Rescue Services in the USA Receive False Reports of Accidents from iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 crash detection feature overloads US rescue services with automatic collision notifications. Sometimes these messages save lives, but in many cases we are talking about the erroneous operation of the system. As it turned out, skiers are largely to blame.

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What happened?

Dispatchers of the rescue service of a ski resort in Park City, Utah, reported that the crash detection system in iPhone 14 and Apple Watch can be falsely triggered while users are skiing or snowboarding. Every day, the city rescue service receives up to 5 calls from the Apple system. Thus far, none of the calls have turned out to be genuine emergencies.

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Also, representatives of emergency services said that many guests of ski resorts do not even notice that their devices are calling rescuers. At the same time, dispatchers do not advise users to disable the crash detection feature, as skiing is potentially dangerous and the function can save their lives in an emergency. Apple also announced that it had fixed false positives and recommended users upgrade.

In any case, rescuers are obliged to respond to every alarm signal. 

“A huge amount of resources is involved in these calls, from dispatchers to deputies and ski patrols,” said Trina Dammer, a representative of the Summit County Emergency Center. 

According to representatives of the emergency services of British Columbia, the response of rescuers to a false call can cost the organization up to 10,000 dollars.

Appleinsider gives an example of the situation in Summit County, Colorado. There is a ski resort here, which recently began to be actively used by skiers. As a result, over the past weekend alone, the rescue service received more than 70 erroneous accident notifications.

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What happened before?

In October, the media reported that the detection of accidents by the iPhone 14 is falsely triggered during visits to extreme attractions. The system also reported an incident if the user dropped the smartphone while driving a car. The company has already fixed these errors. Experts believe that Apple needs some time to bring the function to an acceptable quality of work.


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