Is KissAnime Safe to Watch and Use?

Anime is not only for children — it is a genre of entertainment that teenagers and even adults like. At one time, the only way to watch anime was cable TV and setting up channels that broadcast anime shows. 

As you can imagine, this was inconvenient for several reasons. Firstly, you would not be able to watch the series on TV if you were busy or not at home when it aired. So, you would have to plan your time around the TV channel’s scheduled programs.

However, with the advent of the internet, everything has changed. Sites like KissAnime allowed anime fans to watch anime series anytime and anywhere, as long as they were connected to the internet. 

Even if you’re no longer subscribed to cable TV, streaming websites let you watch your favorite shows over and over again.

But is KissAnime safe to use and watch?

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What is KissAnime?

KissAnime is a special website designed for streaming anime. To do this, it provides links which users can click on to enjoy anime broadcasts at any time.

What KissAnime

Recently, KissAnime was part of KissManga, a website where various manga could be found. After the breakup, KissAnime began to operate as a separate streaming site, offering users free anime viewing.

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KissAnime’s pluses

  • A large collection of anime

The reason KissAnime is so popular is its huge collection of anime for every taste. Anyone can find anime according to their interests and preferences. It rarely happens that some anime is not presented on the site.

  • Free viewing

KissAnime is a free platform for binge-watching anime. Of course, there is a minus — free viewing means viewing ads at the beginning of the anime. Therefore, the website also has a premium subscription, which eliminates annoying ads.

  • Built-in subtitles

The site has a built-in subtitles feature. Therefore, you can watch anime in the original language and translate it into your native language. 

  • User-friendly interface

KissAnime has a user-friendly and simple interface that is very easy to get used to. All functions and buttons are at hand, you do not need to search for anything or ask Google how to do it. 

In addition, the website has an informative menu that displays not only the anime catalog but also those videos that are currently trending and popular with other users.

  • Regularly updated

KissAnime is a platform where online content is regularly updated. Moderators are adding new anime around the clock or filling in the gaps with old movies that are popular. In addition, there is a convenient schedule for the release of episodes, according to which you can navigate and plan your time so that you can enjoy watching your favorite anime faster than anyone else.

KissAnime’s minuses

Despite the abundance of advantages of KissAnime over other services, it still has several disadvantages.

KissAnime’s disadvantages
  • A lot of advertising

As we mentioned above, there is a lot of advertising on the KissAnime website. This only applies to a free account. If the user wants to get rid of it, then they will have to buy a premium version of the site and enjoy watching anime without disruption, but for a price. 

By the way, the KissAnime website is replete with adult content in its advertising. That’s not always good, since a considerable part of the audience is children. 

  • Unexpected bans

Bans on KissAnime is very common. And it is not always justified. Many users complained that they were banned for reasons they did not understand. Others confirm that the use of an ad blocker became the trigger for blocking. 

KissAnime does not allow the use of an ad blocker when using the site. Advertising is the main source of website revenue from free accounts. 

  • Copyright infringement

Finally, KissAnime is not the most legal website. The website has already been shut down countless times due to copyright violations. Many countries take copyright seriously, and KissAnime does not own the rights to the anime it broadcasts.

Is KissAnime safe?

As for the security of using KissAnime, it is worth remembering that there is little safe on the internet. 

KissAnime is an illegal pirate site that uses a loophole to prevent legal consequences. However, the site is not fraudulent. 

Still, the possibility of a virus on your PC after visiting the site is great. The fact is that KissAnime contains dubious advertising, which is the main carrier of viruses. 

Of course, a reliable ad blocker will help you avoid unnecessary problems and protect you from dangers but you may be banned for its using.

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Working alternatives to KissAnime

Alternatives to KissAnime

#1 9Anime

If the KissAnime website raises a lot of questions for you, then its main competitor 9Anime will easily replace it. In addition, you can not only watch anime on the website, but also download it. 

The website has a friendly interface with everything you need on the main page. The site has a convenient division into categories of content: the latest, current, recently updated, trending, etc. The catalog of available anime consists of more than 25,000 thousand films and shows. 

There is an advertisement on the website before watching the anime. However, it is significantly less than on KissAnime. In addition, 9Anime is a completely legal website.

#2 AnimeLab

AnimeLab is a large online library of materials related to anime. There you can find a lot of materials on anime culture, shows, books, comics, and movies. 

In addition, AnimeLab is an absolutely legal website that has not only a desktop version, but also versions on iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, etc.

The main disadvantage is that AnimeLab is only available to residents of New Zealand and Australia. However, do not forget about the option of a VPN, which will virtually send you to one of these countries.

Here is a list of reliable VPN services that you can use.

#3 AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is one of the most popular websites where you can watch much anime in high quality and completely free. 

AnimeFreak has a unique and interface unlike anyone else’s. Here the entire anime catalog is divided by type of content, frequency of viewing, popularity, number of comments, etc.

The first thing that catches your eye is the shades of the website. All the shades presented on AnimeFreak are minimalistic and organic, which makes your stay on the site as comfortable as possible.


In conclusion, Kiss Anime is one of the first anime streaming sites. Unfortunately, it seems that KissAnime is not as popular as it used to be, due to the relentless barrage of advertising, which mostly carries dangerous viruses for users. 

Therefore, if you have additional funds to purchase official streaming applications such as Netflix or Crunchyroll, it may be better to turn to these services.

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