending is the transfer of cryptocurrency for temporary use to receive interest. The platform providing the service uses the money for turnover and guarantees the payment of income and a refund at the end of the contract. Owners of digital assets receive a double benefit: income from price increases and interest payments.

What is crypto lending

The lending of cryptocurrencies is an analog of a bank deposit but with a greater profit. Increased profitability, in turn, is associated with greater risks for the client. The main selection criteria should be the timeliness of payments and the reliability of the platform.

Average lending parameters of digital assets:

  • the minimum fee is from 20-30 tokens;
  • the service delivery time is from 1 to 36 months;
  • interest rate — from 0.2% per day;
  • commission payment — 0.2-1 percent of the amount.

Lending services are offered by exchanges and special platforms. The former is more reliable and pay a lower percentage for storage. They require verification. Lending sites promise increased profitability, but they do not guarantee 100% payments to customers.

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Types of cryptocurrency lending pages

In 2023, five types of lending pages are available to owners of digital assets:

  • Marginal. Traders take money in the expectation of an increase in the price of cryptocurrencies. The method is suitable for experienced users who understand the risks. The conditions differ depending on the platform policy.
  • Hybrid. Provides for the combination of fiat and digital assets. The loan is issued in cash and returned in cryptocurrency. The service has minimal risks for token holders and allows you to transfer money to fiat.
  • Secured. It is allocated with a fixed percentage and the availability of collateral. In 90% of cases, Bitcoin is used.
  • Reputational. The money is transferred taking into account the reputation of the borrower and the availability of collateral.
  • Fiat with cryptocurrency collateral (Bitcoin).

The best crypto lendings

The main difficulty for beginners is choosing a suitable exchange or platform for passive earnings. There are hundreds of projects available to holders of digital assets that promise high-interest rates and guarantee a quick refund.

Best crypto lending


Binance has been offering a lending page service since August 2019. Floating and fixed-rate deposits are available. The annual profitability differs from the type of service and the period of placement, it can reach 25%. The minimum period is 7 days.

For registration on Binance, go to the “Earn” section and select “Deposits.” After selecting the optimal option, click on “Subscribe” and follow the instructions.

An exchange platform that has been operating since 2017 and offers the function of lending cryptocurrencies. It has a minimal level of risk. It offers lending on several cryptocurrencies with an average interest rate of 30% and a term of 1-6 months. The exchange offers a large selection of trading pairs and does not require verification.


A universal exchange that supports over 10 tokens and allows you to earn money in a long-term lending. An urgent loan provides for daily interest accrual. In flexible lending, earnings are transferred, and the rate is updated every hour. The largest amount of the lending page is determined taking into account the leverage, the client’s level, and a special coefficient.


The largest exchange in China, operating since 2013 and entering the TOP 10 in terms of trading volume. It stands out for security and privacy support. To receive income, you need to log in, log in to the “Finance” and “Crypto Loans” sections. Here the coin and the loan amount are selected (varies depending on the selected token). Before making a transaction, you need to make sure that the required amount is available for lending.


To go to the section of interest, you need to pass authorization, go to “Finance” and “Loans.” The section that appears indicates the amount and collateral, the loan term, and the interest rate. After specifying all the conditions, click on the “Occupy” button. The exchange allows you to use cryptocurrencies for collateral and calculates interest every hour. In case of late repayment of the loan, the debt is paid at the expense of the collateral.


The exchange offers to invest coins using the Invest Box. The option is suitable for developers who need to promote new tokens, and payments are made from a special fund. Representatives of the platform note that this is not hype or a financial pyramid. The transaction can be closed at any time without consequences for the user. Interest is accrued daily.


A Chinese exchange platform that has been operating since 2017 and is one of the TOP 20 trading platforms. To use the lending page, you need to register, open the section “Investments” and “Borrow/earn.” There are 10 coins available for making a loan. Each case has its own interest rate and loan term.

Best crypto lendings platforms


A large blockchain project with 4 million users, supporting 39 cryptocurrencies and having more than $12 billion under management. Offers to earn up to 16% per annum on cryptocurrency with daily payment and insurance in the amount of up to $775 million. The interest rate and term depend on the selected digital asset. Among the features — are zero commission, a high degree of protection, and the availability of a calculator for calculating profitability.


A peer-to-peer platform created for lending in cryptocurrency and US dollars. Allows you to earn money in several markets at the same time, including by lending digital assets with a rate of up to 12.5%. A referral program is available that allows you to additionally receive up to $10 from each attracted user. The support service works 24/7.


A large lending platform that allows you to earn on cryptocurrency. Users can freeze tokens as collateral and earn income. To use the platform’s features, an initial payment must be made. There are three membership categories to choose from — basic, premium, and for entrepreneurs. The higher the level, the more favorable the conditions.


A large project with 1 million customers and 10 billion assets, which paid $700 million in remuneration. Allows you to earn up to 15% on cryptocurrency with daily or monthly accrual. There are no hidden fees for the service. One of the advantages is a high level of security, cooperation with large companies, and the ability to withdraw funds at any time.


A trading platform that works with many tokens and offers favorable conditions to customers. You can choose from plans for 10 days and an interest rate of 0.4-30%. There is a minimum and maximum amount that must be taken into account when ordering the service. The advantages of the platform are a variety of investment plans, reliability, and a good reputation.


Lending of cryptocurrencies is a way of earning more profitable than bank deposits, allowing you to choose an investment plan (terms, interest rate). Lending is suitable for investors and developers of cryptocurrencies.

When choosing such passive earnings, you need to keep in mind the risks. There are many fraudulent projects on the web. To protect capital, you need to carefully approach the choice of a platform, read reviews and study the terms of cooperation.


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