Is MediaFire Safe to Use?

The MediaFire cloud service is not particularly special. It offers the same features as most other similar services: storage, synchronization, collaboration, and file sharing. Meanwhile, it is not completely known whether it is safe to use MediaFire.

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What is it?

The service is used by 150 million people around the world every month. The total number of unique cloud users in 10 years has exceeded 1.5 billion. In 2007, the online magazine PC Magazine named the MediaFire cloud one of the Top 100 Undiscovered Websites, and in 2014, MediaFire ranked 10th in the rating of the best cloud services.

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What is MediaFire

The program has a number of advantages that will undoubtedly attract the attention of users.

To a greater extent than many other file exchangers, MediaFire has much met their consumers halfway and not restricted their freedom of action, for example by adding ads to the client or provide space for only a limited time. In addition, the initial size available for download is 10 GB. 

But the most important thing is that the total amount can be increased quickly and without much hassle up to a maximum of 50 GB. Here is a description of what needs to be done, and how much space will be credited as a reward:

  • add your Facebook account and share your links with friends: +1 GB.
  • connect your Twitter: +1 GB.
  • send a message with a link to a Facebook file: +1 GB.
  • send a message with a link on Twitter: +1 GB.
  • install the client on mobile: +2 GB.
  • download and install the app on your computer: +2 GB.
  • attracting new users: 1 GB per user, maximum 32 GB.

For more information, see their page.

If this volume is not enough for some reason (and you can think of a lot of them), the service offers several subscriptions:

  • “PRO”

As much as 1 TB of storage is available for 5 US dollars per month or $50 per year, subject to payment in advance, where 2 months are given free of charge. And if you hurry, you can catch the promotion, where the same volume is offered with a 50% discount – $2.5 and $25 dollars, respectively. In addition to the increased volume, the user also receives a number of privileges. I will not list them all – anyone interested can see them on the service page. Among the most important, I would note the increased limit of 20 GB on downloading a single file, priority support, long-term storage, downloading entire folders.

  • “Business” 

The business package includes all the same privileges as in the “PRO” subscription, and even a little more. For more information, see the link above. The 50% discount also applies to this subscription, but here it can be monthly or quarterly.

Also, they offer the ability to pay for more storing space. There is an option to add 1 TB or 2 TB, or even 100 TB. The volume is simply colossal, but the larger it is, of course, the higher the price.

What is interesting in the service?

This platform allows you to share any files or folders with any user who may not even have an account. All you need is a clickable link with open access to the files.

Features of MediaFire

MediaFire has the option of creating a disappear link to uploading the file for other users. If you wish, you can select how many days your link will be available. Also, there is a feature of transferring files between users without saving them in account’s documents.

The built-in Airdrop feature allows you to make additional folders. Such folder address will be showed in the account, and the access will be available for all users. To do this, you will need to share the link to the loading widget with other users. After that, all the files will be added to the File Drop folder and saved in the account.


  • 10 GB of storage memory
  • 25 GB in size for files
  • Bandwidth limits
  • Sharing functions
  • Mobile app
  • Import files from a URL


  • You should log in to the account to prevent its deleting.
  • No parameters to control the bandwidth for uploading files.

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Is MediaFire safe to use?

Unfortunately, MediaFire does not use any data encryption, even though the implementation of e2ee is standard for almost any file sharing process and service for storing. In addition, there is no two-factor authorization of users. So, if a hacker gets your password information, nothing can stop them from getting access.

That is, the service does not actually protect user data from all sorts of hacker attacks and data leaks.

Unfortunately, MediaFire does not offer an extensive data protection system. The only protection that the service offers is setting a password for exchanging links. But this feature is also paid, as it is additional and is not included in the main list of functions. Therefore, for data security and to prevent information leakage, it is recommended to implement additional encryption.

However, there is also good news related to data privacy. For example, MediaFire delets all available information if the user has deleted the profile from the system.

MediaFire operates in accordance with the general data protection rules. Thus, all data that is stored on the platform remains confidential. However, the platform’s servers are stored in the United States, and the company almost never implements strict restrictions on compliance with these rules.

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The verdict

Taking into account all the information listed above, we cannot recommend that you use MediaFire. Of course, this is a convenient file storage service, with a large memory and a wide range of functions. However, many of the features are available only after payment.

Is it worth to use MediaFire

In addition, MediaFire does not use internal data encryption and does not protect user information from hacker attacks.

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